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  1. The Neo Zero

    What secure browser do you use?

    I used to hate FireFox but this past year they've gotten better.
  2. The Neo Zero

    Anyone still use VLC for blu-ray playback?

    Seems the old site vlc-bluray(Dot)whoknowsmy(dot)name is dead and you can't use aacs updater anymore
  3. The Neo Zero

    Would you try this? 3960X / 3970X Direct-Die Cooling

    Don't know if I would want to chance damaging the CPU
  4. The Neo Zero

    Windows 10 1809 Rollout Paused on Some Intel PCs

    I am getting reports that many windows 10 computers in corp environments attempted to auto update this week and got bricked. Woot way to go MS nice way to cost many companies a ton of money. Anyone else seeing this happen? The only option has been to do a restore or wipe and reimage.
  5. The Neo Zero

    AMD launches Zen+ 12nm Ryzen and X470 motherboards

    I'm just saying that my system is 8 years old and still able to play all these games. I might not get all the bells and whistles of the new games today but my system is still performing and stable even with windows 10. SO my internal debat is do I want to spend the money for a new right to run...
  6. The Neo Zero

    Why do we still have PS/2 ports on motherboards?

    Does anyone even use or have a device that connects to PS/2 ports anymore? I noticed this on the Gigabyte Aorus X399 Designare EX
  7. The Neo Zero

    AMD launches Zen+ 12nm Ryzen and X470 motherboards

    All this whoo haaa about the new Intel and AMD cpus.. and here I am still running my 8 year old AMD Phenom II X6 1090T rig and playing all the kick ass games with my 2x ASUS VG278HE on NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 Ti in SLI Damn 8 year old rig still kicking it.. Maybe I should upgrade to a new rig...
  8. The Neo Zero

    So clean install windows 7 then upgrade to 10... 12 hours later still installing

    Right now all I am using it for is playing GTA V and Overwatch I do everything else on my Win 7 system. It's just so I an finally get a hands on learning experience with win 10
  9. The Neo Zero

    How Fable Legends Took Down Lionhead

    I just heard about this.. :/ I finally take the plunge to install a copy of windows 10 just so i can get DX12 and see if the open beta was still around and BAM The game is dead and so is the company.. This is what happens with you put all your eggs in the M$ basket instead of staying the course...
  10. The Neo Zero

    So clean install windows 7 then upgrade to 10... 12 hours later still installing

    Well finally got windows 10 installed and updated. I wish I had known about using the Media Creation Tool to create a bootable USB installer Grumbles.. wasted 12 hours for nothing.. fucking BS
  11. The Neo Zero

    So clean install windows 7 then upgrade to 10... 12 hours later still installing

    All that wasted time I could have been playing GTA V or Overwatch.. >.> No I didn't know.. I have put off even thinking about win 10 until last night.. I didn't even want to think about win 10.. so silly me I didn't do any research or even check.. gahh I feel like a noob now. I honestly thought...
  12. The Neo Zero

    So clean install windows 7 then upgrade to 10... 12 hours later still installing

    Wait so I could have put the win 10 install on a flash drive? Anyway the wins 7 ult install took all of 30 mins then update to sp1 10 mins.. So it's slow as fuck to download and install as an upgrade.. as I type this I am now at 94% installing..
  13. The Neo Zero

    So clean install windows 7 then upgrade to 10... 12 hours later still installing

    Your sarcasm is noted. Because it was a free upgrade from Wins7 Utl to Win 10
  14. The Neo Zero

    So clean install windows 7 then upgrade to 10... 12 hours later still installing

    I installed windows 7 Ult clean on my SSD not other drives, no data to back up, updated to Win 7 SP1 so I could kick off the windows 10 install. it's been 12 fucking hours and I am still at 92% installing.. it took me 5 hours to download.. wtf I ran speedtest 12ms ping 60Mbps down.. wtf.. I...
  15. The Neo Zero

    Can someone explain to me why..?

    A Samsung 850 evo 500gb is $160 and a Samsung 840 evo 500gb is $396? :/
  16. The Neo Zero

    Delta Helps TSA Fix Security Checkpoints

    Just do away with the Totalitarianism.Sheeple. Asinine
  17. The Neo Zero

    Windows 10 Surpasses 200 Million Installs

    And the NSA cheers at Microsoft
  18. The Neo Zero

    Why hasn't WoW and LoL died already?

    Why do people still play much less pay for these shit-tastic games? They are a shadow of what great fun they used to be. I went back to play some league of legends and world of warcraft after 3 years being away.. OMFG these game got shit on so hard. They turned into Ultima Online and...
  19. The Neo Zero

    Grand Theft Auto V

    Avoid Multiplayer unless you like chaotic pvping with assholes modding the game with GOD mode. Why pvp when you can't be killed or harmed.. that's just fucking stupid. All these 5 year old assholes modding the shit out of the game and Rockstar is doing jack all about it. It's pointless to do...
  20. The Neo Zero

    Star Wars: Battlefront Reboot

    WOOPS delete this
  21. The Neo Zero

    Star Wars: Battlefront Reboot

    So is it worth blowing the $120 for the PC ultimate edition of the game? Much as I like star wars I dislilke EA :/ Haven't bought an EA game at full price since SSX Tricky on the Xbox. Back when they made good games. Honestly fed up with all the mod/hacks in GTA V Tired of Diablo III Still...
  22. The Neo Zero

    Limited Edition Sega Dreamcast

    I will believe it when I see it. For now all I see is a petition.
  23. The Neo Zero

    Why are publishers so willing to give up their best talent?

    Games today are too over sexed, too over hyped, have lost real game play. Most games today are turning into ether Microtransactions, pay to win, soft core hentai I.E. metal gear's latest game, or interactive movies with single button control like the crap from the last three final fantasy...
  24. The Neo Zero

    Conficker Worm Discovered In Police Body Cameras

    Anyone else notice the Windows Desktop GUI from that video is Windows XP?
  25. The Neo Zero

    First Major Update For Windows 10 Available Today

    Windows 10 can take a flying leap off the tallest building in the world into the deepest pit in the earth for all I care. Until Microsoft stops trying to act like big brother and spying like the NSA I don't give a rats arsehole about it. Windows 7 works just fine.
  26. The Neo Zero

    Microsoft To OEMs: One Year Left For Windows 7

    Screw windows 8/8.1 and Windows 10 The only reason MS is pushing 10 so hard is because of all the spying they want to do. MS is continuing to piss off and piss on their customer base. I refuse to install Windows 10 even if I get it for free as an upgrade from Windows 7 ultimate. I'd rather...
  27. The Neo Zero

    Windows 10 “Threshold 2” To Launch November 2nd For Consumers

    I still refuse to touch windows X until they fix issues, removed the forced spying on your personal digital life, and stop trying to make my computer a xbox interface. Windows 7 Ultimate works just fine for me.
  28. The Neo Zero

    18.4-Inch Samsung Galaxy View Images Leak

    I need bigger pants pockets now.
  29. The Neo Zero

    Xbox One Special Edition Halo: The Master Chief Collection Bundle

    ugh fuck no.. WTF? I still have my original Xbox Halo Special Edition and it still looks sexy Even the Xbox 360 Halo 3 edition looked better than that white trash
  30. The Neo Zero

    Video Game Link To Psychiatric Disorders Suggested By Study

    People were psychopaths before the last 25 years of video games. Teens are already psychopaths by nature until they grow up and mature (if ever).
  31. The Neo Zero

    Co-Op Gaming Elicits Pro-Social Behavior

    Have them play some GTA V online for a day. The jobs are co-op/team. Or some counterstrike.. see if they can still claim that.
  32. The Neo Zero

    Building new system help me pick a motherboard!
  33. The Neo Zero

    Apple Products At The Bottom Of A Bathtub

    Meh it's just some crappy apple products. He'll be happier with a Linux distro on a PC. Apple products are over priced and snobby.
  34. The Neo Zero

    Grand Theft Auto V

    Installing this game via steam right now. Holy shit it's 59 gigs! Even at 4 MB/s this is going to take a few hours. Damn.
  35. The Neo Zero

    Swatting Incidents Lead To Teen’s Arrest

    Stupid is as stupid does.
  36. The Neo Zero

    Original Xbox RCA to HDMI?

    I have an after market cable that out puts to Component video with L/R and Optical Audio. I also just found this: I might buy an extra used Xbox just to try this out. - HDMI Out for original XBOX My adapter came in today it works but...
  37. The Neo Zero

    Original Xbox RCA to HDMI?

    Tracking shows it should be delivered to me today. I'll let you know.