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    iPhone XR WiFi issues after unlocking

    Not sure if anyone else has this issue with iPhones, but the WiFi on my XR won't work for about 10-15 seconds after unlocking the phone. I'll get a notification (like new email), open up the email app, and then it stalls for a few seconds before it either times out or finally reconnects. If I...
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    Bad mouse grip leading to chronic pain?

    I've been PC gaming since the mid 90s, but over the past few years I've been encountering some chronic pain in my right hand and wrist (no numbness or tingling) that is not going away no matter what I do. I've seen a doctor and I've tried long breaks, various stretches and exercises, arthritis...
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    EVGA GeForce GTX 780 Ti Superclocked 3GB

    Round and round the upgrade cycle with the new and out with the old. :D Link: Purchased on 11/13/2013. Comes with all original cables, adapters, manuals, cds, stickers, etc...
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    Diablo III: Reaper of Souls PC - $20 @ Best Buy It looks like it's only available in stores.
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    Das Keyboard Ultimate S (Cherry Mx Brown Switches)

    whoops, wrong forum.
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    Achieva Shimian QH270-Lite 27" LED IPS 2560x1440 Monitor
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    ATH-AD900X uncomfortable, looking for a replacement.

    I've been trying to adjust to these ATH-AD900Xs for quite a while now, but I simply can't wear them for long periods at a time. Shame, since I like the audio quality. My old headphones (the closed A900s) were fine for years. They decreased the tension on the headband clips in the new...
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    ASUS NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780 3GB (Reference Cooler)

    ASUS NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780 3GB (Reference Cooler)
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    Who wants some Wang!? Shadow Warrior Revival

    Looks like Lo Wang is back:
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    Windows 8 File History Fail

    I had a disk with about 800GB of data fail on me, so using Win8 File History I initiated a restore. The copy process gets to a file named "archive_x.dat" and then the transfer rate drops to 0 bytes/s and hangs there indefinitely. The process eats up about 5GB of RAM and 60% of CPU cycles. After...
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    BenQ XL2420T 24" LCD

    BenQ XL2420T 24" 1080p 24" 1920x1080 Great monitor for zero motion blur Lightboost! Monitor has zero dead pixels, looks brand new. Only missing the manual. $0.99 start...
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    Achieva Shimian QH270-Lite 27" IPS

    Achieva Shimian QH270 1440p One of the Korean 2560x1440 27" IPS panels. No dead pixels on this one! Some backlight bleed on the bottom. $0.99 start, $340 BIN. Thanks! heat: Bop
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    Windows 8 Remote Desktop Issues

    I upgraded to Windows 8 at home and since then I've been having connection time out issues when using remote desktop + VPN. I first had to apply this fix for Cisco Anyconnect to even get the VPN working: However, now if I step away from my PC for just a minute...
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    ASRock Z77 Extreme4-M Voltage Control Issues

    I built my first Micro-ATX system (I wanted a small PC... it'll help when I move!) and I decided upon an ASRock board. I'm beginning to nearly regret that decision already. I can't seem to find a way to fix the voltage. If I set an auto or a minimal cpu voltage offset the board automatically...
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    New Carmageddon Concept Art & Screenshots!

    I had no idea they were even making a new one. Definitely looking forward to it!
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    Good resources on Servlets/JSP for project

    First off, this is for a semester long school project. We are allowed to use any web resources needed as long as we are not plagiarizing. We will not be taught how to do any part of the project by the professor (there is only a TA who apparently is learning this stuff for the first time as...
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    Dreadfully slow Ipad 2 Wi-Fi

    I recently picked up an iPad 2, but anything that requires decent bandwidth is dreadfully slow! Speedtest shows I'm only getting 1/12th the bandwidth vs my other PC here (which is on Wi-Fi). The iPad is only 6ft away from the router. I tried fiddling with QoS and b/g/n settings to no effect...
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    MS Sidewinder Force Feedback 2

    I used to own one of these joysticks and I decided to get another one off ebay. The unit I received is in fantastic cosmetic condition, however the internal pulleys squeak a lot and the movement is very rigid. The uneven and bumpy pull can be felt even when the unit is off and the stick is limp...
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    Reviving an old 3DFX powered PC

    I'm about to take up the challenge to rebuild my first pure gaming PC. I'm a little worried that some components may not work anymore so I'm ordering back-up parts that are cheap enough. I will be using Windows 98 SE. So far the parts are: Intel Pentium II 450mhz ASUS P2B 256MB SDRAM(no...
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    Improving problem solving skills.

    I'm graduating in a few months with a CS degree so I decided to try some interview questions. I found out that I am absolutely terrible at brain teaser type questions! I don't consider myself stupid (I'm actually toward the top of my class), but these puzzles sure make me feel dumb. Be it a...
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    Do triple GPU setups further increase input latency?

    I've been contemplating going for a triple GPU setup when the new ATi/nVidia cards are released (and when I get a better CPU to ease the bottleneck). It is known that a dual card setup increases input latency over a single GPU, but does it necessarily follow that a third GPU will increase it...
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    Which class to satisfy my programming intensive requirement?

    At my university I have the choice of either taking a systems programming course or a software engineering course. I'm leaning towards the software engineering course since it focuses on team programming (which I know is valuable to employers), but the other course is definitely known to be a...
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    Strange "slow-motion" effect in GUI and games

    Just recently I've encountered some strange bug that occurs randomly at boot up. In Windows 7, minimizing and maximizing windows occurs in what appears to be slow-motion. When this bug occurs the opening intro movies for DX:Human Revolution are also in slow-motion. I have to ctrl-alt-delete out...
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    Structure for a small game (OO Design)

    I'm attempting to make an extremely small game to get some experience, but I am running into a few design snags. Figuring out how everything comes together is a little tricky and I don't want to reinvent the wheel or go down a path where it will be a nightmare to maintain/update the code. I...
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    HDD Constantly Disconnects/Reconnects

    I am using a WD10EARS 1TB HDD off my board's Intel SATA controller, but every few minutes I receive a message that my HDD has been disconnected. Usually 30 seconds later I get a "reconnect" message. I thought it may have been the hot-swap adapter, so I placed the HDD into a different hot-swap...
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    Linux script to utilize GNU screen.

    I am somewhat new to UNIX/Linux type systems and I am looking to write a script for my Minecraft server. Basically my server will be connected to a UPS and a script will be executed when the server is on battery power. Minecraft is started with this script(leaving the memory values for...
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    Cannot uncheck compatibility mode for steam.exe

    I rebooted my PC (running Windows 7 Home) and upon start up Steam gave me a warning that it was running in compatibility mode. I go to the executable and I find that compatibility mode is checked and greyed out so I cannot change it (it is set to Windows Vista for some reason). I have never...
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    Three mistakes developers continue to make

    I have seen this in game after game, yet most developers continue to make these easily correctable mistakes: 1) Field of View: Most of us play up close with PC monitors, not televisions. I do not want to feel like I am going to barf a few minutes into playing your game. Increase it or allow...
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    Difficulty getting Corsair Vengeance 12GB stable.

    I just got these: I've been having trouble getting them to run at advertised speeds. My previous set of memory was: The previous set ran at 6-7-6-18-1N @ DDR3 1600. I...
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    Beginner C++ Questions (references and const)

    I've been learning Java for about four months now and a few days ago I purchased some books on C++. (currently reading C++ Primer Plus) Initially a few things threw me off (like how C++ passes objects by value and instead of passing references by value), but either I'm a slow learner or simply...
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    Dual GPUs and Input Lag

    Has an extensive test ever been done to determine the precise impact of using two GPUs versus one on input lag? I was considering looking into a dual GPU solution, but this issue usually makes me prefer a more expensive single GPU solution. (regardless of loss of performance) The best info...
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    Internal DNS with a consumer level router possible?

    I have a simple home server that I also want to use as an internal DNS server. It is running Ubuntu Server 10.10 and BIND9. The router is a D-Link DGL-4500. If I manually configure my Windows PCs to point to as their primary DNS server it works fine. However, if I set the...
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    TWC doesn't allow other DOSCIS 3.0 modems apparently...

    Just a heads up to anyone in the Albany, NY area: TWC apparently will not allow anyone to use their own modem under their DOCSIS 3.0 network (Road Runner Extreme). I purchased a Motorola SB6120 and called to register the MAC address. I talked to someone on the phone who had no idea what they...
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    Help! Configuring a combined cable modem & router

    My ISP just installed an Ubee DDW3611 combined DOCIS 3.0 cable modem and router. I'm not liking the built-in router so much so I'd like to use my old one. The problem is I've never done something like this before and my knowledge of routers/gateways is limited to begin with. Here are some...
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    Partitioning an Ubuntu file/web/game server.

    I'm planning on installing Ubuntu Server on a home server as my first foray into Linux. I plan on getting 3 HDDs: 1x1TB for the OS, game server, media AND a ftp server. Possibly a PhpBB2 server as well for my friends and I. The other 2x2TBs are purely for backup (RAID1). I'm interested in...
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    First dip into a home server/firewall.

    For a while now I've been interested in adding a Linux based server into my home network but my limited knowledge in the area is a problem. Google searches seem to bring me to guides dated from years ago, so I would like to find the more current state of things. They usually don't answer all my...
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    Idea for mice manufacturers: S/M/L sizes

    There are plenty of mice out there I'm sure I'd love, if only they were just a wee bit smaller. I'm positive those out there with large hands wish their favorite shape was just a tad bit larger as well. With something that is supposed to conform to a part of the human body it almost confounds me...
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    Duke Nukem Forever complete!?

    I came across this article on Blue's News: Are those rumors over Gearbox taking over development true? And further still, they managed to complete it!? I'm somewhat skeptical, but if this is true...
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    Hand size and mice.

    I've probably tried more than a dozen gaming mice over the past 6-7 years or so, and I've usually encountered the same issue with all of them: they always seem just a tiny bit too large. I prefer to claw or fingertip mice, but I usually fatigue quickly since they're just by the smallest bit too...
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    The Big Counter-Strike: Source Update Is Here.

    I just noticed Steam started updating CS:S. It is out of beta now. Here is what has been changed and added: General * 144 achievements added * New lifetime player stats and summary screens * New match player stats and summary screens * New end of round display with...