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  1. caw2007

    price changed to $299 - dead - Gamestop Pro Members - Samsung 980 PRO 2TB PCIe 4.0 NVMe M.2 Internal V-NAND Solid State Drive with Heatsink for $209

    Price is now $299...still $30-$50 cheaper than other retailers but you do pay tax so YMMV. THIS REQUIRES A GAMESTOP PRO MEMBERSHIP...which is $15 for a year. I jumped on this for my PS5 with GT7 coming next month...
  2. caw2007

    [DEAD] 1-day Amazon Sabrent SSD sale up to 25% off Seller is Store4Memory, but the items fall under PRIME shipping and returns. Also gets the extended holiday returns windows through Jan 31...
  3. caw2007

    SNES Classic on the way? (rumor)

    I'm pretty confident they will have this bad boy ready for just before Thanksgiving! Get ready!
  4. caw2007

    2 x AIO watercooled 1080 Ti's, Seasonic PRIME Titanium 850W, PC shuts off under heavy load in GTA V

    So like the title implies, I have 2 GTX 1080 Ti FEs powered by a Seasonic PRIME Titanium 850W PS. I play a lot of GTA V at 4K on an X99 based system with no overclock. I have troubleshot the hell out of this thing and it's down to the power supply being the culprit. It gets quite warm to the...
  5. caw2007

    DiRT Rally

    Looks like the DiRT team hasn't just been migrating DiRT 3 to Steamworks! DiRT Rally is just what is says, all rallying all the time, and looks to be PC exclusive! It's early access on Steam, but I'm going to jump in as soon I get home to my gaming PC.. :D Steam link...
  6. caw2007

    2600K, Gigabyte ga-z77x-ud5h, 16GB Corsair Vengeance DDR3 1600

    Getting rid of some older stuff. i7 2600k: Gigabyte ga-z77x-ud5h: 16GB Corsair Vengeance DDR3 1600:
  7. caw2007

    Intel 720 480 and 240GB SSDs

    Damn fine price on these. 240GB is now $119 on NE. Added Microcenter link for the 240 since it's still $109 there, but after tax it evens out. Local pickup though.. 240GB @ NE $119: 480GB @ NE...
  8. caw2007

    Batman: Arkham Knight stupid good pre-order deal at GMG

    Game is listed at $49.99 on GMG. This is $10 cheaper than Amazon or Steam. Apply voucher PLOCVS-G2T5YX-DATY6M and it takes it down to $40!! :D Had to get in on it at that price and it is for a Steam key. link to trailer:
  9. caw2007

    ASUS RT-N66U: help/suggestions with Android USB tether 3G/4G fuction

    Has anyone actually gotten an Android device to work properly using the USB tether function in the ASUS RT-N66U, firmware? I have a grandfathered VZW unlimited plan and a Galaxy Nexus on Android 4.2.2 and have had no luck. I tried the settings in the post below, but got no love...
  10. caw2007

    Motorstorm: Apocalypse

    Anyone else get this game!? I'm a huge fan of the series and think it's amongst the best arcade/sim hybrid racing games ever made. Certainly amongst the best of the PS3 exclusive devs. I preordered from Amazon and got my copy today...right before I had to leave for work!! :P Am I the only...
  11. caw2007

    6990's Listed On Newegg..

    Not for sale yet, but it's only a matter of time.. For those interested:
  12. caw2007


    Supposedly some of the guys who started this company used to work for Coolermaster.. They have some intriguing products for sure..
  13. caw2007

    Silverstone TJ10 or Lian-Li PC-A77FB

    I can get the TJ10 for about $100 and the Lian-Li for about $150...leaning towards TJ10...its an older case but it's so nice and the price is right ideas/opinions? :D
  14. caw2007

    ASRock P67 Professional

    Anyone weak like me and get one? I just really like it's looks and it's price is not unreasonable for it's features. It's actually gone up since I bought mine around 4PM CST. I paid $219. :D board info...
  15. caw2007

    Arcsoft Total Media 3 deal at Newegg..

    Saw this in their email for back to school stuff... Darn good price for a quality product.
  16. caw2007

    ASUS ROG MATRIX Radeon HD 5870 Platinum 2GB in stock at Newegg... Get em' while you can. Too rich for my blood..
  17. caw2007

    Droid Eris 2.1 update..

    Anyone received the OTA 2.1 update yet? My bro got an Eris yesterday and hasn't' seen the OTA notification.
  18. caw2007

    Incredible coming.. I am seriously considering foregoing my paid work phone and switching to Verizon for this phone.. :D
  19. caw2007

    Rogers HTC Magic..

    I just picked up one of these on ebizzle because work pays my phone bill through AT&T and I want to play with Android some. I currently used a Touch Pro with NRG's custom ROM. The version of the HTC Magic that is sold through Rogers wireless in Canada works on the same 3G bands as AT&T here...
  20. caw2007

    5850's in stock @ Newegg

    These have been there since last night, so maybe those supply issues are being alleviated! There are also a few 5870's as well.. Sapphire: HIS...
  21. caw2007

    XFX 5850's in stock @ Newegg..

    Reg: Black Edition:
  22. caw2007

    XFX 5850 Black Edition @ Newegg..

    Get them while you can fellas/ladies..:D
  23. caw2007

    HIS 5850 @ Newegg now!

    Get them while you can!
  24. caw2007

    HIS 5850 @ Newegg..

    Get em while you can!
  25. caw2007

    Sapphire 5850 in at Newegg.. Get one while you can, I got mine.. :D edit: now OOS
  26. caw2007

    3DMark Vantage and CrossfireX'd 5870

    I know, 3DMark is not the end all be all of GPU benchmarks. I am having a really odd issue though. No matter what level I run 3DMark at I see this weird effect where the water textures leap up and defy "gravity" obstructing the rest of the scene going on. It's freaky and I will try to get...
  27. caw2007

    5650 in STL..

    If you live in St. Louis, MO and want a Diamond HD5850, the Microcenter that just opened in Brentwood has 1. It's under glass at the "build your own PC" kiosk. I managed to snap up an open-box Diamond HD5870 that someone returned because it didn't fit in their case. I had to practically beg...
  28. caw2007

    HD5850 available?

    They list a few on ZipZoomFly here: But this one actually shows as available: I know people are excited about the 5850, so if you bite let the rest of us know how it goes..
  29. caw2007

    Trouble installing Windows 7 RTM on new i7 rig..

    I have an Asus P6T and an i7 920, with 6 gigs of Super Talent DDR3. I was hoping to get Windows 7 RTM installed and going before I pull my key from Technet (hopefully) tomorrow. I'm trying to get Windows installed on RAID 0 using the Intel RAID controller via USB but it keeps hanging...
  30. caw2007

    Bought GTX 280..

    Bought a GTX 280 new from Newegg today. It's a BFG OCX card and while I know it's not gonna be 55nm, I had to grab one while they are still around and so cheap.. It's going to replace a XFX GTX260 Black Edition that I love...
  31. caw2007

    Dell Studio XPS 13 + Windows 7 beta..

    Anyone played with this set-up? I'm having some hybrid SLI issues and was wondering if anyone had uncovered a solution to it acting so strangely.. :D
  32. caw2007

    Need stable i7 + LAN teaming ...

    Hello all, I'm going to be building a beastly system, but it's for server-style duties only, so I need teaming of LANs as a feature. The Gigabyte UD5 does it, but reviews on the egg seem mixed at best. Any recommendations?!
  33. caw2007

    Dying Dell E1705

    My Dell overheated massively Wednesday night and hasn't been the same since. Boots intermittently, Windows runs but then slows wwaaaaaaayyyyyy down. I've narrowed it down to the motherboard and bought a replacement. Has anyone else gone through this? If so, if you could shed light of the...
  34. caw2007

    New 65nm 6000+ X2...

    Anyone have this processor? I'm using them in some DVRs I'm building and have noticed RealTemp doesn't work with it. Using CoreTemp and HWMonitor I'm seeing idle temps of 14-22 degrees Celsius on the cooler that comes with it. That's darn near ambient!! Can anyone back this up?!? I knew...
  35. caw2007

    What do you use to adhere RAM sinks?

    I'm looking to do some custom cooling on my 4870 and I have a cooler in mind, but I need to put RAM sinks on the RAM, obviously. What do all you [H]ardcore (couldn't resist) OC'ers and customizers use to keep the RAM sinks from falling off? I want something that'll hold, but isn't permanent...
  36. caw2007

    It has to be asked....

    Sorry if this has been addressed or asked in another thread, I couldn't find one. Ok, we know more about i7/Nehalem's architecture and how it relates to gaming according to some recent articles, specifically the latest at The questions: Do you guys really think...
  37. caw2007

    Sapphire 4850 TOXIC at the 'egg...

    Sapphire 4850 TOXIC available at Newegg now. Aftermarket cooling is by Zalman. Clock speeds are 675MHz on the core and 1100MHz on the memory. Nice little bump there and the opportunity for more overclocking is definitely there with the aftermarket cooling solution...
  38. caw2007

    HD4870 and HDCP...

    I'm trying to play disc based HD content with this card and it is not setting up the HDCP connection correctly with my TV. Cyberlink Power DVD is bitching at me. I have the hot fix drivers. Is anyone else having problems? Also, does any one know when any new drivers may be coming out. I...
  39. caw2007

    4870 @ ZZF!

    4870 still in stock at Get em' while they last! :D
  40. caw2007

    Saw GTX 260 at BB yesterday...

    I saw a GTX 260 at BB yesterday, I want to say it was BFG. The price was $450. I haven't even seen one online yet. Has anyone else seen these at retail?:confused: