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    HDD Inaccessible, cant chkdsk but files ARE there... help!

    so this is my 2tb porn drive, and i'll be damn if i let this die without trying... right now im doing a partition magic partition recovery option on the drive, will take all day, and i think ive done this already in the past and came up with nothing. photorec sees and recovers the files, i...
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    Zephyr 360, hdmi 1.4 cable, Acer h233h, No video

    right now im fine with my vga cable, but theres that weird wavy line interference going through the lcd. i got an hdmi 1.4 cable, and when connected, the lcd just displays no video input. i know the hdmi port works on the lcd and xbox, im just wondering if its the cable, or a diff method to...
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    MSI 560ti Twin Frozr II Artifacting

    i bought this card back in march, its been perfect, no problems. not overclocked at all. ive been running the beta driver 290.35 for several weeks, no problems, no tdrs. cold boot my pc, and all the sudden i cant watch movies without ugly green lines, and little flickering dots on my screen...
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    Fast Charging on MSI P67A-GD65, How Does It Work??

    msi claims theres a fast charging feature for usb devices, but i dont know if its working or how im supposed to get it to work? it has been a big annoyance to me when charging my phones on past usb 2.0 motherboards, charges slower compared to using a wall adapter (volt/amp differences of...
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    MSI 560Ti Twin Frozr + Hawk Edition SLI, a Good Idea?

    i was thinking about getting another msi 560ti twin frozr to SLI, but since the hawk is out.. would there be issues SLI matching them together? or should i stick with identical cards to alleviate any software issues?? thanks.
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    Need Clarification on Updating MSI P67 Driver Software

    so i got this msi live updater installed latest version (5.0.057) and im comparing to the latest drivers page on msi's website. Some of this stuff doesnt reflect each other. (win7 x64) My question is... Should i rely on the msi...
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    MSI Twin Frozr 560 with High OC, or Twin Frozr 580 with Mild OC?

    Ive narrowed it down to these two now. I've ruled out the 570 over its weak oc ability. Reading reviews of the frozr 560, its pretty much an oc beast, but lacks in other departments compared to the 580. I'll be powering with an nzxt 850w psu, so any SLI options are out (as of now). screen...
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    Considering 2500k over 2600k

    im starting to come to my senses on spending my money wisely. i didnt know how good the 2500k overclocked until i started reading around.. ive already got an h50 ready for it, so out of the box im looking to oc to 4ghz.. i think that'll be plenty for myself and what i do. BUT i need to...
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    GTX 460 Superclocked or GTX 570?

    im looking for a vid card to compliment a sandy bridge build (2600k @4ghz, UD7, SSD, 1600ram, 650w-750w). With the many confusing options out there, im completely lost on the graphics card subject. Im coming from a geforce6600 (dont laugh) lol. While i would enjoy spending around 150-250...
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    P67 Mobos/CPUs Listed on Newegg Now!

    quick link to LGA 1155 related hardware (motherboards, cpus, hsf, etc) Discuss.
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    Windows 7 + Legacy Radeon Hardware

    i know! i know! i need to upgrade.. i'll wait for the official retail release of win7 before i do. i had absolutely no problems with my win7 install even on my old circa 2003 hardware. only thing i had to do was install the ethernet driver for my nforce2 board and daniel_k's creative xfi...
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    Splicing in a Rheostat on an old Volcano7+

    first off, hold the funny jokes.. lol, im building this system for my sister. i bought a nice set of older pc parts for real cheap, problem is the volcano 7+ didnt come with its fan speed controller. Everyone knows direct connect to the mobo = very loud. im trying to figure out what i can...
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    Which is Worse for an HDD? (Folder Structuring)

    Which is more stressful on an hdd?? - 2000-3000 folders in the root directory of the partition or - breaking those 2000-3000 up into subdirectory(s) or genres, if you will.. reason i ask is because i feel like if theres alot of folders in the root partition, windows either takes...
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    Data corruption, sata to sata multiple folder copy!

    Alright, this is weird.. This is the setup... - abit nf7s 2.0, latest drivers, bios, XP, non-raid setup just separated drives... - 2 sata wd drives (new) - 1 maxtor ide drive (old) When i try to copy multiple folders at one time from a sata drive to another, i sfv check the copied files...
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    Help Me Calibrate My VX2025

    I bought this yesterday and im thoroughly pleased in every way. I'm real picky about picture quality, etc and I was wondering what you all used to calibrate your lcds.. Adobe gamma? Nvidia or ATI controls? 3rd party app? I got this running dvi to my 9800pro, using the latest cats but not...