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  1. nxcess

    Corsair K70 red LEDs to white

    Replaced the WASD keys and convert from red to white LED. Ended up down a rabbit hole troubleshooting the brightness of the LEDs. Found out the hard way, it's not plug n play with LED colors. The white weren't bright whatsoever. My google-fu failed me in searching to see if anyone else was...
  2. nxcess

    Staples: Various Wireless Mouse 19.99

    Staples is having a sale on various wireless mouse for 19.99. I got a Logitech M510 for 19.99. Has the small usb receiver. They're ad can be view on the website.
  3. nxcess

    WTB. AMD Bracket for H50

    Looking to buy an AMD bracket for a Corsair H50 from someone that doesn't need it. PM me with cost plus shipping to 77546. Thanks
  4. nxcess

    dac/amp recommendation

    Before you guys tell me to go over to headfi, I've already been there. I've been doing some reading on dac/amp combo and pretty much narrowed it down to either an audi-gd fun or a matrix mini i. This will be paired with an audio technic ad-700. Do you guys have any experience with these? I'm...
  5. nxcess

    Free Chik-Fil-A Mini Today 4/14/2011

    As the title said. Chik-fil-a is giving away free minis. No additional purchases necessary. Today only
  6. nxcess

    Microcenter Build

    I haven't built an AMD system since S939 so I've been out of the loop. Given that my HTPC is down and I would like to get it back up and running this weekend. MC has some deals for AMD MOBO/CPU combos, what's a good MATX combo to pick. My budget is 200. I prefer less if possible. My main...
  7. nxcess

    MSI 6970 314.99 FS

    Newegg has the MSI R6970-2PM2D2GD5 Radeon HD 6970 2GB for $339.99 with promo code EMCYTZT321. That's already lower than the rest with rebates. There's a $25 rebate bringing it to $314.99. Damn it's cheap. Edit:. I just noticed I didn't add AR in the title. Don't kill me for that.. Still half...
  8. nxcess

    5850 GSOD

    I'm having issues with this 5850. The screen starts displaying corruptions while gaming and ends up with this screen or a solid blue screen or all black screens. Is this the infamous GSOD? edit: BTW. Card is stock.
  9. nxcess

    ASUS Radeon HD 6970 DirectCU II Graphics Card Review

    Asus released this beast for review. Bout time. Hit the link if you're interested.
  10. nxcess

    Samsung BX2450 24" 2ms LED backlight LCD $200 FS

    I haven't seen too many monitor deals but a Samsung 24" LED for $200 is a good deal to me.
  11. nxcess

    Battlefield Bad Company 2 $6.79 til 12pm 12/21

    If you haven't tried this game, you can't pass it up for less than 7 bucks.
  12. nxcess

    5850 rant

    I spent this past weekend putting together a new build for a friend. Ordered the XFX 650 PSU with the XFX 5850 gpu. After I got everything up and running, I started seeing weird screen glitches like part of the screen would show up at random spots overlaying the previous screen i.e. video...
  13. nxcess

    Mwave Must Go Deal Asus RT-N15
  14. nxcess

    Do I need to upgrade my PSU

    I've been experiencing random crashes while playing Starcraft II. I'm assuming because this is the only game I'm playing that runs my system at 100%. system specs: overclock settings: psu rails: According to Guru3d, I need at a PSU with more than 55 amp on the +12volt rail. I want...
  15. nxcess

    crossfire bridge

    I have a dfi ut p45 t2rs. Do I need a regular length crossfire cable or a long one?
  16. nxcess

    20% BCB at BestBuy

    Yeah I know. It's BestBuy but you can't beat 20% BCB. Search bing for ipod. I just got 140 off a 699 laptop.
  17. nxcess

    Free Maxim http://www.fre ebi zmag .com/emailmaxim03welcome.htm take the spaces out of the second one..
  18. nxcess

    4850 disappointment

    *Sigh*.. I'm disappointed in the 4850 I got from Best Buy deal. It's not a step up from my 8800GT but a step back. Even though the windows score went from 6.9 to 7.3, game performance isn't there. Might be me doing something wrong but I've tested everything out. With my 8800GT @ 702/950 and the...
  19. nxcess

    PS3 Games $11/$16/$20 + FS -

    This was taken from FW. I bit on MSG4. Couldn't pass it up for 17 and some change with FS.
  20. nxcess

    Intel E8500 C2D CPU & ECS MB Combo $135 Fry's B&M (1 day sale 12/26)

    This is smoking hot. I've been meaning to get a C2D and I couldn't pass this deal up. It wasn't posted in my local Fry's ad but it was in the computer when they looked it up. The processor alone is $188 from Newegg alone. Fry's ad
  21. nxcess

    audio video problem

    Hey guys. I have exhausted every option I have but to ask for help. My computer's video and audio file is playing in fast forward. Like when you hold the fast forward on a cassette player to make the music sound like the chipmunks are singing. That. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the...
  22. nxcess

    Help picking a power supply

  23. nxcess

    Help picking a power supply

    I need some assistance on picking out the right power supply to run this setup. So far, these are the components I will be using for this build. As of right now, this is all I have picked out. I don't want to go any further until I've chosen a good power supply. Thanks
  24. nxcess

    Some Advice Is Needed

    Hey guys. A friend of mine asked me to build him a computer to replace his 4 year old computer. I've decided to go the Intel route, mainly with the quad core. He's setting aside 1200 to build himself a good gaming machine. Is it enough or should I go for dual core instead? I need some advice on...
  25. nxcess

    syncmaster 220wm & G5 problem

    Problem solved. Can't use DVI input with a Macintosh computer.
  26. nxcess

    What to do with 2 scsi drives?

    I've been out of the computer loop for a while. Last time I built a computer was when amd tbred xp (1700+ oc'd to 2.5ghz) and ati 9700pro were the best you could get. So go easy on me. I've acquire 2 Compaq 36.4Gb 10k Wide Ultra 3 SCSI brand new. It was still sealed in it's anti-static bag...
  27. nxcess

    $300 to upgrade

    I'm trying to help my lil bro upgrade his computer. Only thing I'll be keeping from his computer is the case, psu, 80 gig harddrive, 1 stick 512mb ddr333 ram, and radeon 9600 pro. I've been out of the computer loop for a while so I need a lil help finding good deals on parts. 300 isn't enough to...
  28. nxcess

    WTB: harddrive

    I need a cheap pata harddrive to get a computer up and running for my nephews. It's a christmas present I'm putting together for them. Please let me know if you have any available.