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  1. RagingSamster

    Universe@home COmpleted Work not Uploading

    What causes this, I have a bunch of work waiting pended multiple times (See Image) Any illumination is appreciated.
  2. RagingSamster

    Back at it...

    Just upgraded from my q6600, I didn't know if Folding was still a thing. Hoping to help the [H]orde
  3. RagingSamster

    Forza Horizon 4 - A beautiful game

    Found it to be quite enjoyable just saying heck with the races - just went out, and bought some cars that I've previously owned and tricked them out Loved the Mini - most agile car I've ever owned I had an 85, but this looks identical except for the rear spoiler. If you have Gamepass, go...
  4. RagingSamster

    TitanFall 2 - a steal at $6.00 @Microsoft

    If you have an X, just go buy it. The SP Campaign is more than worth the price of admission. Edit:
  5. RagingSamster


    Better known as "Cuss at your Screen" head. I love the artistry of the game and the music is top notch. I'm playing on PC but I bought this game specifically for my pre-ordered Xbox 1 X. At $20.00 the price is pretty reasonable. I bought my copy from MS Store, I'm not sure if you purchase from...
  6. RagingSamster

    Gear fit 2 down to 150.00 @ Amazon

    I've had mine for about a week, accuracy is sometimes questionable for step counts, but heart rate is pretty decent, and GPS is great, good display and it's comfy on the wrist, stores music, links with Strava and Runkeeper.
  7. RagingSamster

    Amazon - Crucial BX200 480gb prime $99.00

    Crucial BX200 480GB SATA 2.5 Inch Internal Solid State Drive - CT480BX200SSD1 Crucial BX200 480GB SATA 2.5 Inch Internal Solid State Drive - CT480BX200SSD1: Computers & Accessories Today only.
  8. RagingSamster

    Neko Atsuma

    Arrg, a friend posted this "game" and now I can't stop. So dumb, so embarrassing. ARRG!
  9. RagingSamster

    Grim Fandango:Remastered pre-order $14.99 1/27 Release at Includes "making of" videos and a wallpaper. I think this is pretty hot, having spent $30.00 on eBay a few years back for the original. And c'mon it's GRIM FANDANGO!
  10. RagingSamster

    Multipath quandary

    So I've been told by network designers that this will work. I need to provide multiple users with printing capability trough a single printer. The network that the printer is provided with must be isolated from any other networks to enable users to print without authentication to the network...
  11. RagingSamster

    Bulletproof Monochrome Laser Printer Suggestions?

    Am I asking the impossible? Looking for a monochrome laser printer that will be used by multiple PC/Mac devices hooking up to it via USB ( non-Network) PCs will have a variety of operating systems from XP to Windows 8, IOS etc must have an easy, small driver install that can be provided on...
  12. RagingSamster

    Planetside 2 - OMFG patch

    1.7G of optimized goodness! They really increased framerates - the system in my sig plays quite nicely on "medium" settings now rather than low and occasionally laggy, Any [H]'rs still playing? If not, give it a try.
  13. RagingSamster

    Recommend a laptop that will compare to a MacBook Air

    I need to recommend to a customer a quality laptop that is light and powerful enough to run MSOffice, stream video in hd and have good battery life. An added bonus would be a physical network connector. Would a surface pro fill the bill?
  14. RagingSamster

    Will an SSD help with TF2 and Planetside2 load times?

    I love some TF2 and Planetside2, but when I click to join a server I can get up and walk away for quite some time. Is this due to client/server based communications or is this loading the game assets and textures? I will gladly reload my system using an SSD if that would appreciatively...
  15. RagingSamster

    Mel Brooks, the Collection [Bluray] $23.99 @ amazon Great w00t deal. I'm so tempted
  16. RagingSamster

    Visual Apex - Epson 8700UB 1399.00 refurb

    With FULL 2 year factory warranty This is the projector I have and it is an amazing sight on a 100" screen I've had to use service before - in...
  17. RagingSamster

    Serious Sam 2 for $2.49 - Steam

    *** EDITED (really sucks when you get called to the carpet by TheBuzzer! :D ) It's the same price on Amazon for a Steam key, but you can also use coupon SQRLUVOC for 25% off, making it $1.87: Old link that TheBuzzer used...
  18. RagingSamster

    9/29 ONLY! Free Museum visit for two - National Museum Day There are some great museums participating nationwide.
  19. RagingSamster

    Amazon MP3: 100 must have movie tunes $1.00 Great ringtone fodder, pretty good recordings too.
  20. RagingSamster

    Not a Samsung fanboy, but you have to admit this is cool The usb connectivity of this thing is wild. Is this functionality native to ICS or is it Samsung specific?
  21. RagingSamster

    S-Voice vs Siri: FIGHT! It's just a comparison, but S-Voice is looking quite viable -
  22. RagingSamster

    Staying with Sprint... The EVO 4G LTE won me over

    From what I've read it's the same internals as the ATT HTC One X which stomps the Galaxy S 3 in engadgets processor scores ( ) I'm used to the original EVO's 4.3 and think 4.7 will be a not insurmountable jump in size. They are offering...
  23. RagingSamster

    Like Button for posts...

    Could a facebook like "like" counter be implemented - maybe just in genmay? Seriously some of these dorks make shoot coffee out my nose.
  24. RagingSamster

    HDMI/Audio support for HTPCs

    I have an awesome Onkyo 7.1 system - with my bluray player it is pure surround awesomeness. I hook up my PC and I am limited to crappy stereo sound ran through a headphone jack to RCA converters. I want to play BF3 other games and hear directional sound. Is there a soundcard that encorporates...
  25. RagingSamster

    Dance Central

    Anyone play it? I just had a bunch of friends over, we had a blast. Jumping through the list to songs with complex moves, It's great to have a fan near by as it's a workout. but by the time you are done you've learned some moves. I'm not one for dancing much. Did one dance battle, seemed fun...
  26. RagingSamster

    Current Mac Mini - quiet, but can it WoW

    Deal breaker for me ( I know I need to get a life) I'm looking to get a home theatre PC and the Mac mini is small , quiet and sips power - but will it play World of Warcraft acceptably?
  27. RagingSamster

    Family room for the single guy...

    I'm hanging the projector next, but I wanted to hang the screen to get a feel for the fit. The screen will hang pretty much flush against the ceiling when not in use. Does the screen look better higher (top) or lower (bottom)? Yay! Amazon has a new Prime customer Edit for seating...
  28. RagingSamster

    HIS Radeon 6850 1GB $140.95 Ebay shipped Looks like there is more ATI love to be had albeit at a $1.45 price increase.
  29. RagingSamster

    Check your email, I just got an invite to the Swype beta

    Its a bit wierd at first, but I'm getting used to it slowly but surely.
  30. RagingSamster

    Skype for Android available worldwide ( crippled Skype in US) Nice gesture, but limiting skypeout to wifi only in the US sucks :(
  31. RagingSamster

    I cannot abide this battery's lifespan - ordered the big one

    I can rail against the abysmal battery life as much as I want and it will not make my phone stay on any longer than it's current <5 hours. I use my phone a lot. it is basically a pretty decent netbook replacement ( it plays video better than my netbook) I ordered two Ebay Chinese 3500ma/h...
  32. RagingSamster

    Circuitous route for EVO 2.2 root You must go Back To (go to) The Future!
  33. RagingSamster streams live on EVO with 2.2

    Just an FYI - on 2.1 Twit Live stream was dead, now it is alive and well - at least for me the 400kpbs stream seems rock solid. Sorry if you aren't into Twit, but I watch that livestream pretty regularly.
  34. RagingSamster

    EVO getting Froyo next weeko! Sweetness! hopefully better battery life will be one of the many "features"
  35. RagingSamster

    EVO 4G Anyone else buy the hotspot package

    It is month to month - I bit just to test it out, but I might keep it This test was done on my laptop connected to the EVO via WPA2 inside a building away from windows ( normally 4G sucks more inside due to the higher frequency) I'm not going to game with it - or VOIP, but for remote tech...
  36. RagingSamster

    Evo Eve

    Twas the night before EVO and all through the hood Steve Jobs was stressing - By AT&T he was just scrood The data plan debacle, which with avaristic intent Sent customers reeling, and scurrying to Sprint When over at RadioShack the geeks were all a titter Waiting for their EVO -...
  37. RagingSamster

    Why I preordered an Evo

    My top reason for preordering. 1.) It took me 10 minutes to post this from my blackberry 8310 - bonus reason! 2.) During this posting I could only see half of what I'm typing unless I switched baack and forth between "desktop view" and "mobile view" - infact I typed this while blind... Now...
  38. RagingSamster

    Google IO

    They just gave away Evo 4Gs to all attendees, yesterday they got Nexus 1s and Droids Froyo is going to rock - watch the youtube of the keynote.Unless apple has a phenomenal 4.0 Android is going to eat their lunch.
  39. RagingSamster

    New to Xbox360 coming from PC

    ARRG - the growing pains! How long does it take to get proficient with a "controller" in FPS games? First time playing an Xbox360 this weekend I attended a 15 person LAN. It was fun - but I'm thinking I was looking like MasterChief after a few too many adult beverages. I did get some kills...
  40. RagingSamster

    HTC Evo preorders at RadioShack this month

    source: Anyone else going to jump on this after Clearwire saying they'll have 19 more cities lit up with 4G by the end of summer? Source...