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    Recommendation for mATX chassis

    Wanting to rehome my mATX build but I am so out of the loop on the good enclosure solutions. I'm looking for mid tower (non ATX or larger). mATX boards or itx. Top mount 240 radiator. Limited or no RGB. and no glass. I was looking at fractal define mini C as it checks most of those boxes...
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    ASUS Prime Z590-M Plus + Radeon compatibility issues?

    I have an ASUS Prime Z590-M Plus (mATX) board with intel 11900K and Radeon 5700 (Flashed to 5700XT power specs). I put together the system the other day, and it was bonkers frustrating. My config included the board, the gfx, the cpu, 4x8GB DDR4, 1 M.2 NVMe SSD, two 2.5 inch drives in a RAID...
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    Z590 mATX board recommendations?

    I am in the market for a reasonably priced Z590 mATX board. I was burned in the past by the poor VRM performance of the ASRock mATX offerings. It feels like this form factor has been abandoned in the enthusiast area in favor of mITX which can cost some bucks. I wouldn't be against an ITX...
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    HP purchases HyperX from Kingston

    Looks like HP wants a bigger presence in peripherals by purchasing HyperX brand from Kingston.
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    Plain Jane 240mm AIO cooling loop?

    I currently have a Corsair H60 which has done me just fine for quite a while. My needs have changed and I need a better/bigger AIO for a 9900k. I get processor temp throttling because the H60 just can't deal. When searching for an AIO, I see most require a 12v SATA connector to the pump. Is...