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    How Long Did It Take To Install Windows 8?

    About 3 hours Installed windows 8 = 45 minutes constant blue screen installed windows 7 Again = 45 minutes
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    Barnes & Noble Warns Of Credit Card Breach

    What the hell is a book?
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    Intel Turns Any Wall into a Touch Screen Display with Kinect

    If I were to turn my wall into a windows 8 display, I'm afraid I would have to burn my house down to refresh the display.
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    Texting While Driving FAIL of the Week

    And the bastard lived. Anyone who texts and drives (plays with the radio, talks on the phone, shaves, handles a big gulp, ect) should be sterilized before they can breed into the world. If you cause an accident while doing said things, instant and permanent removal of license in all 50 states.
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    Government Wants Your Feedback on the TSA

    Disband the TSA When you sacrifice Liberty for security, you get neither. (The Backscatter rigs can be beaten by a loose fitting shirt.)
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    Some Ohio Schools Ban All Tech In The Classroom

    I grew up in the apple II crowd. Associates degree in c++ before it was taken over. Net Plus, A+ and certifications in hp & cisco. I now run a retail company that has one computer for checking prices. We have NO point of sale system. We have NO digital ordering system. The most advanced...
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    T-Mobile Drops Throttling for Overage Fees

    This is why I have a phone. nothing more. I have used 0.0kb since 2001 with the same plan.
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    Free-to-Play Game Releases $500 Gun

    I don't think I paid $500 for any of my real world guns. I think the most was my SR-9 at $449
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    Wall Outlet With Built-In USB Charger

    These things are an ok idea. I don't much care for energy efficiency. When these finally catch on in a big way, (new houses all having them) they will probably be pulled from the market after someone's crotch fruit sticks a car key in one and burns the house down. I imagine there is some...
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    please and thank you

    please and thank you
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    Video Game Selling In-Game Gun for $60?

    I brought a stripped lower for a real one for $90 so I think I'll pass on the virtual one.
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    XP Finally Loses the OS Crown

    I only have one win 7 machine. 3 laptops & 1 desktop running xp 1 win 98 still running (I need 98 for my surveillance rig at work.)
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    Samsung Reaches 1TB Per Disk Platter

    I generally don't care about the speed of the drive. 5400 rpm is good for movies / music. I'd be weary of putting anything I care about on a drive that size without an equal size backup. I've lost one to many home videos to hard drive crashes. (I was young and stupid about backups)
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    Hack-Proof PS3 In Development?

    A seven year old can hack a damn Sony product. The little bastard can figure out how to install homebrew on the wii but I still have to make his lunches.
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    LEDs Filled with Toxic Substances

    Deal with lead on a daily basis here. I have for 20 years. Never once score high on the tests they give me. No gloves, respirators, or eye wear. My dad doesn't either, he's worked at the same place for 35 years. Gun range FTW. non-updated filtration system. Grandfathered into every EPA law.
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    LEDs Filled with Toxic Substances

    It's just a study in California. They are kinda wackjob crazy out there so I'm just going to dismiss this. Kind of like lead. Unless you are eating it, no real harm. Can't we give California to Mexico or China?
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    Automobiles May Prevent Drunk Driving

    It's crap like this on why I don't buy modern cars. Ever have an airbag pop going down an interstate? Sensor malfunction. I've also had ABS modules fail (not as bad, just have to pump the brakes) People forced to buy crap like this will make me rich disabling it.
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    What Did You Get For Christmas?

    Girlfriend got me the card reader I forgot when I built my rig & a pair of bad ass headphones. Dad got me a bambi shootin' Savage Edge .243 & an angle grinder Life is good.
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    Parents Start to See TV, Internet The Same

    We have the problem of the kids just want to play games after school and do nothing else. I take the power brick for their 360 when I go to work. I take the VGA cable off the computer. Because they never payed attention to my hobby, they don't realize I have a cable box in the garage. I...
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    Technology Allows Actors To Get Paid Not To Work?

    I had to bust out the laserdisc of tron when they announced the sequel. Still plays good, player needed a good cleaning though.
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    Net Neutrality Quote of the Day

    I think we are a ways off from this. I hate to say it but getting true neutrality is like getting concealed carry in illinois. It may happen but were not going to like the fine print.
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    Comcast Suffers Massive Outage

    My only interweb choice is crapcast. Even the techs for them in this area hate the service
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    Anti-Piracy Lawyers Sued For Fraud, Abuse and Extortion

    Kill them with fire.. twice...
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    Texting in Class = The New Doodling

    The public school here has rules against it. If you're caught during class, a parent has to pick the phone up after hours. Caught 3 times? get it back at the end of the year. It puts pressure on the parents to watch what their crotchfruit is doing. After seeing some of the accidents...
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    Using Facebook to Find Female Draft Dodgers

    If my country were to call on me I would fight. I'm already ready to for my freedom for both domestic and foreign powers. The sad thing is, I'm thinking domestic powers may try long before foreign. Are YOU ready to defend your homestead?
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    66% Of All Windows Users Still Use Windows XP?

    1 machine running 7 (primary beast) 1 running vista (gf's laptop) 6 running xp (Terminals for customers) 1 running win98 (DVR box surveillance) Vista is the only one that doesn't play nice on the network
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    The 17 Most Dangerous Places on the Web

    It's funny, I've dealt with computers since 1991. I remember the aol days when it came on a floppy. I've never ran IE, Never had antivirus, Never had a problem. For some reason though, Dad me needs his computer fixed every 2 weeks. (He runs IE, Doesn't trust that fox fire thingy, Has Norton...
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    Funny Craigslist Ad

    Let's see, I pay $513 / month for a house payment (includes taxes & insurance) After all utilities, probably close to $1000 / month
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    Merry Christmas!

    Got the think geek nintendo controller from my girlfriend. Been playing mario three since and kicking back a few cocktails
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    HP’s Drip-Dry Touchy-Feely PCs

    I've lost many of keyboard to beer spillage. I've actually bought 2 extra keyboards that sit on a shelf for that reason. /drunk slob ftw
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    Stupid Invention of the Day

    What is this "TV" you speak of? Or are you referring to that 27" wii monitor over there?
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    Earth Day a Good Time to Rethink Power Use

    Last electric bill showed 3400Kwh of usage. Just me and my girlfriend. 625 Sqft house, 3 primary computers, 2 servers, 1 media box, and one in the garage that rarely gets used but stays on all the time anyways.
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    ATI Radeon HD 3870 X2 Drawing

    This wojuld be a big step in the right direction, I'm still running an X1300 on her machine. Mine is a 754 Athlon64 with a geforce mx400 Sad isn't it? Cant afford the best, oh well