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  1. Brackle

    Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

    Just curious if you guys were able to get an early copy? Would love to see a review of this soon. I plan to get a new card here VERY soon and I am curious whats the best card for the price to get (My bet is still the 1070 GTX). If you guys didn't get an early review copy, everyone lets...
  2. Brackle

    Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

    If anyone is a huge fan of the older FF games. Like 1-6, there is this new mobile game. Its free to play, but of course has in game buys. I do not feel that you need to pay in order to play and keep up. It has a single player aspect as well which is constantly updated to the new story...
  3. Brackle

    Nvidia/RTG Powergate

    Since this now seems to be an issue with both companies. What are peoples take on Both Nvidia and RTG Failing the PCI-e specs. Regardless of spikes or usage. Both companies make cards that go over the PCI-e spec. AMD Radeon RX 480 8GB Power Consumption Results (RTG 480) Power Consumption...
  4. Brackle

    New Quake Champions! 120hz Unlocked Framerate!

    If it's like Quake 3 Arena. Pre-order Incoming
  5. Brackle

    [PCPER] Nvidia cards power usage goes up by 100watts when 144hz+!! Wow.....that is some crazy ass shit!
  6. Brackle

    Nvidia Frame skipping 144hz!! 144Hz Frame Skipping Bug from NVIDIA card? "We found that from our NVIDIA test system when running at the full 3440 x 1440 resolution and 75Hz refresh rate, that the screen seemed to drop some frames. We verified this via the tests at...
  7. Brackle

    Doom 4 E3 reveal. My god.....Take my money! Single Player Gameplay footage:
  8. Brackle

    970/980 Custom bios flashing now working!!! He was able to get his zotac from 106% power limit to 117%!!! This is great news
  9. Brackle

    980ti & 990 possible? (rumor)

    Since I was waiting for a lightning version of the 980. I came across this over at Think I am going to wait
  10. Brackle

    [Videocardz] 290x Not full Hawaii Chip? Hmm......I call bullshit on this one. Unless Dave Baumann was told to lie? Usually he doesn't fuck around. Interesting indeed If anyone wants to troll them...
  11. Brackle

    [GURU3D] TITAN Z Review,1.html
  12. Brackle

    Nvidia leaving Tablet/Smartphones Tegra a failure
  13. Brackle

    The real reason Titan Z delayed/failed? Interesting indeed. Looks like the real reason is performance.....1058 boost though!
  14. Brackle

    7990 on newegg Good luck my fellow miners!
  15. Brackle

    BF4 and Resolution Scale...needs [H] testing!

    HOLY crap.....Tried to put resolution scale at 150% maxed out graphics (no FXAA of course) with 4xMSAA, My god I could not keep a solid 60fps with my setup below @1440p.....It taxed my graphics cards at 99% and made them weep lol. Anyone found a good sweet spot for resolution scale? What...
  16. Brackle

    Titan at 1802/1953 = 290X at 1466/1730 in 3Dmark11 Damn impressive if you ask me. Although I usually take 3dmark11 with a grain of salt, it at least shows what it takes Titan to go against a 290x when maxed overclocked.
  17. Brackle

    Funny Article: AMD declares all out war on Nvidia

    Funniest thing I ever read. Shocking how a new video card release can make people so crazy
  18. Brackle

    R9 290x Delayed? Shitty if true. But make sense to wait until bf4 is released.
  19. Brackle

    R9 290x/290 confirmed 64 ROPS new slides The R9 290X and 290 will be released next week. The expected price for 290X is $649/€649, while R9 290 should cost around €520/$499. Take it with a grain of salt, best concrete info I have seen.
  20. Brackle

    SLI acting up for 780's?

    Not sure whats going on, but after a good hour of gaming. If I exit out, come back to try the same game or another game, It seems my GPU usage of my 2nd 780 will be at 55% and never go up. When before when playing Crysis 3 (and I even tested this with Heaven and Valley benchmark) they...
  21. Brackle

    EVGA classified fail

    Not a Blower style cooler? So people who want to go Tri-Sli are fucked.....Thanks Evga.... /end rant
  22. Brackle

    660ti 3way or 680 gtx SLI

    I have decided to Join the darkside (well the greenside actually). Does anyone know of any forum post or anything with info reguarding 660ti 3way and current games/drivers? I want to see some info on Tombraider, Crysis 3, bioshock etc etc on reguards to 3way 660ti's. I finally decided to...
  23. Brackle

    Hot: Powercolor AX 7950 $269 (NO MIR) Its $250 if you try for those MIR. Not a bad deal with free crysis 3 and bioshock. Debating picking up 2 for cheap
  24. Brackle

    Wizardy Online Open Beta open!!

    Sounds interesting. Loved the old wizardy games....permadeath too!! No idea if its good/bad graphics or plain shitty. Just thought I would put it out there for people to try
  25. Brackle

    TRUE120 Lapped VS NZXT X60 Kraken

    Well got my X60 in today. Did some tests using IBT to see IF the X60 is better. Gotta say im pretty shocked. TRUE120 Lapped - Standard setting (would throttle) NZXT X60 Kraken - Very High setting Pretty night and day difference. X60 is also using 4 Prolimatech PRO-BV14...
  26. Brackle

    Dear Brent, Reguarding the new NVIDIA/AMD Drivers

    I know its ALOT of f'in work for you to do a review (a proper one at that) with the new performance drivers from Nvidia and AMD. Do you plan to do a big write up here to compare the 2 and show us how much it did improve? I have always been a fan of the way [H] does the video card reviews...
  27. Brackle

    Dragon Age III: Inquisition announced!!!! Using the Frostbite 2 engine.....hmmm has me kinda interested..
  28. Brackle

    Apple Stole Iphone Design from Sony

    Wow.....all I got to Apple has the proof they stole from sony on apple servers. shocking.... Guess we should all praise Sony for inventing the design of the Iphone LOL
  29. Brackle

    Asus to release 1080p 144hz monitor! Interesting indeed!
  30. Brackle

    Nvidia Will not allow Voltage Tweaking Period on 680 series :/ From the Article above "While I was writing this article I learned that NVIDIA just issued new BIOS files to the AIC partners and is frowning upon voltage tweaking outside their limitations. As such all new batches...
  31. Brackle

    AMD 7970 Ghz Edition....laugh I honestly think.....this is useless. Sure they can overclock to 1250mhz and all....but i mean the 7970's now can all hit 1ghz with ease. Hopefully they drop prices even more. Or this could be a response to...
  32. Brackle

    GK104 Kepler gpu's Defective? Comes from Charlie....who is usually 50% right
  33. Brackle

    Semi Warm: HIS 7770 $140 shipped Not a bad deal. They aren't worth $159.99, But $140 is decent. Semi-Warm
  34. Brackle

    IB ES Overclocking!!! Looks like 1 HOT SOB
  35. Brackle

    MSI 7950 Twin Frozr in stock at newegg. Lil overpriced I think
  36. Brackle

    1080p 120hz (120fps) BF3 info?

    I have tried to read around the net, but really could not find much info on this. I am an old school gamer. I use to run a high refresh rate on my 22inch CRT eizo monitor back in the day. I use to run 1600x1200@85hz. I am going to be buying a single 1080p 120hz monitor. I want that...
  37. Brackle

    GK104 out in the wild! Bring on the leaks!
  38. Brackle

    Charlie now says Nvidia will cheat to beat the 7970? Wow..... Not sure how to take this article.
  39. Brackle

    Possible 3d IPS monitor this Quarter

    from Techreport 3D review. "In other news, AMD told us about an IPS-based 3D monitor due out this quarter. The display uses line interleaving coupled with passive, polarizing glasses—a design that should offer greater color fidelity without...
  40. Brackle

    2500k 5ghz showing wrong temps?

    Just curious what temps people are getting with a 4.8-5ghz overclock? I recently just got my new cpu/mobo below. And after 24 hours of prime95, my CPU was showing 66c? I mean my 5ghz is at 1.5v....I honestly expected it to be WAAAAY higher, specially since im on air cooling...