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  1. Hagrid

    Computer Cabinet 2.0

    So I am redoing my cabinet and made a whole new one. I have a 9900k/32gb for a few cameras(4k), a Xeon E5-2620/16gb for fileserver/backup stuff. I will have 2 motherboards that will be dedicated for mining. I want to have 2 backup miners(Ryzen 3600/1700 16gb) that will run WCG when not mining...
  2. Hagrid

    Single channel vs dual channel

    When running WCG does it matter if you have single, dual, or even quad channel memory? I just reveived my 3600 so the 1700 is going in the server cabinet and I have 2 extra 16gb sticks that I am not going to put into my main machine since I do not even use 32gb much less 64! i wanted to put 1...
  3. Hagrid

    Chinese x99 motherboard

    So my GB x99 MB bit the dust and I did not want to sell the cpu which is a 5960x since I did not know if it worked. Well it works and I bought one of those Chinese MB's on Ebay for about $80. It seems to work fine. I put in an x4 512gb M.2 and ordered 16gb of memory for it. It will be backup...
  4. Hagrid

    4K small text help

    So, I have a 4K 27" lcd Dell monitor. I have been able to change most everything to a larger font. Is there like a master switch that will just make everything a ...bit bigger? I admit, I am getting old and sometimes it displays text that is impossible for me to read without my readers. What...
  5. Hagrid

    Rift hanging hooks

    I bought one of these. I did not really have a place to put it up. I now have a whole room just for me! So I put this kit on it to see how good it is. It worked out beautiful. The cord is up in the air...
  6. Hagrid

    Cabinet Mining Rig Build

    I built a miner cabinet from a cabinet I bought on Amazon. It has a 18n exhaust with fan which will be attached to the ceiling. The intake is through a 14x25 air filter housing. The wiring is 6ga 240v...
  7. Hagrid

    Oculus Rift Owners Thread

    Oculus Rift Owners Thread
  8. Hagrid

    Gun Club VR

    It seems pretty fun so far! Miss the smell, but that could be an upgrade to VR. :) 19.99 which isn't bad.
  9. Hagrid

    Fallout 4 VR only for Vive?

    I was reading that they are going to remake Fallout 4 into VR using the core game. So they are going to lose quite a bit of money they could be making from the Oculus crowd. I read something about a lawsuit from Zenimax or some crap. Who cares. I thought that they would rather make money than...
  10. Hagrid

    WCG not getting work

    Last night Skill ask for some help on WCG. So I selected WCG and it grabbed 1 work unit, which I though was odd, but went to bed. This morning it had no work available. I checked the settings on the website and the program. Re-loaded WCG and still will not get any work. I tried Einstein and...
  11. Hagrid

    Rift sensor location

    I got my replacement sensor in today along with a usb 3.0 powered cord. I have 2 sensors in front and I put the 3rd directly behind me on the wall instead of to the side. I think it tracks much better when I am turned away from the front sensors. The side back position seemed to have a dead...
  12. Hagrid

    Checking Motherboard Drivers

    So I was checking out my MB drivers and they had updated USB drivers to help fix multiple camera issues for the Rift. Just a heads up if you run into any issues. I use 2 of the USB headers and 1 pcie card.
  13. Hagrid

    Gigabyte Mb return

    My GB X99 SLI motherboard went bad and this will be the first MB I have returned. 2011-v3 are too expensive to just toss it. I am hoping that I don't get the dreaded "Your pins were bent, you get nothing" routine I have read about on other threads. I will update how it goes!
  14. Hagrid

    Just finished Arizona Sunshine

    I have to say it was a very awesome game. The mechanics worked good, shooting was great and the scenery was well done. I played on free walk mode and never had any problems so those are the games I will be looking for in the future. I have some non VR games that I haven't played, but after...
  15. Hagrid

    5960x overclocking

    So I got a good deal on a x99 mb, 5960x, and a Samsung 960 pro M.2. I did some googling but seems OC these are a bit tough. I am wondering if anybody has this chip and overclocking, what are they using to cool it? I would like to get at least 4-4.2. Thanks!
  16. Hagrid

    How to force a TV upgrade with VR Rift

    Yeah, so I was playing Drunkn Bar Fight and this dam 50"(55?) TV came out of nowhere... Sooooo.... I guess I get the living room TV and I have to buy a 4K to replace it.
  17. Hagrid

    Watercooling the new Titan X

    So this build is not for me but my son. He wants full water cooling and I have never even dabbled in it. Is there a full Titan X water block available? Also are there water cooling kits that have everything you need to build one? Thank in advance.
  18. Hagrid

    New Gaming Chair

    My son went to another team and left me his Team Liquid MAXNOMIC™ PRO-CHIEF BWE gaming chair. Dam this thing is comfy! :)
  19. Hagrid

    EVGA GTX 760 died....Again

    So as the title states I got back a card which seems to be as good as the last one.. Which for all I know is the same card with a different sticker. So I have been gaming on an old 5870 which at least works. Screw EVGA, so here are 2 options, unless somebody has something better. 1080 gaming...
  20. Hagrid

    ESXI on mini-ITX Kabini

    So I decided to save some power and try out the new super low power Kabini's. I got the Biostar A68N-5000 with a quad 1.5ghz cpu built in, 8gb's ram, Apex MI-008 ITX 250w case, Intel dual GB lan, and 256gb SSD. It seems to be working good and haven't run into any issues loading it up and...
  21. Hagrid

    XFX 5850 to EVGA 760 SC

    I finally bought a new video card! I will give the 5850 to one of the kids. It did all I needed but I couldn't resist the upgrade bug. I even decided to play with PhysX, even though not many titles support it. I don't think a CPU upgrade would of done anything for me, so GPU upgrade...
  22. Hagrid

    4U cases for lab and folding

    Heya! Well since moving back to Arizona, I have not had my extra computers which are still in storage, 3200 miles in Florida! I am going to start buying back some of the stuff and am wondering if this is a decent 4U case to start? I was thinking of ordering 2 to start and have no experience...
  23. Hagrid

    Server 2012 NIC teaming

    Hiya, I just had a question on the NIC teaming in 2012 server. Does it increase bandwidth in addition to load balancing and failover? I also assume that you would need like a SSD to test and see how fast it goes?(I tried it with a SSD on one end and 7200 disk on another and got a bit over...
  24. Hagrid

    Just saw the ultrabook commercial.

    I had never seen the Ultrabook that is a tablet and a laptop. That is pretty sweet and has the power of a laptop. Sure its heavier, but wow it has a nice screen and has the best of both worlds.
  25. Hagrid

    VMHA question

    Good Morning! :) I had a question about VMHA and hardware compatibility. I just started learning about virtualization(ESXI 5) so my questions may seem dumb to some. hehe I read you need to have the same CPU for VMHA, but does it matter for the motherboard?(or try and use the compatibility...
  26. Hagrid

    Finally got to folding!

    Ok, finally decided to fold. Ill set up some machines to do it for team 33. :)
  27. Hagrid

    OMG you guys made me do it

    I kept hearing how good the 2500k is............. and I had to try it for myself! My middle son is happy to get my 6 core amd. hehe I am glad I kept the intel fittings for the Antec Kuhler... :)
  28. Hagrid

    8800GT Finally!!

    I was finally able to find a freakin 8800gt and buy it. I wanted the XFX and finally nabbed it on newegg! I also ordered the Accelero S1 for it, even though I wont be overclocking. I dont want heat to be an issue. I am glad that there is an XFX rep that is a member here. It was one of the...
  29. Hagrid

    Gigabyte IP35 and E4500

    So i just got it and overclocked it to 2.75 using my tuniq tower. I heard people get 3.3 @ 1.4 or so volts. I got this because I gave my mb/cpu to my oldest. I am using the 4500 until I get a q6600. But in the mean time I am wonderinghow high some others have got this cpu. :)
  30. Hagrid

    Couldnt wait.. 8800gt! warranty info?

    I just couldnt wait... I wanted to play the newer games at least decently. My poor XFX 7900gs even overclocked just doesnt have it. I went ahead and purchased an XFX brand. Do they warranty it even if I put a accelero s1 HS on it? I bought this thru dell. Now all I need is my new cpu and...
  31. Hagrid

    Accelero S1 goodness

    I bought this for my 7900gs too see about some overclocking until I get a 8800gt or even a 3870. I though this thing was big, but dam, its HUGE! I also put some epoxy on the little heatsinks for the memory(arctic silver epoxy). I also have a 120mm fan blowing across the HS at a 45 degree...
  32. Hagrid

    Toshiba gaming computer

    I was looking into the Qosmio F40-ST4101 laptop from toshiba. Does anybody have any experience with this laptop or a similar setup? I am wondering how good it does at gaming. (bioshock, crysis, BF2, etc). Thanks!! For around $1300 it has: Intel® Core™2 Duo Processor T7500...
  33. Hagrid

    Is there a ASUS rep on [H] forums?

    I am just wondering if there is one. Thanks
  34. Hagrid

    Pentium D overclocking.

    I really was never into overclocking, but decided to try it on this 915 presler rev c1. I have the Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro and managed to get it to 3.36. I am wondering what others have got theirs up 2? I will be giving this cpu to my oldest for a new comp im building him and getting me...
  35. Hagrid

    dual atx motherboard connectors

    I heard of people using 1 power supply for 2 or so motherboards. Where do you find dual atx adapters or did you have to custom make one? Thanks!
  36. Hagrid

    Tranny Radiators?

    Has anybody tried using a transmission cooler? (sure somebody has) Since you can get them in a pretty big size and the ends are about as big as regular water coolers? :D
  37. Hagrid

    Running internet explorer on linux

    I have tried the programs that comp with some linux distro's that emulate IE(i need IE 5.5 or better) for a website. I heard there is a way to run it on linux or is there a good browser that emulates it better/closer? I am trying this on SUSE 10.2. Thanks!
  38. Hagrid

    What to do with this case!

    I have this case thats in my sig(main machine) chenbro sr101 ultra. What cool mods do you think could be done to it? I am planning on putting my main comp in a more quiet case and not sure what to do with this huge thing. :) Any suggestions are welcome!
  39. Hagrid

    Maximum HD space

    Does anybody know how many terabytes vista can handle? (asking for a friend) He said XP will only handle 2 terabytes? Thanks!
  40. Hagrid

    GA 965G-ds3 overclocking weirdness

    Ok, so im following the overclocking guide for the 965 chipset. It worked well as far as getting it setup manually at stock speeds. When I ran cpu-z it all looked good except the speed was 2.4ghz. I look at the multiplier and its at 12(i have it set to 14 in bios). I am wonder WTF. I run...