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    Connecting Old Consoles on New TV

    I have a few old video game consoles that I'd like to introduce to my kids -- Atari XE, NES, Genesis/CD, Gamecube. Our new TV only has HDMI inputs. So I was wondering what adapter(s) this group uses to properly connect older game consoles to newer TVs -- and have it still look decent. My TV...
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    OpenVPN Configuration Help Needed

    I am having some problems with my OpenVPN configuration, and was looking for some guidance. What I've done so far I am running DD-WRT v3.0-r44715 which I flashed on a router. (As of writing, that is the most recent build of DD-WRT that is available.) I wanted to setup a VPN connection into my...
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    Redirect Audio from TV via ARC and External Audio Extractor

    My family owns a 55" LG TV (model 55UJ6300) and would like to use an external wireless headset with it. The headset has only analog 3.5mm connection. On Amazon, I see they carry small devices that can read the ARC signal from a TV output and extract the audio to an analog/toslink connection...
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    Baby-proofing UPS devices and

    So my son is nearly walking, and we have an APC UPS unit (product link) in the living room, sitting on the floor, and tucked somewhat behind a TV stand. However, he is still small enough to get access to an end of the UPS and some of the power cords coming out. I'm trying to find a childproof...
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    New development and gaming build

    So my primary office machine has finally bit the dust (Intel Q8400, 16GB RAM, ATI 6970) and I want to build a new gaming and software development machine. 1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? etc A mix between computer programming (Visual Studio, C#, WebAPI...
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    Build Help: HTPC

    1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? etc This machine will be in my living room and will be attached to a 46 inch LCD television. This will serve as streaming video box for Hulu and Netflix, plus playing some games such as "Dark Souls" and "Killing Floor 2"...
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    CPU Pin Tool

    Can anyone recommend a tool for straightening a slightly bent CPU pin? I have a Dell R710 server mobo with a bent CPU pin, and it is out of warranty. (I also tried a narrow mechanical pencil, but the surrounding pins obstruct the plastic of the pencil from isolating the bent pin.)
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    MSI Node in Registry

    Whenever a MSI is installed in Windows, a registry node is created here: HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Installer\UserData\S-1-5-18\Products The node exists as a 32 alphanumeric guid (sans hyphens), and has subkeys with various installation and MSI action hints. What I...
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    WiX Bundle Issue

    I'm working on a WiX bundle project in Visual Studio 2012 with WiX (v3.7), and need to set install conditions for the generated EXE bootstrap installer. So far I have: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <Wix xmlns=""...
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    Build Advice Needed for Plex and Home Automation Machine

    1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? etc This machine will serve multiple purposes. Primarily, it will be running Plex to serve content to networked machines, tablets, and phones. (The content itself will be stored on an external NAS.) It will also run a...
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    XNA and DirectX (outside of 3D) being phased-out

    I caught this blog post recently from Promit Roy, a Microsoft MVP on XNA and DirectX. In it he goes through the official announcement from Microsoft, and comments on some observations. A fair number of developers in this forum primarily work a couple layers above C/C++/bit-fiddling. So I'd...
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    WMI Query/Join Logic

    I am enumerating the devices returned from this WMI query: SELECT * FROM Win32_DisplayConfiguration What I want to do is find out what desktop adapter or video card is driving each desktop monitor returned in the above query. I can query the Win32_DesktopMonitor and get a list of desktop...
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    Intel MPI Benchmark (IMB) -- Uninstallation Issue

    I'm working on migrating an older Windows Server 2003 instance server to new hardware. I've used Acronis to clone the older server and deploy onto the new machine. After loading the RAID controller and other miscellaneous drivers, the machine seems just about ready. However, I'm having a...
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    Wireless Adapter Recommendation Needed

    I'm looking for recommendations on a decent wireless adapter (802.11 g/n) for a desktop machine that is sitting in a corner desk. PCIe ports are in use, though there is one available PCI socket. I'm not against USB. Given the "in a corner" position of the computer, I was thinking an external...
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    Netgear Unmanaged 24-port GbE Switch -- $130 after coupon + rebate (FS)

    Newegg has a Netgear switch on sale, and with the following breakdown: Sale price: $200 Promo code EMCNCNE75: -30 Mail-in rebate: -40 Net price: $130 *** Today is the last day for the promo code, but the mail-in rebate is good through July 15. Seems like a great deal on a 24-port GbE switch...
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    Warm... Crucial M4 128 GB for $141 shipped

    Found at NewEgg.
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    Brother HL-2270DW Laser Printer -- $82 shipped

    Newegg Link Edit: Price is good through April 16. The sale is a $40 price drop.
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    Need HDD Suggestions for NAS Box

    Within a couple weeks I will be purchasing a QNAP NAS Box (link), and I need suggestions for two 2TB hard drives that will be installed and configured as RAID-1. The NAS's role is to house music/video files accessed by a couple machines through my home network, and all LAN connections are Cat6...
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    Need HDD Suggestions for NAS Box

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    Need Mini-ITX Mobo Suggestion

    First of all, I'm unsure whether such a board exists that meets the requirements below. But if there's a group that would know, it would be here. Requirements: - Mini-ITX form factor - Intel CPU-based. Does not need to be integrated. - No Atom-based processors. It would need to be capable...
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    Updated Crucial M4 Firmware Coming Soon

    Apparently there is a confirmed bug in Crucial's firmware that causes restarts every hour after hitting ~5000 hours of usage. I haven't run into this yet, but wanted to post the link for any other Crucial SSD users to keep an eye out for the upcoming release date. Link to Crucial Forums Post
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    Laser Printer Recommendations

    I'm looking for some options on a network laser printer for my home. Here's some general details: 1. B&W would be fine, but color laser is being considered. 2. I don't do much printing, but am looking for a reputable brand. 3. Wired network connection is required, wireless is "nice to...
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    Large USB Hub

    I'm looking for a heavy-duty USB hub to allow up to 20 USB hard drives to be mounted and communicate with a Windows 7 operating system. I'm not looking for USB drive replication or creating hidden/readonly partitions, I just want to them to appear in "My Computer". Price is not much of a...
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    Crucial M4 256 GB SSD -- $380 shipped @ Newegg

    Product link Been running this drive for a few weeks, and works very well. This package also includes drive cloning software and the USB/SATA adapter for migrating an existing drive to the new one. Edit: Also be sure to flash the latest firmware from Crucial's website.
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    SSD Recommendation Needed

    I'm looking to buy a new SSD around the 250-ish GB capacity, and need some suggestions. Reliability is my primary concern; next would be performance. I'm willing to spend up to $600. My mobo only supports SATA2, but that will be upgraded in the future. The drive would be used for my OS, some...
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    SSD Recommendation Needed

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    Warm? XFX 6770 for $100 AR (plus shipping)

    Newegg has the XFX 6770 for $100 after $20 MIR. Shipping is $7.56. Seems like a decent mid-gaming or HTPC card for approximately $107. Link Edit: Also includes coupon for "Dirt 3" when purchased before July 31.
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    Rack Post Extender

    I have a couple Dell R710 2U servers that came with the Dell quick rails. The rack I am trying to place them in is a 4-post open cabinet, but the depth of the posts are about an inch too short to allow the Dell quick rails to snap-lock to the square holes. Are there any 2U extenders I can...
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    RAM Consumer

    I'm looking for an application to consume a pre-defined amount of RAM from a Windows 7 machine. Whether this is a RAMdisk application or otherwise, I just need a method to tell an application to consume and hold a fixed amount of RAM. I want to avoid a significant penalty on other system...
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    Microsoft Message Queue -- Expiration

    I'm building two applications that passively send and receive messages via MSMQ, and have a case where I'd like some messages to drop out of the queue if they have not been picked up after a period of time. My "send" method is below. First step is to ensure the queue is running. Then I new...
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    External PCIe Adapter for Laptop

    I'm looking for suggestions on an external adapter that can house a PCIe card, and interface through a laptop's Expresscard socket. The reason for this is that many of my developer tools are split between a laptop and desktop, and I want to unify the installs to just the laptop but still...
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    500 GB 2.5" Seagate Momentus Hybrid HDD -- $105 w/ FS Use the promo code listed on the page to drop the price from $115 to $105. Seems like a good alternative when looking for something close to SSD performance but with much higher capacity. Please share any thoughts or first-hand...
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    Physical Port Blockers

    Where does everyone purchase physical hardware port blockers -- USB, Ethernet, VGA, etc? I want a port blocker that gets screwed into place, and do not wish to destroy a port or fill it with superglue.
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    SSMS Tools Pack

    I'll be looking into this soon, and wanted to pass this along: Please post any current or past experiences with this product.
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    Thumb Buttons in Visual Studio

    I'm not sure why, but the forward/backward thumb buttons are no longer working in Visual Studio. I cannot traverse through the opened files/methods using the side thumb buttons on my mouse. Has anyone else ran into this and found a solution? Edit: I'm using a Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer 3.0.
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    .Net SQL Server Object Cleanup

    I'm currently using this block of code that gets called in the "Finally" blocks of my data handler class for connecting to SQL Server (2008): private void CleanupPrivateComplexObjects() { if (this._sqlConnection != null) { if (this._sqlConnection.State !=...
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    Help Decide a New Office Desk

    I'm looking to replace my existing office desk. The current one is very basic; it holds a single (raised) monitor with a few random shelves. I'm looking around online to find some good places to buy from. I've been considering some L-shaped desks and corner units. Material preference would...
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    Where to post about computer desks

    I'm looking to get a new office computer desk at home, and wanted to know what forum would be the most appropriate to post such a question.
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    Alternative to "Anti-Executable"

    For those that are familiar with Faronic's product called "Anti-Executable".... I'm looking for other similar options/products that prevents unauthorized executables from running on a Windows machine. Whatever product it is, it must be Windows 7 compatible. Any suggestions?