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  1. BobyTT

    Logitech G9x?

    Logitech G9x anyone knows a place to get one? But not for crazy price like 200+ box...
  2. BobyTT

    Newegg SHOCKER :)

    I am shocked indeed :)
  3. BobyTT

    Water block for ASUS GTX580 DirectCU II

    As the title says, i need to find waterblock for ASUS ENGTX580 DCII/2DIS/1536MD5 from what i saw online its non reference board with some changes on VRM part i think. Anyone have idea is there a waterblock for this card?
  4. BobyTT

    Please guys i need help with weird SLI GTX 480 issue.

    Ok guys here is the problem: I havent used my PC for like a 2 weeks or so. So i got the Mafia Demo and wanted to try it and i had this issue... When in SLI mode Fullscreen the whole screen is flickering in green , when i go to the video settings and change it to window mode the colors are...
  5. BobyTT

    MSI GTX 470 290$

    MSI N470GTX-M2D12-B 290$ with 10% off w/ promo code VGA61X1B And 6 Bing Cash Back And you get free copy of Just Cause 2
  6. BobyTT

    eVGA SLI GTX 480

    My little babies Battlefield Bad Company 2 AA 32XCSAA 16XAF Setings.ini STREET FIGHTER IV BENCHMARK All MAX Call Of Pripyat Benchmark All MAX
  7. BobyTT

    PNY GTX 480 in stock at newegg

    PNY GTX 480 in stock
  8. BobyTT

    Sapphire HD5870 from ewizz 346$ after CB and 15$ OFF

    Got Sapphire Radeon HD5870 from ewizz 346$ after 15$ off with FUN15 and 18$ from BING cashback and have free ground shipping...
  9. BobyTT

    Alienware Case P2.0 with Alien FX lighting 2008 Ver.

    Hi guys, I bought one of these from somebody at craiglist. And it was perfect. brand new. My buddie went crazy to hook him up with the same case. I was looking all around and i couldnt find anywere but ebay, 2nd hand from alienware. The problem is that they are selling it just case , no cooling...
  10. BobyTT

    SLI GTX 260 OR GTX 280?

    I own SLI 260 and one 280 , which one should i keep?
  11. BobyTT

    new prices for INTEL CPUs?

    Does anybody knows when the new prices for INTEL CPUs are coming?