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  1. Sublym3

    Chimei CMV 938D

    Hi, I am looking at getting a new monitor (Dell U2410) and I currently have a Chimei CMV 938D. What I was hoping is that someone on here could tell me or give me a rough idea what the input lag and ghosting etc is like compared to other monitors. Basically I am trying to figure out if I...
  2. Sublym3

    X58 Mobo Question

    Hi everyone, I was wondering are there any X58 motherboards that have two true 16 PCI-Express lanes for SLI and Crossfire and will allow for a PCI-Express sound card to be installed without affecting the speed? Cheers
  3. Sublym3

    Similar 24" Monitors

    Hey, I was wondering does anyone know of any currently available monitors similar to the BenQ G2400W, WD, WT range with 1920x1200? Looking for the same sort of features with the low input lag. Cheers
  4. Sublym3


    Hey, This probably isnt the right area to ask this but anyway. Would anyone have a rough idea how much it would cost and how long it would take to post a motherboard from America to Australia? Reason I ask is that I want to buy the Asus P6T6 WS board, but here in Australia there are only...
  5. Sublym3

    Intel i5

    Hey, I thought some of you guys might be in the know. Is it possible that the i5 processors if ever released could be faster in games than i7 processors assuming they have the same clock? The i5 are said to have built in pci-e lanes, enough for one 16x or two 8x. I would assume having a...
  6. Sublym3

    Benq G2400WT

    Hey, Just wondering if anyone has the Benq G2400WT and if it just as good as the G2400WD etc Cheers
  7. Sublym3

    Storage Ideas

    Hey, For my last build I simply used a separate hard drive for OS, another for applications, and another for games and another one for data. For my new i7 build would I be better off using separate drives for everything or having 4 to 5 drives in Raid5 using the onboard controller? I am...
  8. Sublym3

    Lian Li Tyr X2000 or PC-A7010

    Hi Guys, Just wondering you guy can help me make up my mind abot my next case. As the title suggests I am looking at either the Lian Li Tyr X2000 or PC-A7010 The Tyr X2000 is about $660 Australian here in... Australia and the PC-A7010 is about $400. I am pretty sure the X2000 is a better...
  9. Sublym3

    Card length

    Hi guys, I have a 7800GTX which is about 9 inches long, does anyone know of a recent graphics card that would be shorter (about 8 inches) but perform better or equal to a 7800GTX? Cheers
  10. Sublym3

    Samsung LA32A650 Vs. Panasonic TX-32LZD800A

    G'Day Fellas, I think this has been discussed before but i could not find the thread. Just looking for some opinions on the Samsung LA32A650 and the Panasonic TX-32LZD800A They will be used for TV, Movies and games and general computer stuff. I have had a look around at local...
  11. Sublym3

    Gaming on a NEC LCD2490WUXi

    Hey, Just wondering if any one has seen or had a chance to play games on the NEC LCD2490WUXi? I havent seen much in the way of gaming experiences on the net. I think input lag is the only draw back from what I know (1 - 2 frames???) which isnt as bad as comparable Samsungs from what i have...