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    Star Citizen Selling A $900 Ship

    People who know the industry agree that their budget is too small for a game of that scope - should be fun to see how they are going to deliver on all the promises. I hope it will become a huge success, but it sure is scary to watch from the sidelines. Will check back in 2017 ;)
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    Which wireless transmitter?

    I am moving my PC close to my amp to have short and sweet USB cable run. I use it for music and movies, no gaming. This means that I either have to get a 25 feet HDMI cable or a transmitter. I have zero understanding of the HDMI transmitter market or how well these devices work. Can someone...
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    Prototype Hoverboard Breaks Guinness World Record

    The joy of knowing that you are standing on an unstable set of blenders..
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    Sex With Robots Is The Future

    Less - is the correct answer. Can I just have some nano-bots that can wank my brain, please!
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    GTA V (Grand Theft Auto 5) to arrive on PC on 1/27/2015

    Cars keep mysteriously disappearing during various mechanics - typically interacting with garage or on missions. That gets really old and completely destroys the whole customization aspect of the game. So I guess customization is pretty much only for online gaming. Great port, nice visuals...
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    Grand Theft Auto V

    I am struck by the scope and realism of this virtual city... :D Beautiful work on character models and animation. Voice acting is spectacular. The cars look fantastic. Environments are so detailed now, what a joy! Only con is that "half" the radio stations are playing hip hop, rap and the...
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    Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Coming To The PC

    First thought: Oh, how nice! Looking forward to this. Second thought: Looks like Crysis.
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    Human Head Transplant Just 2 Years Away, Surgeon Claims

    Nope. Absolutely not happening in two years, probably not even in 20.
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    Elite: Dangerous

    The game still feels very BETA, but 1.1 certainly addressed some of the more pressing concerns. Route plotting at 1000Ly and sorting of Equipment in Outfitting. And yes lot of people are getting a cartographic game crash when returning data. I returned 3 pages earlier today with no problem what...
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    Elite: Dangerous

    I just found one in Aphra :D can't afford it though. EDIT: I also found a list of systems that sells the Hauler in the wikia ;)
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    Elite: Dangerous

    I just hopped on board with ED last night, and now I am awaiting my HOTAS joystick.. that the dealer keep delaying ETA on. So far I am enjoying ED quite a bit, despite using mouse/keyboard. As a total noob, could someone tell me what is going on with disappearing unidentified signals sources...
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    Grand Theft Auto V Delayed On PC

    Sigh. Not a surprise, but still seriously annoying. However a buggy game would be way more annoying. So I guess it is full on Elite: Dangerous and some Witcher 3 til then.
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    Elite: Dangerous – a Beginner's Guide

    Thanks for the tips. Can't wait to start playing this in the near future. I very much hope that the co-op DLC Wings will come out soon. I guess my old Logitech Wingman Extreme Digital joystick with a game port! is out of the question these days :D
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    ASUS Celebrates 500M Motherboard Sales With Global Giveaway

    I probably bought at least a million of those, or so.. that's what it feels like anyway. Facebook, thanks ASUS, but I'm all out of facebook.
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    DxO OpticsPro 8 - free until the end of January

    Thanks, solid program and in certain ways superior to LR.
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    Large Hadron Collider Now Has Twice The Power

    Sounds familiar Mr. Adams. And the heat at a 100.000 times the core of the sun.. (at the collision point, 40 million times a second). The cooling at 4 Kelvin, and 4500 tons of equipment kept at that temp :eek: the scope of this facility. Most people only know one thing about the LHC...
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    The 30 Most Anticipated Games of 2015

    So it seems that I can sell my GTX 970 when I am done playing GTA V. What an abysmal list of releases. Rainbow 6 looks fun though. No mention of Cyberpunk - probably because CD Projekt Red won't promise a 2015 release.
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    Piracy = Theft? Movie Industry Workers Speak Out

    Making better movies would certainly help nudging people in the required direction. And stop ruining otherwise good movies with "Hollywood" endings, while you are at it.
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    Looking at 970 to replace 7950

    Oh I was being unclear, sorry. It was directed at rabidz7.
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    Dozens of Execs Fired or Demoted This Week at Samsung

    "its a dog eat dog eating a hotdog at a dog owners hot dogs hotdog stand " - BM&FRI Nice for a change.
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    Looking at 970 to replace 7950

    Nice card, but he said sub $400
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    Crucial M550 and SATA Express?

    Thanks dandragonrage. I really needed some clarity on this.
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    Crucial M550 and SATA Express?

    I am confused about SATA Express and Crucial´s information on this drive is ridiculous. Does the Crucial M550 (encased SATA version) run on a SATA Express port? Or should I just stick with the good old SATA 3.0 port?
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    Guess The Game

    ITALY! What a great CT biased map it was.
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    Thinking about selling OM-D, next step question

    That should keep you very happy. I hope you got a very good deal, since buying old digital cameras is a lot like buying an old computer. Sensor tech advancements are still very significant between generations. You will love the 1.8 for photographing the baby indoors in bad lighting conditions...
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    'Star Trek' Began Filming 50 Years Ago

    The remasters are incredible. A joy to watch - especially the first three seasons.
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    Windows 10 Natively Supports FLAC and MKV Codecs

    Audiophile here. I can only speak for myself, and sorry for taking you seriously here and taking the bait, but enjoying music conveyed at a closer approximation to what the recording engineer, producers and musicians had in mind, is what it is all about. A lot of modern pop music is produced in...
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    Star Wars: The Force Awakens Official Teaser

    Seriously? I have seen a lot of this around, most much more direct and even sadder. Still a long way to go for some people regarding their perception of the variations in pigmentation of the skin organ in homo sapiens.
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    Star Wars: The Force Awakens Official Teaser

    Great to see more traditional 70s like camera work in some of these scenes. The overall mood and style seem to be harkening back to the sensibility of the original movies. Which for me is a huge step in the right direction. Promising stuff!
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    Why 'Arrogant Jerks' Become Rich And Successful In Silicon Valley

    As long as you are willing to commit an endless string of unethical and immoral actions you have a great potential for financial success. If you happen to have a developed sense of ethics, seeking wealth becomes a long series of "no - I couldn't possibly support or do that".
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    SSD for music server durabilty questions

    Good to hear that SSDs are getting extremely durable.
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    SSD for music server durabilty questions

    Is it safe to say that MLC is the smarter option in terms of durability compared to TLC, when employed as a music storage drive with mostly read activity? Or does it not really matter since the wear on the cells are less significant when there are only occurring a minimum of writes? Out of...
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    Mythbusters vs. Gorilla Glass

    I understand that they might like the product and the product might be good. What I don't understand is why millionaires want to prostitute themselves like this, I doubt they need the money.
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    Using a Mac has ruined me on Windows...

    I was forced to work on macs for DTP for two years and it left me not wanting to continue the relationship.
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    Eizo announces 26.5" 1920x1920 IPS Monitor

    I hope tftcentral decide to cover this. Could be interesting.
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    Blazing! Hifiman HM-601LE+Hifiman RE-400 $150

    HifiMAN has very lacking QC and customer care. Bought a pair of their expensive IEMs. They arrived with one channel working. I had to pay the return shipping myself. Never taking a chance with HifiMAN again.
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    Warm? 840 pro 512 $259.99 @ Amazon

    Crucial M550 is a much better drive and cost 240 dollars for 512GB.
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    Projector or TV?

    If you treat your wall nicely, do not bother getting a screen for the living room. Spend that on audio equipment for the home theater. Also good luck with the audio research in the endless sea of audio solutions. Make sure to see different screens in action - there is a lot of money to be saved...
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    PETA Is Coming To Minecraft!

    Die vegetables die! ...then get in my Le Creuset for postmortem punishment.