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    HBO Getting Serious About Game Of Thrones Piracy

    ive been on this website for 14 years and we are still arguing about napster-politics semantics
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    Picking up HAM radio through my speakers?

    This is very important. Your first line of contact in a situation that is unfavorable is to reach out to the operator. I'm a licensed operator, and I strongly urge this kind of one-on-one interaction/contact between neighbors/operators. If this is a licensed amateur radio operator / ham...
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    Why Best Buy is Going out of Business...Gradually

    Checking signatures on credit-cards is rarely used. I cannot think of one transaction in the past decade of either of my cards , where a merchant has declined due to my blank signature pads. Regardless, you have missed the point of the post entirely. The manager at the best-buy was...
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    Scored 3 Intel Pro/1000 PT Dual Port PCI-E 1gb Gigabit NIC's for $108

    I just picked up two myself for 36, hell of a deal! Hopefully these are both functional when they arrive, I need to replace the 32b PCI realtek's I have in my low-budget whitebox ESX and NAS machines.
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    Lost on adding an array to existing ESXi setup

    Thats quite obvious, yes. See Option #2
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    Help with VMware Server.

    If you are curious as to why this happened, the underlying hardware of a VM does change slightly between server and player. If I remember correctly, Windows triggers activation after 3 hardware component changes at once So, a different USB controller, different CPU (CPU presented to the...
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    Lost on adding an array to existing ESXi setup

    I am fairly new to ESXi, but from what I understand the options are as follows: 1) Wipe and use a drive/array as a datastore 2) create a LUN on an existing array to use as a datastore 3) mount an NFS export as a datastore And judging from my options under datastore, it doesn't look like...
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    Study Says Google Does a Brain Good

    I can google a word, and usually have wikipedia as the first or second result. Anything that I dont know about, which previously might require research in books, possibly even reading text and thinking. Not any more, now we can just google a topic, and make copypasta from wikipedia.
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    Schwarzenegger Pushing Green Tech

    Not to mention the consumption of resources to build those vehicles. It doesnt really matter if someone bought 7 H1's, and never drove them a single mile thus never burning fuel... the metal had to be mined out of the earth, the plastic/rubber parts came from oil, water was used to wash it...
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    Google Mail Goggles

    Exactly! by the time you answer those math questions, you will no longer be angry at whats-her-face, but angry at google for making you look at numbers. beevis & butthead episode for reference material (lulz):
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    Ford’s MyKey Limits Teen Driving

    Well, no one said they were trying to "solve" this... But, the idea of it could make people feel better. All warm and fuzzy inside, helps them sleep, etc. I remember a quote ive seen somewhere : "Speed doesnt kill, speeding does". Id have a better chance of killing myself or someone else on...
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    ‘CostToDrive’ Web Application Is Handy

    my truck gets about 10-13mpg (10mpg doing 65mph, 13mpg doing 55mph). To be honest, I really do not want to know in advance what my cost to drive somewhere will be. I just think happy thoughts as I fill up my 40 gallon tanks with diesel. The cost-to-drive caclulator doesnt factor in idling...
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    25 Most Influential People on the Web

    I also agree with the disagreement. Moot didnt even make the list, what nonsense. 4chan's stupid lolcats alone have had more influence on the interwebs than all of those people on that list.
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    Suspect Nabbed in Candidate E-mail Hack

    I thought it was the home of countless teenagers who macro pics of cats
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    Antec Skeleton Open Air PC Case

    Correct, cold rolled steel isnt crap. But, steel at 0.8mm thickness, is a steaming pile of crap. This is just my opinion, but im not interested in a case that has the structural integrity of a sopping wet oragami.
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    Does anyone know anything about Clustering Ive used vmware server, and recently tried out the free ESXi. Its not quite clustering, with the exception being ESX, but I can sit in my recliner and decide what each computer should be doing, by moving a VM around from one box to another...
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    Google Finds No Privacy On Private Roads

    QFT Although I dont find it suprising, it still bothers me that someone driving up a driveway, regardless of tresspassing, gets a gun-toting response of "Git the hail offah mah property, 'fore aww reload and shoot again". Lawd forbid someone makes a wrong turn, drives up your driveway, and...
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    Google Maps Using Photoshop?

    Id guess the original photo/shot is old, they decided against taking a second updated photo, and would rather shoop in some trees and call it good.
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    Parents Fear Video Games More than Porn, Alcohol

    a problem with this survey: "Conducted by What They Play, a parent's guide to video games, nearly 3,000 respondents in two separate polls" According to the website, "What They Play - The parents guide to video games", this seems to be directed toward parents. Rating its biased nonsense, on...
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    Hybrids Too Quiet, Get Fake Engine Noise What ever happened to putting a card, taped to your bicycle frame, flapping against the spokes? Why, back in my day, that certainly turned some heads. Im still waiting for some of these blind people to log into hardforum and let us know what is what, but so far...
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    FCC Expected to Rule Against Comcast

    I have corrected the massive error that your post contained. It is now more realistic, and depressing :(. Although the FCC might do things differently for the heck of it, but any action by government agencies against a large company usually seems to amount to pocket-change. A fine of a few...
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    I used to downclock my old 3800+ amd X2 to 400mhz (4x multiplier, 100mhz bus). To be honest, I really didnt notice anything... Sometimes I had even forgotten, and upon loading oblivion or HL2 "What the hell is taking so long... oh... *facepalm*..". It was enough to browse the internet without...
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    Can’t Find a Parking Spot? Check Smartphone!

    Unless, of course, you happen realize how many other drivers there are on the roads, looking for those same parking spots which are in such short supply.
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    If Everyone On eBay Was Forced To Be Honest

    Ive never had a problem with things ive bought from china. RAM, Compact-flash, USB flash drives, hard drives... Not one problem. Just dont buy an 8 gig flash drive for 20 cents, and expect it to work.
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    Airports Want Shockbands On Passengers?

    Or what if you are on a 7 hour flight, have been sitting for hours and hours, *really* have to take a dump/piss, and the flight attendents tell you to remain seated? This sort of reminds me of the movie, anger management: On the plane, a person is in his assigned seat. Dave is invited to...
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    AMD Price Drops

    Its the sign of someone building a computer while on a budget, nothing more. Its also a possible sign of a troll, but its too early to tell. The sign of an educated consumer: someone who is able to make a purchase, based off of previous BS sorting and research, that meets their needs. An...
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    Man Cleared Of Charges, Malware To Blame

    I hope that man can afford to file, and endure, a lawsuit against the state. Being fired for the reason he was, under those circumstances, is enough to sue over... Having yourself labled a pedophile isn't repairable, no amount of money will fix that. Moving to a different country, getting drunk...
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    Video Games Teach Us…What Exactly?

    I can only speak for what ive seen, this also applying to me. When I was younger, assuming I had no computer/video games, there could have only been a few other things I would be doing with my spare time on weekends, or doing summer vacations. None of them would be legal, or advisble. Kids...
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    Military Laptops To Use Methanol Fuel Cells

    <Gets overly-excited about a laptop with decent battery life> "25 watts" </excitement> As far as im concerned, this is still vapor-ware, much like living on the moon or having delicious cake on demand. I wonder about Ethanol... I dont have any methanol on-hand in my home, but I do have...
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    Kids Are Failing, It's All Wikipedia's Fault!

    I wonder what people blamed failing grades on, before the internet. Drugs? Nixon? Rock-n-Roll music? Anyways, it is not because of wiki, like many school teachers and college professors seem to hinge blame on. Its because children, students, adults... Humans in general, are opportunists...
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    I'm sick of listening to people bash Vista in the IT world

    Im sick of hearing it too. The arguing and whining over which version was faster, used less ram, was more secure... I dont care. I view an OS like a toaster, or any other household appliance. You buy it with the intention of the thing doing some sort of task. You replace it when its either so...
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    'Good' cheap router?

    Yes, I have several suggestions and reccomendations, which are stickied in a very comprehensive thread:
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    LapWorks Announces Gamers Desk

    No one missed the point. $40+ for a rectangle to set your keyboard and mouse on. $2 worth of MDF from home depot does the same. Add in some work with a jigsaw and router, and you have a custom one to fit your keyboard, mouse AND lap. Not only that, but the thing seems too small to be of any use...
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    Average Teen's iPod Has 842 Stolen Tracks

    This statistic is from the same country, which has deemed it copyright infringement if someone else can hear a radio playing in a place of buisness? I really dont see the average teen having $1k+ worth of music, but then again ive seen how many parents bought their children an iPhone, back when...
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    Plasma TVs, Game Consoles Guzzle Electricity

    Thats a very vauge conclusion to draw, on ac vs baseboard. Though ACs dont convert to chemical, they just compress, condense, boil. "14,000 BTU Portable air conditioner, rated for rooms up to 500 sq. ft. Uses 1250 watts/11 amps". 14,000BTU = 4102W...
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    Power Supply Myths

    Which of the respectable PSU manufacturers used to, and still do, over-rate their PSUs? The only examples I can think of are from the late 1990s, PSUs were more toward the 5V line as the main power source. 15,20... hell 70A @ 5v on my compaq proliant psu, with less than 10A @ 12v. Nearly...
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    IBM Releases “Commuter Pain” Survey Results

    I just moved to the seattle area (more like tacoma... close enough). It seems that unless you are in a downtown area of even somewhere like seattle, there is no such thing as public transportation aside from the occasional retirement home shuttle bus. For corns sakes, there arnt even sidewalks...
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    Time Warner Cable Tries Metering Internet Use

    You arn't paying that monthly rate for the massive bandwidth consumption of 3 people in your state using bittorrent... You are paying that money because it is not cheap for an ISP to set up and maintain a network of any sort, AND provide customer service. Regardless if your internet provider has...
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    Comcast Beginning 'Net Neutrality' Testing

    Qwest is also starting to offer FTTH, I beleive in 10 and sometimes up to 20Mb/s. Im supposed to have it set up by the end of this year, I just hope they arnt BS'ing me. Although they arnt offering as much upload bandwidth as verizon, 5Mbs is better than the laughable 1/3Mbs of cable.