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    Which 8TB HDD for media storage?

    now there is a deal on best buy 12tb for $189.99
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    HOT ! Various 1TB NVMe with coveted E12 Controller $135 aprox retail

    Sorry i linked the TLC by mistake
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    HOT ! Various 1TB NVMe with coveted E12 Controller $135 aprox retail

    Sabrent Rocket Q 1TB NVMe PCIe M.2 2280 for $109.99
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    Which 8TB HDD for media storage?

    I managed to get WD Easy store 14TB for $200 back in December.
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    3dfx The Legacy

    man you brought old memories to life
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    Upgrading 970, help appreciated.

    RX 5700 seams a good option on a good offer.
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    Any matx X570 board?

    thanks for all, i i end up buying asrock X570m.
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    VM for Gaming

    I am trying to build a pc to be used by my both kids and they should be able to play both at the same time. Here are the available hardware: Ryzen R7 3800x Asrock X570m DDR4 32GB 3600Hz (2*16GB) GTX 1070 GTX 780 2 x 500GB SSD 2 x 4TB HDD 2 x LCD Screens 2 x Keyboard 2 x Mouse 1 x USB Sound...
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    What Is Your Personal Favorite Video Card of All Time?

    Voodoo 2 and Need for speed II SE …. was the best days of my gaming life :) Now I have GTX 1070 utilized by my kids
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    WD Easystore 14TB External USB 3.0 Hard Drive - $210

    offer on those drives are still $200 very tempting.
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    new R7 3800x, how to know which one is better OC?

    I bought 2 R7 3800x, one for me and the other for my son, how can I test which one overclock better, is there any way to test, for the time being I will be using the cooler that came with the CPU, later I will be upgrading to water cooler. Now, how can I test which one is better for...
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    Bestbuy now discounting WD 12 TB drive by $100

    any idea when this deal will come back again?
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    x470 or x570 Pcie v4 is not needed

    well said, thank you the only thing scares me of x570 is the chipset fan if it dies, but upgradability is important factor. I am planning on R7 3800x, and would get a mid range x570 for upgradability only. Best of luck to all
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    x470 or x570 Pcie v4 is not needed

    is there any other benfit than pcie v4?
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    any good deal for R7 3700x / R8 3700x

    unfortunately I don't have access to Microcenter
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    any good deal for R7 3700x / R8 3700x

    is there any good black Friday deal on those cpus R7 3700x / R7 3800x? shall i wait or Amazon prices are okay?
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    Any matx X570 board?

    Hi there, I am looking for a decent x570 matx format, but unfortunately the only available MB is from Asrock, I would prefer Asus, MSI or Gigabyte? are there any matx option available?
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    GTX 1070 to 5700 xt AIB

    I have Samsung 27 VA panel that support 240hz. I7 9700K 32GB DDR4 3200hz
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    GTX 1070 to 5700 xt AIB

    Is it worth it, my use case is fortnite 1080p @ 240 frames. currently Medium setting get me close to 240 frames. Is it worth the upgrade?
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    HOT ! Various 1TB NVMe with coveted E12 Controller $135 aprox retail

    i bought it at this price $110 from Amazon 3 months ago, it worth every penny :)
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    YMMV: WD Elements 12TB $186 - Plex Pass Users

    Hopefully, that will be the price in Black Friday
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    Who are madmen buying $700 motherboards?

    which motherboard?
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    Ryzen 3000 hype and review oddities

    Reading all those reviews of the new RYZEN CPUs, it seams AMD overclocked it to the extreme and call it a day with a die shrink ..... that's why you can't overclock it any further. Simply by looking at the volt the CPU takes to reach the advertised speed. Its nicely and will played by AMD this...
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    AdoredTV pre Computex roundup Zen 2 leaked information

    Strange, The specs of that sexy motherboard said 8 SATA port, I can not see where they could fit 8 SATA ports !!!!
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    LSI 9201-8I Compatible Motherboard

    I bought LSI SAS HBA 9201-8i card from eBay flashed with IT mode. I am planning to use the card for unRaid build. Unfortunately non of my two consumer pc's identified the card. Both will boot normally and not show the card bios screen and even its not detected by the unRaid or the windows 10...
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    Looking for a good deal on a Power Supply

    sorry I navigated their website but could not find any deal on PSU
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    Trying to do a raid 5 of 6x 8TB drives and it wont let me?

    or maybe have a look at UnRaid, this is what I am planning for my media server.
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    Looking for a good deal on a Power Supply

    Hi there, I am trying to fine a good deal on a power supply to be used in my file server, so it should be 80+ gold rated from a reputable brand. I think I need in the range between 600Watt and 750Watt. I really appreciate the help so please help me in this. I don't like rebates and I can not...
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    9900K Runs HOT!

    remains only the pump speed, try to change pump speed.
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    8700 or 8700K for surveillance PC?

    There is nothing wrong with your motherboard Z390 gaming edge ac. The iGPU (integrated video) is built in the CPU (I7 8700k and I7 8700) So definitely you don't need to change the motherboard. if you chose any of those CPU you will be able to use Quick Sync. I am considering to build an...
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    Is 10nm worth the wait?

    I would wait definitely, thanks to AMD, now we have a real competition. INTEL VS AMD AMD VS INTEL
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    9900K Runs HOT!

    have you updated the motherboard bios to the latest version available?
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    My email is

    My email is
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    My email is

    My email is
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    I am interested in the iPhone 8 plus 256gb, please send me a message.

    I am interested in the iPhone 8 plus 256gb, please send me a message.
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    Help: Unable to boot after upgrading hardware

    Did you check the CPU power connecter / MB power connector? can you take the MB out of the case and test it with minimum required parts. can you check the CPU cooler if its not seated correctly.
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    Galax Black Friday posting

    no SLI for GTX 1060 in this pascal generation :)
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    Who's still running i5-2500K?

    I think they are enthusiast level.