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  1. nodle

    First layer porn pics

    Ok boys let's see those first layer porn pics, we all love them. :love:
  2. nodle

    MSI Mystic Lighting - Disable in bios?

    I can't seem to find a clear answer online, but say when you buy a B450 Tomahawk from MSI I see it has a red l.e.d. strip on the backside. Does this come on by default or do you have to install the Mystic Lightning software to make it work? Is there something in the bios to disable it if not...
  3. nodle

    Why all the Drobo hate?

    So over time here I always see some threads about people hating Drobo devices. Now I was never around for the FS device, but I have heard it was slow. Now I know all about Synology, Qnap, Netgear, Whs, Zfs, etc. But Drobos have always intrigued me. Over the years I had still been rocking my...
  4. nodle

    Storage legal question

    I know this is kinda strange but was wondering how legal this is? How legal is it for a computer repair place to clone your entire harddrive and store it on a central server every time they bring it in? I mean like 30 terrabytes of data labeled with the persons last name and first and stored for...
  5. nodle

    6870 to ???

    I currently have a Gigabyte 6870 with the stock reference. Love the card really no complaints or anything except the noise. In regular windows its fine but I hate the noise it makes when I am gaming. Yes I know they are going to make noise but it seems like with all the new aftermarket coolers...
  6. nodle

    Domain transfer question

    So I am moving my domain away from my old host. I am moving it back to go daddy so I can manage my name servers etc. Anyways it has been a chore the support with my current host has been horrible and have basically been holding it for ransom. I paid their transfers fees and go daddy's transfers...
  7. nodle

    Thinking of Ipod Touch, couple of questions...

    I was wondering if someone could answer a couple of questions. I was thinking of getting a 4g 32gig touch. I really don't want to use Itunes. Can you buy apps directly off the touch and download them over wireless to itself? What I would really like to do is use Foobar to transfer music to it...
  8. nodle

    Which way would you go?

    So I have laying around here 2x 500gig wd5000aaks drives. I also have 1x 300gig wd velociraptor. Should I go raid 0 with the 2x 500gig drives. Or use the single velociraptor drive? Which do you think would be faster?
  9. nodle

    GTX 260 to ATI 6 series?

    So I think it's about time for an upgrade for me. Is the 6850 going to be a great upgrade for me? Should I spend the extra and move up to a 6870? I only game on a 22" wides creen so I don't really game at high resolutions. Think I should go 6850 or 6870? What would you do? Thanks for the help. :)
  10. nodle

    XFX Radeon HD 5870 fan noise

    I am considering purchasing this card, but all the reviews on it say it's a loud card. I don't mind it getting loud if it needs to cool itself down, but how loud does it get while just doing nromal stuff like web browsing etc.? I am coming from a Nvidia 260, which to me is whisper quiet all the...
  11. nodle

    Talk me into keeping my SSD

    No need to bump this thread anymore. I ended up returning it and keeping my velociraptor. I am much happier now. But thanks to everyone that posted! So I just received my new Intel X25-M drive yesterday. I was moving from a 300gig velociraptor. I enabled AHCI and I also have the latest...
  12. nodle

    Which SSD would you buy?

    So I am thinking about picking up a SSD drive. I noticed that there is only a $10 difference between these two. Which one would you pick between? OCZ Agility Series 60gig SSD or OCZ Vertex Series 60gig SSD I am going to be running Windows 7 on it. Thanks for any input! :)
  13. nodle

    Windows 7 and chipset drivers

    Do any of you ever bother to install the Intel chipset drivers on a system running windows 7? I mean if you not running raid or anything do you just leave it alone? None of my drivers are missing or anything I was just wondering if they are a good thing to install anyways and if there are any...
  14. nodle

    Going from Nvidia 260 to 5850/5870?

    Would you upgrade from a Nvidia 260 to either a 5850 or a 5870? Is it worth it? I have been playing Battlefield Bad Company 2 lately and I can turn everything up on it. But I know my card doesn't support direct x 11 and the new 5850/5870 does. Am I missing anything? Would you upgrade?
  15. nodle

    LGA 1156 vs.1366 + a couple of upgrade questions

    DISREGARD: I just ordered the components below. First off these are my current specs. GIGABYTE GA-EP45T-UD3LR LGA 775 Intel P45 ATX Intel Motherboard Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 Wolfdale 3.0GHz LGA 775 65W Dual-Core Processor G.SKILL 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1333 (PC3 10666) Dual...
  16. nodle

    Retrieving Commodore 64 data

    Ok just recently I ran across my old 5 1/4 floppy disks. I wrote a bunch of games on these for the Commodore 64 back in the day. I tried hooking up a 5 1/4 drive to a XP machine, but everything I go to read the data it asks me to format them. I also have access to multiple 5 1/4 drives and...
  17. nodle

    Backing up your WHS (online)

    Ok I would really like to get an offsite back for my WHS data. Now I know there are quite a few offsite hosting solutions such as Mozy and Carbonite. The deal is most don't place nicely with WHS. Or they want to charge you for a "business" plan. So I was thinking of this solution after reading...
  18. nodle

    WTB: xbox360 and PS3 games

    PS3: Little Big Planet Xbox360: Star Ocean Xbox360: The Last Remnant Have a copy that's in good shape? Then I am interested. Please post here or PM me. Thankyou.;)
  19. nodle

    X-fi Titanium microphone help

    Ok so i just got a new X-fi Titanium sound card the other day. It's the PCI-x version. I installed it and I have my front audio and mic ports hooked up to it using the Intel HD port. I did a clean reload and downloaded the newest driver for it off of Creatives website. Everything is works...
  20. nodle

    Which is easier on WHS?

    Should I leave my WHS running 24/7? Or should i just turn it on when i need it? Which is easier on the system and drives?
  21. nodle

    WHS connecting question

    Ok here is my little problem, I have windows home server up and running and everything works great. I have my music collection on the server, and am sharing it out. I have the drive mapped to this folder, and have it re-connect at login. Then i load up a music progrma ie: Itunes, Foobar etc. and...
  22. nodle

    My WHS build

    Sorry been wanting to put this up just have been busy. Ok i use to be running a Raid 3 setup, but decided that i need more flexibility in the future. Plus i wanted to try out WHS. I already had the case that wasn't being used. Plus the power supply that was laying around. I wanted this to be...
  23. nodle

    Which SATA backplane enclosure?

    Which one out of these two would you choose for holding 5 sata drives?
  24. nodle

    Singstar 2 games on PS3

    I was thinking on picking up some of these for the wife for Christmas. Has anyone successfully used them on the PS3? Any problems? I have the 80gig version, and i also own the PS3 singstar vol 1 with the mics. Thanks Guys.
  25. nodle

    Netcell s-cure as sata host controller?

    I have a PNY netcell raid card. Everything works just fine with it (currently running raid 3). I was considering moving towards WHS and was wondering if i could just attach my sata drives to it and use it just as a standard host controller for my WHS to see? Do you think this would work? I would...
  26. nodle

    Ideas for home backup

    Ok i have a few questions and want to see what you guys recommend as my best backup solution. Currently i have a machine set up. Amd X2 1gig of memory and just running XP pro. I have a raid card in it currently running raid 3. I have 3x 500gig drive so that if one fails i am still ok. I also...
  27. nodle

    2 crossfire strips or just one?

    I just picked up 2 4850s, and was just wondering if i need to use both crossfire strips on them or just one?
  28. nodle

    Talk to me about the ASUS Xonar DX

    Currently i am using my Supreme FX 2 that came with my motherboard. How much better would this card be? I know it's probably hard to explain to me. But what are you thoughts/opinions with this card? Is it awesome in games? Thanks for any input! :)
  29. nodle

    Long time Nvidia user thinking going Ati

    Ok right now i am using a Evga 8800gts 640mb Acs3 edition. I have always been using Nvidia cards for a long time. But now that my motherboard supports crossfire, i was thinking about going this way. Btw the board is a Asus Rampage Formula. Now what i am really looking for here is quality of the...
  30. nodle

    Persona 3 FES

    Just wondering if anyone picked this up yet? I didn't see any threads started about it. I do have two questions though. Is this the full game like the original with just "extras"? And also if i was to pick it up would it work fine on my PS3? Or does anyone have this for their PS3?
  31. nodle

    Please pick a camera for me...

    I think i posted awhile back about purchasing a new camera. Spring is coming on and i am in the mood to take photos again. I have it narrowed down to either a nikon D40 or a Canon rebel XT or rebel XTi . I really like to take macro ( with my el cheapo Hoyo closeup kit) I really want to get one...
  32. nodle

    Linux partitions

    A little help please. First off please bear with me. What i have is a 750 gig drive. Currently is is partitioned into a 200gig for OS and the rest for data storage. Originally i just wanted to install linux on the 200gig partition and leave the rest alone the way it is now. Basically like a...
  33. nodle

    Thinking of PSP...

    I just bought a PS3 about 3 weeks back and i love the thing. Anyways i have been looking at a PSP lately. Are they a good system? Also what are some good games for it. I am in the mood for a good RPG game. Are the worth a buy? Someone said to get the Dexter pack because it comes with a movie a...
  34. nodle


    So why has this game gotten so much bad press? This is by far one of the best games i have played in awhile. I was currently playing Gear of war, i have beat Crysis and have also been playing Quake wars, Unreal III etc. But i have found this to be a great story line with great characters. Alot...
  35. nodle

    The rise of the Combine...

    For those of you that have played Half Life 2, how weird is this? Watch the video or skip to about :39 second in. IT HAS BEGUN HEAD FOR THE HILLS!!! :eek:
  36. nodle

    Blacksite Area:51

    Anyone else pick this game up? It's fun and all but i can't seem to enable antialiasing on it. Anyone else have this problem?
  37. nodle

    Alpha Prime

    I see Steam is carrying this game. I have never heard of this game before is it any fun?
  38. nodle

    Command and Conquer 3

    Is this game worth picking up? I am in the mood for a RTS game. But i have heard alot of bad things about people buying this and the game crashing all the time and no one can play. Is it worth it?
  39. nodle

    Raid, and storage questions

    Ok i need a little help or input on what you would do in this situation. Currently I have a about 700gigs of data that is important to me that i would like to backup. At the moment i just do incremental updates from one drive to another drive. For example i have about 300 gigs of data that i...
  40. nodle

    Bose triports vs. Grado sr60

    Wanting to get a new set of headphones and was considering these two. I have heard the Bose once before and they sounded great, but i hear alot of talk about people saying the Grado sr60's sound way better for the money. It looks like the Grado's would seem uncomfortable? Would the Bose be more...