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    AMD Ryzen 7 1800X Processor Frys $420.00 with promo code B&M and online free shipping

    DIY PC Promo code sale This is a three day sale and you need a promo code to get the deal. You can sign up for promo codes here . Here is a link to the cpu.
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    JBL Jembe 2.0 speaker Refurbished $14.88 Harmon factory store

    Just picked up a pair for me and my sons rig, they also have the wireless Bluetooth version for 60.00. Was free ship and no tax here in Indy. Wired
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    List GTX 970 & 980 water block finds

    Thought I would start a thread for 900 series water blocks . list your links on blocks coming out or in stock. This is what I found so far. Heatkilller GPU-X3s 970 Link Ek site Link Koolance Link Post any problems that you have installing your block.
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    Corsair Air Series AF120 Blue LED Case Fan $8.00 Fry's B&M

    LINK Limit 1 :rolleyes: get some friends to get you one great deal if you have store near you but you can get it online also. $3.00 shipping. Might kill the deal.
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    Windows 8.1 64-Bit OEM Full-Version 88.00 Shipped

    I know lot of you don't like 8 compared to 7, but I like it and games run better on it. best price I have seen. Not pro version, but only need pro it if you need media center. correct me if I am wrong. Link
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    Corsair Graphite Series 230TCase Black or Orange $40.00 or $50.00.00 after rebate Egg

    stole this from slick deal for the black version. but you can get the black or the orange with 10% promo code. the black is for $40.00 after promo or the orange for $50.00 Here is the [H] review on the case
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    Logitech G510 Gaming Keyboard REFURB 50.00 shipped One

    This is a refurb item with 90 day Warranty. Link
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    Warm? CM Storm QuickFire Rapid Cherry MX Blue Switch $52.00+shipping, Xtreme gear

    got one for $60.00 shipped for my first mech keyboard. running around $90.00 at amazon and egg. Link
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    gtx 660 ti 3gb card sli with gtx 660 ti 2gb card

    My son has one gtx 660 ti 3gb card and want to go sli. Was wondering if I got a 2gb card for his second card would I be crippling the first card? Thanks for any advice.
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    Enermax Magma 120mm Twister Case Fan $5.00 Fry's B&M and online

    Best price I have seen on these fans. Have 2 in my rig that I have been running now for over a year. Very quiet and nice air flow and easy to clean. Shipping might kill the deal for some :mad: but great deal if you have a fry's near you :D Link
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    Corsair Vengeance M90 Laser Gaming Mouse $25.00 after $25.00 MIR Frys

    Not sure on the quality of this mouse, but thought I would throw it at you mmo-rts gamers. Link
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    Cooler Master Thermal Fusion 400 Thermal paste $5.00 Free AR Frys BM or 1.99 shipping

    Fry's has it free in store after rebate or $1.99 shipping if you don't have one near you. Link Never have tried this Tim, but for the price I will give it a go :D Egg has it for $9.00 shipped
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    Warm? Diamond HD7850 2GB 150.00 after 20.00 mir Frys

    Want one for out of town rig but not sure on diamond brand. shows 5yr warranty on their site. shipping could kill the deal for some. link l already have far cry 3 but not hitman. should I bite? you don't get the games with this deal :mad:
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    Galaxy GeForce GTX 660 Ti GC 3 GB Amazon $299.00

    Best price I have seen for the 3 GB card. Not sure if it comes with borderlands 2. Just ordered one from Newegg for my sons rig 2 days ago for $347.00 :mad: but it does come with the game :) Link
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    Warm? Corsair H-50 Refurb liquid Cooler Frys $37.00

    Pretty sure this is just a one day sale or at least on there sales flyer it is. shipping might kill the deal for some.they also have in store pickup for those with a fry's . Linky
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    Zotac GTX 570 AMP Edition Frys $170.00 after $30.00 MIR

    Picked one up at Indy store location for out of town rig, but also online as well. Link Good deal for those looking to sli or tired of waiting for nvidia to come out with their lower end 600 series cards :) Zotac's website
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    Corsair Vengence 1300 Analog Gaming Headset Frys $30.00 AR

    Figured this is a [H]ot deal on a quality headset. Link new egg has them for $70.00 AR :eek: [H] gave them the silver award
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    Corsair Vengeance M60 gaming mouse $40.00 Frys B&M

    Listed in todays add here in Indianapolis, check your location. Looks like its been getting some good reviews. Review corsairs site
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    Razer TRON Gaming Mouse, Woot $35.00 shipped

    Got one for my son for X-Mas cause its cool looking :D Saleout.woot Egg has it for 89.00 shipped.
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    Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium HD Fry's B&M $100.00 after $30.00 MIR

    Listed in Indianapolis Fridays Add, Check your locations. [H]ard OCP gave it the Gold award in its Review
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    Warm? Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium Fatal1ty Pro Refurb $80.00+ship

    Have this card in my son's rig and it has been a great sound card. This is Refurb card with 90 day warranty Link Egg has it new for $158.00 shipped so thought this was pretty good deal
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    Cooler Master HAF 932 & Thermaltake Frio Frys B&M $65.00 after $45.00 MIR

    Killer deal on a great Full Tower Case and Cpu cooler. Listed in Indy Sunday add, Check your locations. This combo is also listed on Frys website for $110.00 but does not come with rebate [H] gave the cpu cooler Gold in its review
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    Creative Fatal1ty MKII Gaming Headset $25.00 after $20.00 Mir

    This is in store and online as well Link My son has this headset and loves them :D Rebate: Link
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    [H]ot AMD Phenom II X6 1055T 2.8 GHz (95W) Processor $150.00 Frys B&M

    Listed in the Indianapolis frys add, check your add. Great deal for those who missed the 1075T frys deal. The add shows its the new 95W model but there website shows it as 125W so make sure that you get the correct one. 95W 1055T HDT55TWFGRBOX 125W 1055T HDT55TFBGRBOX
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    AMD Phenom II 965 Black Quad Core 3.4 GHZ Processor (BOX) $130.00 Fry's B&M

    Listed in the Indianapolis Friday's add, check your locations. Good price on a great cpu.
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    Thermaltake B-Stock Store 4th of July sale

    Link: They have some good deals on some cases , have been eyeing the element G for a future build. Take 50% off in the On-Sale section, coupon code: TTCPN-50POFFONSALE-JULY4, but shipping might kill it. Link Free shipping on all orders over $100.00
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    Antec Truepower Quattro 850W Power Supply Frys B&M $79.99

    Found this in Indianapolis Saturday's add, check your location. Jonnyguru gave it 9.5 in his review
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    [Hot]! Thermaltake V1 CL-P0401 (Recertified) $14.99 shipped

    Thermaltake store has the V1 cooler for 75% off , I picked one up on their last sale they had for $25.00. Cools my sons OC'ed core 2 duo great :) . and it also came with socket 1366 bracket. Link Egg has it for $65.00 shipped :eek:
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    [H]ot? Intel Core I7 940 (TRAY) Frys B&M $330.00

    Found this in Indianapolis Sat add, check your locations. This is a Tray processor not box so you will need a heatsink and it has 1 year warranty. Correct me if I'm wrong :p sku # 6098508 Indy has 3 in stock Specs
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    Thermaltake Black Friday Sale, up to 85% off

    Just seen this guys, little late but still going :D SAVE WITH FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS $50+ *Free Shipping Coupon Code: TTCPN-FREESHIPPING-BF9 Link Picked up 2 duorbs for my 4890 cards and two 120mm case fans for $54.00 to the door :)
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    Antec BP550 Plus 550W Frys B&M $30.00

    Picked one up for backup, Three 12V rails 22-22-25, nice half modular sleeved ps Listed in Indpls Wed add, not sure on other locations Could not find any reviews but here is Link to Antec site $70.00 +shipping @ the Egg
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    Hot? Antec Quattro TPQ-1000W Power Supply, Frys $165.00 Shipped

    Figured was good deal after seeing [H] review of the $279.00 Thermaltake Toulghpower XT 850 :eek: sales tax for AZ, CA, GA, OH, TX, NV,WA, IL and IN. Frys Link Antec link
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    Where is the [H] review of the Phenom X2 550?

    yeah I know amd is behind but was hopeing for some input from you guys and what you think of the new dual core
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    AMD Phenom II X4 940 Black BOX $180 Frys B&M

    Found this in Indianapolis Sunday sales flyer, AMD March Madness Month. Not sure on other locations.
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    Thermaltake Hardcano 12 SE Fan Controller/Temp probe $9.90+shipping@Frys

    Great deal on solid fan controller for my [H]| buds :D Link $60.00 @ Thermaltake
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    [H]OT Antec Performance One P180 Silver Case $49.99, Frys B&M 11/29

    Listed in Indianapolis ONE DAY sales add. Picked one up for my sons Xmas rig :) Case
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    Creative Spectre gaming keyboard: $20.00 Frys B&M

    Got this on Frys-day (fridays) add in Indy :D Keys are closer together then i like but getting use to it. Link good till 11/04
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    Warm to Hot, Frys (Today only ) XFX 8800GTX $169.99+ship

    Thought this was a warm deal for a Kickass card and Hot for those who have been wanting to SLI their card :D LINKY
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    AMD Phenom 9500 Quad 2.2GHz Box, Frys B&M $129.99

    Seen this in friday's Indianapolis add, not sure about other frys locations. Called and they had 36 in stock offer good till Tuesday 4/22 ;)
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    Antec TruePower Quattro 850W@ Comp USA $150.00 after $40.00 rebate Free S&H

    Jonnyguru liked it, gave it 9.5 out of 10 LINK Jonnyguru review Rebate First Post :D