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  1. The Neo Zero

    What secure browser do you use?

    I used to hate FireFox but this past year they've gotten better.
  2. The Neo Zero

    Anyone still use VLC for blu-ray playback?

    Seems the old site vlc-bluray(Dot)whoknowsmy(dot)name is dead and you can't use aacs updater anymore
  3. The Neo Zero

    Would you try this? 3960X / 3970X Direct-Die Cooling

    Don't know if I would want to chance damaging the CPU
  4. The Neo Zero

    Why do we still have PS/2 ports on motherboards?

    Does anyone even use or have a device that connects to PS/2 ports anymore? I noticed this on the Gigabyte Aorus X399 Designare EX
  5. The Neo Zero

    So clean install windows 7 then upgrade to 10... 12 hours later still installing

    I installed windows 7 Ult clean on my SSD not other drives, no data to back up, updated to Win 7 SP1 so I could kick off the windows 10 install. it's been 12 fucking hours and I am still at 92% installing.. it took me 5 hours to download.. wtf I ran speedtest 12ms ping 60Mbps down.. wtf.. I...
  6. The Neo Zero

    Can someone explain to me why..?

    A Samsung 850 evo 500gb is $160 and a Samsung 840 evo 500gb is $396? :/
  7. The Neo Zero

    Why hasn't WoW and LoL died already?

    Why do people still play much less pay for these shit-tastic games? They are a shadow of what great fun they used to be. I went back to play some league of legends and world of warcraft after 3 years being away.. OMFG these game got shit on so hard. They turned into Ultima Online and...
  8. The Neo Zero

    Building new system help me pick a motherboard!
  9. The Neo Zero

    Anyone own a Changhong? Never heard of the company before.

    Never heard of this company before To anyone that owns any of their displays are they worth the price tag?
  10. The Neo Zero

    Original Xbox RCA to HDMI?

    I want to connect up my old Xbox to play some games that are not compatible with the 360. However my monitors are only DVI or HDMI. Anyone have a good Component Video/RCA input to HDMI output converter you can recommend so I can connect it to my monitor?
  11. The Neo Zero

    NCsoft might allow players to resurrect the City of Heroes IP
  12. The Neo Zero

    Splinter Cell Blacklist anyone else think?

    Eric Johnson sounds like a total pussy voice acting the role of Sam Fisher? He just doesn't have that manly mean killer voice of Michael Ironside who did the voice acting for ALL the prior games,
  13. The Neo Zero

    HP ZR2740w 27" WQHD LED-backlit IPS Monitor - DisplayPort, Dual-Link DVI Woot $349.99
  14. The Neo Zero

    What's your opinion - best antivirus software on the market?

    Time for me to shop around for an upgrade to my old software. I dislike Norton and Maafee damn bloat ware. I've been using Trendmicro for 3 years now but I free they are turning into Norton. :( So what do you use?
  15. The Neo Zero

    Screw newegg they just lost a $750 sale with me

    Since they are no longer honoring commission links I spent my money on Amazon via the HardOCP Commissioned Buying Links. I'll soon have my third ASUS VG278HE and my NVIDIA 3D Vision 2 Wireless Glasses Kit plus my new bluetooth device for my cell phone. :D
  16. The Neo Zero

    HardOCP Commissioned Buying Links - What happened to Only see .ca

    I was going to buy my third ASUS VG278HE but the link to is no longer there? Only one I see for newegg is :/ :confused: -edit- I just looked again and I see this "Newegg does not support commissions with us." wtf newegg?
  17. The Neo Zero

    Does anyone own an Asus VG278HE?

    What are your thoughts on this monitor. After spending the last 24 hours reading over forums, specs, reviews I've set my eyes on buying two of these. A third one later to add with my Dual SLI Galaxy 66NNH7DV6WXZ GeForce GTX 660 Ti GC setup. So before I spend the 999 on newegg I want one last...
  18. The Neo Zero

    Researching LCD vs LED your thoughts?

    Time for me to buy two new flat screen display monitors as I am upgrading my system with two very nice Galaxy 66NNH7DV6WXZ GeForce GTX 660 Ti GC 3GB. My old LG Flatron L226WTQ-BF has been a beast and served me well the last few years. But now it's time I upgrade to 1080P So I want to...
  19. The Neo Zero

    Who played PSO on the DC back in the day? Would you play this if it was released in the Americas?:D;)
  20. The Neo Zero

    Anyone still playing Diablo 2 US East?

    I started playing since I can't wait to play Diablo 3 thought I would re-install a classic and see if anyone else was still playing or wants to play it?
  21. The Neo Zero

    Games of the past.. what are you reinstalling? or replaying? Me Oni in Windows 7!

    So I have been going through some old PC games hiding in my closet.. no they are not gay you fags! :rolleyes: yes I said it if you are gay more power to you but Bi-sexual people have more fun! :p :D Today I am digging out some classics to see if I can install them in windows 7 and run them...
  22. The Neo Zero

    I guess Valve doesn't care about their fans.. I want Half Life Ep 3! :eek: I finally had the time to play through Half Life 2 - Ep 1 and 2 and I am pissed they just left the games story hanging in the air for 4 years now
  23. The Neo Zero

    Is anyone able to load ?

    I swear for 2 days I can't get in to reset my starcraft login. You'd think with all the money they make off World of warcraft they could keep their servers up and running. Blizzards' site loads fine but their authentication server is always acting like a damn roller coaster.
  24. The Neo Zero

    To Buy or Not To Buy Fable III: Limited Collector's Edition? That is the question!

    I was very disappointed with Fable II and the craptasticly short over priced DLC they offered. There were many things lacking with the game especially in the so called Co-Op and player trading system or the lack there of. I so did love Fable I the first was a great game.. I am torn should I...
  25. The Neo Zero

    Who else thinks DLC is just an evil money grab lacking content?

    I'm really getting sick of all the BS DLC releases on Xbox. Back in the day it was an expansion pack with patching updates. No every little fracking add on is a DLC. :mad: BOOOOOOO! Goes back to playing Starcraft 2 :cool:
  26. The Neo Zero

    Is it really worth it? GTX 295 vs GTX 480?

    I'm rather happy with my BFG Tech GTX 295 and plan to buy another one off ebay *BFG Tech is dead Long live BFG Tech!* to set up a water cooled 2 way sli later. As list in my sig my hardware is able to bust through even starcraft 2 on air cooling with out breaking a sweat on all ultra settings...
  27. The Neo Zero

    Has anyone done a 1080p round up of monitors?

    My next purchase in the near future is a new monitor. I'm really wanting to learn towards getting a wide screen that can do 1080P. So time for me to hit up some research threads.
  28. The Neo Zero

    Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty Collector's Edition for $70 at Frys Blah I paid for a pre-order months ago..:mad:
  29. The Neo Zero

    Finally built a new rig just so I can play StarCraft II

    My old system was chocking trying to just load the login screen for the game.. So after 6 years it was finally time to upgrade. This game is fun on all ultra settings.. it's pretty! :D Time to dig out some other games like Doom 3 and buy some newer game titles! If I didn't hate World of Warcrap...
  30. The Neo Zero

    M4N98TD EVO and 2 way SLI

    Has anyone had some hands on with this board yet? I just recently built my new rig with this one. If you're thinking like I was with sticking to an AMD/Nvidia Sli setup this board might be a problem if you want to SLI your GPUs unless you plan to water cool the GPU cards. You can put in two...