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    Sweden Effectively Bans Camera Drone Flights

    True, there is no law against recording stuff in public places, but unless you are flying it in the middle of no where, there is a good chance you will also look into private property.
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    Ashes of the Singularity Day 1 Benchmark Preview @ [H]

    So what DirectX 12 feature set is Ashes using?
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    Electronic Arts announcing that they are shutting down the servers for...

    Don't the Battlefield and Crysis games (in this list) use GameSpy? And isn't Nintendo shutting down its old online network, hence all the DS games?
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    The Ten Commandments Of Video Game Menus

    I believe you will find it is a requirement from both Microsoft and Sony on the consoles. Mind you the only place I have heard that said was in an interview with a developer quite a while ago, so it may have changed.
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    Epic Games Needs Alpha Testers For Fortnite

    Going off the questions it look like they are still trying to decide whether this will be F2P or not.
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    Indie Studios, Not Corporate Giants, Are the Future of Videogames

    That list is interesting, because most wouldn't consider them all indie games. Magicka and Evil Genius were developed and published by different companies. The Walking Dead was done by Telltale, are they Indie? By the technical definition I suppose they are, but then you could argue any of...
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    Indie Studios, Not Corporate Giants, Are the Future of Videogames

    Both AAA games and Indie games continue to exist as they do now. The way we pay for things and how much we pay may change, but there will still be the AAA games from the big studios and there will always be new indies popping up.
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    Steam Dev Days Videos

    Yeah even for a big man he doesn't look good (health wise) While I don't agree with everything he is doing, it would be a shame for him not to see everything come to fruition
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    Failed Kickstarter Board Game Resurrected

    Are these the guys who sued the first guy? Why wont these new guys run into the same legal trouble?
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    Xbox one and PS4 a generation ahead of pc's?

    Well depends on how you look at it, generation wise probably yes, they are (as far as I am aware) are using an APU/Architecture that has not been released for the PC yet (Coming soon I believe though)
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    Watch Dogs Gamplay Footage

    The more I see of this game the less interested I am. The first part looks like a mission and the rest appears to be just wandering around the city. The AI looks pretty bad, as mentioned before with the fork lift and when he is being chased, I am pretty sure the cop says he has him in sight...
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    Corsair Obsidian Series 900D Super Tower Case Review @ [H]

    Looks good, a step up from the 800D Only concern is the open back of the case. I wonder how much dust will get in over time.
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    Tablet Sales Expected to Exceed $64 Billion in 2013

    I don't think you have to worry about that :D
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    Store Charges Customers $5 'Just Looking' Fee

    This is just the thought process of B&M retailers in Australia (probably other countries as well), there have been talks about this sort of thing for ages. People go into a shop, find the right size or whatever then go online and get it half the price and get better service.
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    It Doesn't Matter How Long Games Are

    Short games are not bad games; they just have to be priced appropriately. He is talking about something that is subjective (value) What we all value is different.
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    It Doesn't Matter How Long Games Are

    I agree with Limbo its $10 on steam and it is simply not worth that much, good game but not worth the asking price. Most people would agree in quality over quantity. But add in price and that changes the equation. To a lesser extent this subject rolls into why DLC is working and F2P games...
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    Steam Opens Early Access Program

    So what happens if the developers stuffs up and the game never actually gets released? Or they change/implement something that irks the player base? (e.g. Bioshock infinite removing multiplayer or Diablo 3 not having PvP) It seems like a mine field to me and I don't think that the majority...
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    It Doesn't Matter How Long Games Are

    But they have replayability and are designed like that.
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    Ubisoft Wants A Better Relationship With PC Gamers

    Ubisoft can use uPlay but they have to bring it up to spec with Origin and Steam. The layout is terrible, the store opens in a seperate window. They have enough trouble intergrating with their own stuff let alone Steam etc. If they really want to impress they me they can remove the price...
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    Gabe Newell Interview

    I don't care how the game comes to me, I don't care if it is DX9,10,11, OpenGL or even Flash. If it is a good game I will play it. I am happy to turn off settings to get a smoother game if need be, but very few games require that and those that do are already cut down on closed systems...
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    Gabe Newell Interview

    Not a mistake, I know there is more than the API. The API's are usually cited as why the PC doesn't dominate everything else the way it is expected (they are high above the metal). So I was using them as my example. I just a disagree with you that there will be a $300 box that will come out...
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    Gabe Newell Interview

    Did you read the article? Gabe said the SteamBox is running Linux so everything will just be OpenGL etc etc I would be very surprised if Valve can drum up the hardware numbers to sell it at $300 especially when they invite every other OEM to do it as well.
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    Gabe Newell Interview

    I disagree Developers already cater to the multitude of hardware that makes up everyones PC, the standard API's (in both Linux and Windows) allow them to do that. Plus we know that Steam is not making its own OS so the games that run through Steam will still have to follow the rules of the OS...
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    Gabe Newell Interview

    The PC still runs console ports better than what a console natively runs them, so even though developers can code closer to the metal they are not getting much more from the hardware and can’t keep pace with the hardware/driver development seen on the PC. Most (i.e. the average person) hardly...
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    Gabe Newell Interview

    You would 'stagnate' either way. As developing and developer tools for the consoles has matured you can see the better stuff we are getting on the PC, most of the latest games look better on the PC than on the consoles and have other enhancements. The bright side for the next gen consoles...
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    Gabe Newell Interview

    Well with 'coding to metal' it wouldn't matter what OS because you would be doing away with DirectX and OpenGL It would also mean all the hardware would have to be identical for all the Steam devices. Games would perform better (assuming the developer took the effort to do it) but the...
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    Gabe Newell Interview

    :p I love these threads I still don't get Gabes hate towards Windows 8 (but thats another subject) Valve/Steam is just looking after Valve/Steam, to think they are some paragon of PC Gaming is foolish. You could argue about Steam until the next mayan calendar ends, personally I don't think...
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    GTX 680 vs. Radeon HD 7970 - Multi-Display Showdown @ [H]

    I think all he is saying that the testing isn't fleshed out yet. The way I see it TR came up with the numbers to back [H] subjective testing. There are very few sites (I believe) you can go to for reliable reviews. [H] and TR are some of the best.
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    Valve to Release Own Console-Like PC for the Living Room

    If its proper gaming PC it will be expensive (expense is relative) regardless. I don't think Valve wants an open platform because that would mean you don't have to use Steam, which would be counter productive for them.
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    Valve to Release Own Console-Like PC for the Living Room

    Do you even want a console?
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    Valve to Release Own Console-Like PC for the Living Room

    It all depends on the hardware. That is what they are trying to differentiate. Everything I have read so far makes it sound like that OEMs will make HTPC type computers that will be certified by Steam or existing product lines that instead of Windows will come with the chosen Linux distro and...
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    Valve to Release Own Console-Like PC for the Living Room

    A Valve OS would be terrible I don't think console gamers want to play PC games, why would they when they have all the top game makers catering towards them. Why play a Console Port when you can play it on the console and get the full experience. And they will need more than their own...
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    Valve to Release Own Console-Like PC for the Living Room

    Well in Steam/Valves defence they do have the workshop and all that for mods etc. Valve as always is never very forth coming with info; they would be silly to release a console without backing from the other publishers like EA, Ubisoft, Activision etc. (maybe this is why they all started...
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    Valve to Release Own Console-Like PC for the Living Room

    As long as their games still come out for Windows it doesn't matter too much. I would imagine most of the people who want to play games through Steam on their TV are already doing so, hence the Big Picture feature. Cost will something they will struggle with I think, either its expensive...
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    GTX 680 vs. Radeon HD 7970 - Multi-Display Showdown @ [H]

    For those interested in the "smoothness" TechReport had an article last year that sort of explains the smoothness or lack of when using Multi-GPU setups. Apologise in advance if link to another site is against the rules.
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    Google Found Guilty of Libel In Search Results Case

    Not that I would mind, but it would be nice not to tar all Aussies with the same brush :D I don't think he should of won this and will probably lose it on appeal. But when I first saw the case, it reminded me a lot of the torrent site arguments, in regards to the fact that they don't own...
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    Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition New Gameplay Trailer

    An online retailer (link) like Steam From what I have heard they own Overhaul, the company that is making the Enhanced Edition for BG and BG2 I believe
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    Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition New Gameplay Trailer

    I don't believe so, I think the only place you can get it is through BeamDog. Which is a shame because I think they will be losing sales because of it
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    EA Stock Soars On Buyout Rumors

    This would be a disaster, despite everyone's hate for EA; DICE, Danger Close and Bioware can always count on a sale from me. If you hate EA now it will only get worse if NEXON take over. NEXON make terrible games.
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    Gabe Newell Talks Linux Steam Client, Source Engine

    Didn't Valve confirm that all this hardware stuff they're doing is not a console? Instead it was in regards to wearable computing/hardware. As for Steam on linux I don't really care, as long as it is intergrated as nice as the Mac side of things and doesn't detract from the Windows side there...