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  1. chaikovski2002

    EVGA RTX 3090 FTW3 Ultra - $1699 Brand New

    It went up in price - $1799.99, that didnt take long?
  2. chaikovski2002

    XCOM 2 announced....PC Exclusive

    Agreed! I have over 300 Hours in XCOM and not a minute in MP!
  3. chaikovski2002

    [H] Stock Alerts, Tips & Tears for AMD, Nvidia, Intel, PS5, XBOX

    With all the prices finally dropping I want to be excited about this but I cant! Why is everyone so excited about this? GPUs are still 120-150% MSRP WORLDWIDE for NEARLY TWO YEAR OLD GPUS!!!! Who the fuck wants to pay even 100% MSRP for a nearly 2 year old product?????? Are we truly becoming...
  4. chaikovski2002

    Amazon WD Black 5tb p10 external hdd $99 for the next 3ih hours

    Stay away from this unless its only used for backups once a month, and sits on shelf most of the time powered off. Its abysmally slow by todays standards!
  5. chaikovski2002

    [Steam] KEO (free until 3/27)

  6. chaikovski2002

    Warm: EVGA 3080 12 Gb in stock at $1249- $1299

    HOLD! HOLD! HOLD THE DOOR! HODOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. chaikovski2002

    Western Digital 16TB WD Gold Enterprise Class Internal Hard Drive - WD161KRYZ ($299.99) (Honey 12% cashback + PayPal 12% cashback available!)

    This right here, you have 50% chance to get it right and correctly packaged and shipped! Ive had bad packaging from Newegg, Amazon, eBay, etc....
  8. chaikovski2002

    Dead/OOS XFX 6700 XTs $600/620 at Newegg

    Not Yet my Brothers! HOLD!
  9. chaikovski2002

    Seagate 16TB HDD Exos X16 7200 RPM (ST16000NM001G) $289.99

    Hi All, I got my 2 Drives they arrived and look new, sealed in AntiStatic Bags, going over to Seagate Warranty Checker was a bust for both HDD's - "This product was originally sold as a part of a larger system. Please contact the system manufacturer or your place of purchase for warranty...
  10. chaikovski2002

    Seagate 16TB HDD Exos X16 7200 RPM (ST16000NM001G) $289.99

    NOICE!!!!!!!!!! This is a good deal those needing HDD's with Space!
  11. chaikovski2002

    Bunch of 280/360 aio deals $75-$90

    Tech Jesus as Nexus gave this one a great review last year before the Arctic AOI's came out, cant beat the price tho, holy moly $67 for this 280mm, fits most cases! I like the spartan design and look, no RGB nonsense! It looks clean!
  12. chaikovski2002

    Windows 10 Enterprise LTSB Edition is a winner for power users

    This is the Only Windows 10 Version Ill Actually Use! Thanks for the Update!
  13. chaikovski2002

    Corsair 750x/850x (both black and white models) on sale after coupon

    That looks good in white for a white case!
  14. chaikovski2002

    Steam summer sale 2021 from June 24th to July 8th 2021

    Bruh I was waiting for you to make this thread, what took you?
  15. chaikovski2002

    Perpetual Free Steam Codes Thread

    I can has No Time to Explain Remastered x 1
  16. chaikovski2002

    Steam Controller $5

    Got Cancelled oh well
  17. chaikovski2002

    Steam Controller $5

    Total shipped to San Diego CA $13.40
  18. chaikovski2002

    Lenovo 24" 1440p IPS display $169 10/23

    Ah I missed it, its now $185.
  19. chaikovski2002

    Kathy Rain on Steam

  20. chaikovski2002

    Expired certificate causing Firefox to disable all extensions

    Its fixed now, check updates, install HF, reboot FF, done, all addons now enabled as before! Who is insane enough to release untested update on Friday Night? Why they did that Friday at 7pm FFS is beyond common sense....
  21. chaikovski2002

    ASUS ROG Maximus IX Extreme $60 after rebate and coupon code!

    Price is back up to $99.99 after $100 rebate.
  22. chaikovski2002

    Swiss Gear Backpacks @ Buydig

    In for 1 thanks! Let me know what color you get! People on amazon have mixed reviews about color, some get the red and black others report dark blue and black. When you order you dont have a choice of color options.
  23. chaikovski2002

    Shadow of War: Gold $9.19 @ CDKeys

    Thanks NB, never had an issue, activated just fine!
  24. chaikovski2002

    CD Keys

    Thanks, in for Shadow of War: GOLD @ $13!!!!!
  25. chaikovski2002

    10TB WD Easystore + 32GB USB $180

    NO DEAL in California BB, today: 10 TB WD - $299 4 TB WD - 85 Everything seems at MSRP Prices or higher, disappointed!
  26. chaikovski2002

    10TB WD Easystore + 32GB USB $180

    I will stop by tomorrow after work!
  27. chaikovski2002

    Threadripper 1950x 599 at Microcenter

    What do you guys cool this with? None of the AIO have a coldplate to cover the entire heat spreader. The only one is the Enermax Liquitech, but looking at the reviews those units suffer from galvanic corrosion and go bad after 6 months to a year =/ Theres not a whole lot out there for TR4 Coolers.
  28. chaikovski2002

    10TB WD Easystore + 32GB USB $180

    Dang thats a lot of drives!!! Lots of $$$$ spent! I cant even afford one!
  29. chaikovski2002

    Destiny 2 Free 11/2 - 11/18 on Gift Page

    Grabbed one thanks! Will it stay in your library if you dont end up installing it? Or do you need to install it before Nov 8 in order to keep it?
  30. chaikovski2002

    Cases - New Build - Phanteks, Lian Li, Corsair.

    Thanks for all feedback, Ive added Lian Li PC-O11DX 011 Dynamic to the poll choice. Right now its between Lian Li PC-O11DX 011 Dynamic and Enthoo Pro M Black/White version with Tempered Glass. After watching system builds and reviews on youtube, on the Lian Li PC-O11DX 011 Dynamic I may need to...
  31. chaikovski2002

    EVGA 1000 WATT 80+ GOLD $89.99 - Best Buy

    Dang this is one crazy deal its top of the line was like $200 about 3 months ago or so! In for one!
  32. chaikovski2002

    EVGA 1000 WATT 80+ GOLD $89.99 - Best Buy

    Dead deal now $189.99 =(
  33. chaikovski2002

    Cases - New Build - Phanteks, Lian Li, Corsair.

    I cant decide theyre all soo good! Which do you prefer? Ill have a Single GPU, 280mm AIO cooler, 3 HDDs, 3 SSDs.
  34. chaikovski2002

    Coast A25R Focusing Rechargeable 466 Lumen LED Flashlight $44 shipped!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yup, Im ordering 2 from costco! Thanks for the link!
  35. chaikovski2002

    Coast A25R Focusing Rechargeable 466 Lumen LED Flashlight $44 shipped!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Price in cart has increased from $43.76 to $46.52. Amazon? Why?