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  1. Centauri

    XFX Radeon 6900 XT 'Speedster Merc 319' - $899 at Amazon and BB

    And AFAIK, this is actually one of the faster 6900 XTs as well.
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    How to clone a drive to one that requires larger cluster size?

    So I'm trying to copy over my 8GB drive's contents to my new 32GB (RAID 0). But I've yet to find a way to do this without limiting myself to 16TBs on the new array, because the cloning process maintains the cluster size of the 8TB. Any way to do this?
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    Plex server: NAS vs PC

    I've never run a NAS - I've always had my desktop PC running 24/7 for my file needs. But I did just order some larger drives and am now wondering if I should explore a NAS. I guess my question is - given the fact that my PC is on 24/7 anyways (including using Plex Pass for my OTA TV tuner)...
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    ASUS ROG GT-AXE11000 only netting 200-500mbps WiFi

    I've gone through two modems in the past week; an Arris S33 and now a Motorola MB8621 - both of which are optimal for the 1200mbps Xfinity plan I'm on. When I run any of my 2.5gbps capable devices wired directly to the modem, I get around 1000mbps. When I connect the modem to the router and run...
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    5950X - Newegg Shell Shocker for $729

    Check this out on newegg: AMD Ryzen 9 5950X - Ryzen 9 5000 Series Vermeer (Zen 3) 16-Core 3.4 GHz Socket AM4 105W Desktop Processor - 100-100000059WOF
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    Scorching: SeaSonic Focus 750W 80 Plus Platinum - $112 ($97 after MIR)
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    AMD Q1 Earnings, Guidance Steamroll Estimates Amid Across-The-Board Strength
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    Intel's Rocket Lake Blasts Off With Fewer Cores, Higher Pricing

    "As a result, Rocket Lake's flagship $539 Core i9-11900K comes to market with eight cores while the previous-gen Core i9 family came with 10 cores and AMD's leading chips stretch up to 16. Surprisingly, Intel has actually hiked its recommended pricing on its highest-end chips despite this...
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    [Dead]SeaSonic Focus: 850w Platinum - $159.99 / Gold for $139.99

    Both at Amazon and Best Buy: 850w, Fully modular, 10 year warranties 80 Plus Platinum
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    Hot: 500GB Kingston NVME - $49.99
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    Ryzen 9 3950X - $699.99, Newegg Shellshocker
  12. Centauri

    Ryzen 9 3900X or 3950X - $399.99 or $687.99 from Newegg on eBay I'm pretty sure these are the lowest prices we've seen so far.
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    Radeon RX 5500 XT 8GB - $179.99 @ Dell

    Cheaper than the online average by a good bit.
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    Significant stability issues since installing 5700 XT

    Hey guys, When I installed this card back in August, I attributed some stability issues to the freshness of the drivers. But they've continued to plague me. Even with regular usage of DDU and updates to the chipset and GPU drivers, I am now in a spot where I can barely load into the menus for...
  15. Centauri

    So... Did AMD increase the boost freq on the 50th A. 5700 XT?

    I picked up an open boxed 5700 XT Anniversary which I'm getting into right now. And the first thing I noticed is that GPU-Z and Afterburner are both reporting the Boost Freq as 2079MHz? Has AMD done something to these mid-revision or did I buy a card that's been modified? And here she is...
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    Crazy-high Ryzen 3900X temperatures (95c immediately)

    Ryzen 3900X with a Corsair H100i rad and MX-4 in between. ASRock X370 Taichi. I just noticed that temps were idling at 70ish and immediately hitting the 95c thermal limit on load. Which got me looking at voltages and the BIOS had the CPU at 1.45ish for god knows what reason. So with a bit of...
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    Ryzen 9 3900X @ Best Buy for $449.99 (YMMV)

    So I've had the 3900X in my Best Buy Saved Cart for a while and watched as it went into and out of stock, mostly not even letting me attempt to check out with it and then error out the few times it did. Yesterday on an error out I noticed a popup dialogue that said to order the item in-store...
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    Attempting to revive HD 5870 Eyefinity - help?

    So I picked up this guy online, mostly for the novelty, and also because I figured with 2GBs of RAM and DX11 support it'd make a solid card for my backup Phenom rig. But it's definitely got an issue of some sort. Upon installing the card and powering the machine on, the card's fan goes into...
  19. Centauri

    EliteBook 8460p no longer going to sleep when closed

    Hey guys, Yesterday I decided to replace the palm rest of my 8460p. It's definitely an extensive teardown but nothing I wasn't comfortable with, especially after having already upgraded the display and the require video cable that goes though the hinge. All works well upon reboot except that...
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    Origin: Crysis Trilogy for $19.99!
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    HOT: PowerColor R9 380 4GB for $159.99 after $20 MIR @ NewEgg Probably the most highly reviewed R9 380 on the market and one of the few with 4GBs of RAM. Already a sick deal at $179.99. On top of the MIR there's also the Visa Checkout discount as well as a NewEgg Mobile 5% coupon floating...
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    Athlon 860K throttling to 3.5GHz?

    I picked up an MSI A88XM Gaming to go with my Athlon X4 860K. Been trying my hand at OCing the system, but before I can get there I'm trying to understand why it's throttling to 3.5GHz immediately under load with randon, very brief spikes up to full multiplier speed. Temps are in the 60-65c...
  23. Centauri

    Sapphire Dual-X R9 270 OC - $145 after instant, $135 after MIR

    Is it just me, or is this a smoking deal? The additional $15 comes through a link from TigerDirect, you can see it in the upper right. Shipping is free. Then a $10 MIR brings it down a further $10 to $135. Plus the 2 free games, of...
  24. Centauri

    Scorching: Thermaltake V1 all copper HSF for $14.99 after $10 MIR $24.99 is a sick deal anyways, the rebate makes it nuts. Free shipping as well. These are all copper, including the entire base and generally retail for over $50. In particular I went for this because the orientation, AMD or...
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    Samsung 840 SSD w/ install kits: 120/250 @ $89/179 Current prices are Amazon lows for the kits...
  26. Centauri

    512GB Plextor M3S - $370 @ Amazon Pretty sure this is about as cheap as anything in 512GB flavor from Plextor has been offered.
  27. Centauri

    480GB OCZ Vertex 3 - $269 @ Amazon
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    MAGMA: 256GB Kingston SSD for $139 at NewEgg Promo code EMCYTZT2081 I wish I needed one...
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    Kingston SSDs @ Amazon: 120GB $80, 240GB $170
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    Lava Hot: 512GB Crucial M4 - $345 @ The Egg Drop promo code EMCYTZT1803 for the discount.
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    Logitech S715i Rechargeable iPod dock: $113.29 @ Amazon + $20 MIR I've been watching this for a few weeks and in addition to having just dropped from its fairly regular price range of $12x.xx, a new $20 MIR has just appeared that's only valid through this week. Pretty much as good of a deal as can be had on the...
  32. Centauri

    Hot! Toshiba HD-A3 w/ 7 movies for $100.04

    Took the info from HighDefDigest. CC is advertising the HD-A3 at $149, but it is ringing up in-store for $100.04. I called my local store to verify. 300 and Bourne Identity are in the box, plus the five mail-offs. Very, very nice deal.
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    Hooked up FAT formatted drive in Vista; Not showing up.

    I had a 400GB Seagate ATA in another machine. I formatted it for FAT and loaded a bunch of files from my previous machine onto it as an easy way to get them all over to my Vista machine. But once I hook the drive up, it doesn't appear as a volume in My Computer. BIOS recognizes it. Vista...
  34. Centauri

    Unable to install DirectX on Vista x64

    Just threw together my new PC this morning. Left for work and picked up Tiberium Wars on the way home. When I launch it, it tells me I need DirectX (been away from Windows for a while, thought it was supposed to have been part of Vista). So, I go to MS's DirectX site, download the web...
  35. Centauri

    Have an MSI MS-6390 from Compaq; What's the fastest CPU it can handle?

    Howdy, Somebody gave me a nice little Compaq system. Was getting ready to snag a cheap GeForce 6200 AGP to turn the system into something pretty useable. I also wanted to upgrade the stock 2200+ Athlon XP to the best CPU the board can support. The board is, by default, 133/266MHz. But...
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    [H]ot: 24, Seasons 1-5, $124.99 w/ Free Shipping @ Amazon

    Link I'm not yet a fan of the series (never watched it), but it seems like every other geek I know is. So I thought I'd let you all in on this one. Seems like a pretty solid deal given that the individual seasons run $40+.
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    PS2 w/ 10 games for $169.99 @ Fry's! Price Sold Separately: $319.89 # Bundle Includes: PS2 Game Console V.4 # PS2 Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel # PS2 Front Mission 4 # PS2 Taito Legends # PS2 DarkWatch # PS2 DemonStone # PS2 I-Ninja # PS2 Time Splitters # PS2 Xenosaga 2 # PS2...