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    Which wireless transmitter?

    I am moving my PC close to my amp to have short and sweet USB cable run. I use it for music and movies, no gaming. This means that I either have to get a 25 feet HDMI cable or a transmitter. I have zero understanding of the HDMI transmitter market or how well these devices work. Can someone...
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    Crucial M550 and SATA Express?

    I am confused about SATA Express and Crucial´s information on this drive is ridiculous. Does the Crucial M550 (encased SATA version) run on a SATA Express port? Or should I just stick with the good old SATA 3.0 port?
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    SSD for music server durabilty questions

    Is it safe to say that MLC is the smarter option in terms of durability compared to TLC, when employed as a music storage drive with mostly read activity? Or does it not really matter since the wear on the cells are less significant when there are only occurring a minimum of writes? Out of...
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    Gaming rig for friend. Make sense?

    PLANNED BUILD: ASUS X99-S Intel i7 5820 Haswell E Kingston HyperX Pred DDR4 2666QC 16GB ASUS GTX 980 4GB (ref) Samsung 850 Pro 512GB WDRed NAS HDD 3TB Seasonic Platinum Series 660W Lite On Ext. DVD EBAU 108 (only occasional use) CASE: ? (Too bad Caselabs cant be had in Denmark). COOLER: ...
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    4K = Temporary stagnation?

    Will real time graphics development stagnate temporarily during the onset of a 4K mainstream gaming reality? #Skip to bottom for short version :) We are entering a time when suddenly video cards will have to push four times as many pixels as the days of 1080p. Does this mean that GPU power will...
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    Silicone covered KB for quiet gaming?

    My wife hates me I think - well at least she hates my keyboard, and more specifically the noise it makes, which is pretty close to hating me on a personal level. This means that I am now looking for a completely d̶i̶f̶f̶e̶r̶e̶n̶t&#822...
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    Anyone tried out Sound Core3D?

    I just ordered a new MB featuring Creative Sound Core3D hoping that it will be a half decent replacement for my Auzentech X-Fi Prelude 7.1 (my last stand alone sound card). Hence I was curios to hear any thoughts and impressions the more audiophile crowd here have had so far. Primary usage...
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    Recommendations for Gaming SSD 256GB?

    I am getting very tired of my OZC Vertex 2, that I use for Steam, and I am pretty sure it is getting tired of me. So I was considering Samsung 840 pro, but thought it might be over kill. Any recommendations for a suitable SSD for this purpose in the slightly cheaper price segment? TRIM is a must.
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    Official Steam Trading Cards Exhange Thread

    The point of this thread is to create a place for people to trade Steam cards with other [H] users. INFO: Valve has recently decided to make the life of the OCD inflicted crowd of XP and achievement hunters even more miserable by adding trading cards in Steam. These are connected to selected...
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    Lenovo G555 problem - need help

    Wife´s Lenovo G555 achieved a strange display issue recently. As soon as the Windows 7 boot screen completes and desktop/logon screen is about to load, the screen goes blank. No cursor and also no "no signal" showing - just black. So I threw in an SSD (old and perfectly working C300) and...
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    Panasonic GX1 16MP m43 cam $319

    Very good deal. Just bought this for $399 not too long ago. Now it´s down to $319. Throw on the Pansonic/Leica 25mm 1.4 and you have an extremely small camera that rivals even the best non full frame DSLRs.
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    Panasonic GH2 $499 + LX7 $299

    Another great micro four thirds deal (GH2) now that GH3 is shipping. Yes, its better but many already feel only marginally in the still image department. Certainly at $800 less than the GH3, the GH2 has an incredible price performance ratio. Too bad the design is ugly. Body only (buy some...
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    [HOT] Panasonic Lumix GF5 + 14-42mm $350

    Newegg deal and this a very good one (Would get one, but I can't buy with the egg anymore, hear me whine, since don´t live in the US and they changed their sales policies). This is not a category "compact" camera, the sensor size is much larger in these micro four third cameras. Better...
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    Dirty PCB the new norm?

    First time I noticed dirty looking PCB on a new and factory sealed product was a couple of years ago. Now I see it all the time and with all sorts of different brands. Does anyone know if this is due to new and "improved" production methods, lack of prioritizing a clean finish, mishandling, or...
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    HOT: $395, Panasonic GX1

    Down from $539. First time I have ever found a deal on this camera. VERY good 16MP "pocketable" m43 camera. Standard link...
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    Rampage Formula (X48) support 3 TB HDD?

    Does ASUS Rampage Formula support 3 TB drives? I must be getting senile, cant find it on the ASUS website, google didnt help either. Help.. :confused:
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    Z77 system. Good or bad idea?

    It has been decades, in technology time, since I bought a new PC, so I Just want to make sure I haven´t screwed up too much ;) Usage: Gaming and Image processing. Will be OC' ed. Reason to upgrade: Bored with current system. Need slightly better power consumption, newer tech and features, maybe...
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    Burning: Canon Powershot S95 $229

    This is a very good and very sleek compact camera. Just picked up one myself, for a present. Yes, the S100 is better, but not by that much, and it´s $599. Here is a shoot out...
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    Alienware M17x right for me?

    Going abroad to work for 6 months next spring and need a small computer. So I guess I will get my first ever laptop :D about damn time. I have been browsing deals, this forum, dedicated review sites and options until blue in the face and ended up with this: Alienware M17x : $2329 Usage: High...
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    Big Sandisk CF card price drops.

    In my opinion some of the very best CF cards money can buy. For instance the 64 GB Extreme Pro (90MB/s) for $249 Or the 32 GB Extreme Pro for $112 ($99 yesterday...)...
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    What chipset to go with for gaming? (990FX?)

    For a gaming rig I was aiming for 990FX but realized that [H] has had some pretty devastating results with this chipset. It´s been a few months since then, and I was wondering if this chipset has matured and all is well now, or if there are better alternatives for a gaming rig (that I am...
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    8 DDR3 slots for Ivy Bridge MBs?

    Wondering if anyone here has informed knowledge (or a good guess) whether we should be expecting boards with 8 DDR3 slots? I am most certainly upgrading to IB (unless it´s a disaster like some recent AMD iteration), and would love to see the MB makers equip their enthusiast and performance...
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    Adobe Lightroom 3: $150, 24 hour sale

    At B&H Photo: Deal with them all the time, great service, hassle free.
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    Radeon 7xxx series rumored specs

    From Nordic Hardware "Radeon HD 7870 is the top model based on the GPU Thames XT and according to the documents they will be made with TSMC's 28 nanometer HPL technology (High Performance Low-power). Despite specifications that are similar to the current top model Radeon HD 6970 - actually...
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    Building an Ivy Bridge rig soon after launch?

    Planning an Ivy Bridge build in January 2012 (coincide with vacation in the US). It has been four years since I build, and I wonder how many others here are considering or have already decided to build an Ivy Bridge rig? I want it to be a lot faster than my current rig and it will be used for...
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    NVIDIA to ship Kepler in 2011

    So it seems NVIDIA is picking up the glove from AMD. This is great news for the impatient ones among us. Let´s hope this means; available on the market in 2011. From Nordic Hardware: "Between the Fermi generation and Kepler, which we should start shipping by the end of the year, there...
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    Mouse skill challenge: Annihilate my score !

    I just came across this nice little mouse skill test. It consists of 7 different disciplines. Please beat my score young people, Im 37 so it should be a breeze with all those "fresh" neurons you have available :)
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    Which secure erase software to use for C300 ?

    I have a Crucial C300 that needs a secure erase. I recently reinstalled windows, did a quick format (bad idea), and since then the system have been significantly slower. So I am looking for the best possible secure eraser fit for this drive. Since it´s fairly popular here I thought some of...
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    Router interferring with gigabit network speeds on LAN

    Problem: Getting 10 Mbps on gigabit switch when router is turned on, but gigabit speeds when it is off. :confused: I have routed the network between my two main computers around my new and somewhat annoying router since its only capable off 100 Mbit. If I turn off the router and leave it...
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    What to look for when inspecting used 2407WFP?

    In need of hints and pointers here.. I found a "deal" on a used Dell 2407WFP Rev. A03 ($300, it was $1300 new). However he is not the original owner, and that worries me. What specifically should I look for when doing a visual inspection of the monitor itself (disregarding the image for...
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    Dell ST2220L, the right choice for mom?

    Hi display gurus After some research, I am considering getting the Dell ST2220L for my mothers birthday. She cares about a good image in terms of contrast, colors, black levels, gamut etc. She literally can´t see ghosting and will never ever game on it, so response time does not matter one...
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    Wired VDSL2 router?

    My ISP decided to switch to VSDL2, and they are forcing a wireless router (Netgear VVG2000) on me. As I do not want wireless, I will be buying a wired VSDL2 router myself. I looked a newegg first, but nothing that I could find. I found a few here...
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    Dell 24" flag ship product cycle

    I have been contemplating getting the U2410 in January or February, but noticed that it has been 15 months since it first came out, and I would absolutely despise having a superior model come out a month after purchasing the U2410! So I decided to look into the launch dates of prior models from...
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    ASUS HD6870 Uningine 2.1 X, 4 fps on Q9550??!

    OK so I received my HD6870 sealed from newegg and it is super dirty, literally , now I am testing it to see if its faulty as well. So far no problems.. I ran Unigine 2.1 at 4 fps. (looking at this I should be getting 18 fps. granted on a faster machine). Unigine 2.1 1920x1200 Xtreme...
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    Is this normal for a new card? (highres image inside)

    posting this here, though it has been posted in case modding (with the DYI crowd, but getting no responses... Just received this brand new ASUS HD6870 from newegg and the PCB is super dirty. I have never seen anything like this, and have owned maybe 15-20 video cards. How do I safely...
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    Cleaning sticker residue from PCB ( highres images inside)?

    I am posting this here because this is where the most crafty and DIY skilled people hang out. The problem is this: I have just received a brand new ASUS HD6870 that looks like this: Image 1 (residue) Image 2 (full board) I have never seen anything like that on a new PCB, but ASUS did...
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    Removing residue from PCB, how?

    posted in the DYI (case modding) section...
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    SSDs : Best price chart (help)

    I am looking for a specific site that keeps track of SSD prices from various vendors in the US. Someone here linked to it in a post some time ago, and now I cant freaking find it again! It looks very old school in terms of graphics, and plainly lists common and sought after SSDs and their...
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    GTX 580 rumors

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    GTX 580 rumors

    The first review: ~15% faster than GTX 480 over all score, based on their numbers, methods and game selection. Do I hear cheers from the AMD headquarters? Rumors and conjecture on an emerging Nvidia GPU: GF110 and its...