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    Amazon Prime HD Videos Stuttering

    Did you ever get any resolution to this? I am having issues with stuttering ONLY in amazon instant video and ONLY when it steps up to 1080p, using a quad core AMD A6-5200 APU on an ECS KBN-I-5200 HTPC setup with windows 10. Using a gigabit fiber connection benchmarked at over 950mbps...
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    Ditching Blu-ray And DVDs To Go Digital

    I don't have time to wait 60 damn seconds for my stupid POS blu ray player to boot up and I am sure as hell not wasting more money on a newer one. Digital plz. Discs are pointless for me.
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    Mozilla Reveals Firefox OS Developer Phone

    Number of people who would purchase this phone: Approximately 3.
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    eBay Mandatory Binding Arbitration Opt Out Date

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    Patriot & HardOCP Lucky Draw Giveaway

    I agree with the above poster, my reason for liking Patriot is price/performance!
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    Iptorrent Invites

    Here's my lame substitute then:
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    Hitler Finds Out About Bulldozer Benchmarks

    Yep that's where I am on it.... AMD needs to do the best they can to provide competition for Intel and nVidia. Realistically, at stock speeds in multithreaded apps it's between a 2500k and 2600k which isn't exactly awful. It is in the same ballpark, the differences aren't as bad as the...
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    Hitler Finds Out About Bulldozer Benchmarks

    If they can make an affordable 12 or 16 core could they redeem themselves? lol. It would still suck at gaming and single threaded stuff :(
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    AOC Unveils 16-inch Portable USB Monitor

    They do actually make a crapton of the LCD panels that go in everybody else's monitors... I think they just aren't that into retail anymore.
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    Kingston Digital Ships SandForce-based HyperX SSD

    That's easy: attempted destruction videos... heh heh.
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    Google TV Revue Returns Greater Than Sales

    I've never heard of it. Guess that's part of the failure..
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    HTC, Android in Serious Trouble

    So they patented uhh.... highlighting links? Wow. Grats.
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    Windows 8 Video Preview

    God, there isn't much worse than reading people bitching about operating systems. So is this going to be the "every other version of Windows" everyone hates, when in reality they are all damn near the exact same thing? Get over yourselves.. :) This looks like it will be usable on an amazing...
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    Are You Ready for QuakeCon?

    It's whatever you let it be.. a LAN party was never about who sponsored the events, how they ran it, etc for me. It's a bunch of people, computers, a network and games. If you can't have fun with 1000+ other people that's your own problem. I'll be going with my buddies and having yet another...
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    Lockheed Martin Confirms it Came Under Attack

    From what I have read, this has nothing to do with a Lockheed Martin-designed security system and everything to do with an exploit of some sort available for a security system to do with VPN access, whose technology is wholly owned by RSA. So, I expect some security changes would be coming...
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    Are You Ready for QuakeCon?

    Me and my buddies are going! Pissed that QDQ sold out so fast!
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    Best Car to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse

    Looks like a typical single passenger commuter car in Tulsa
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    Antec Kuhler 920 Install

    XD Thanks :) I didn't feel like taking the front off yet... haha. Plus it's the last PATA device left in my system, I think a small part of me hoped I could kill it with metal shavings :D
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    Antec Kuhler 920 Install

    I was waiting for that :P While I'm at it, I'll braid my leg hairs. :) They are tidied up a bit and it looks better with the case buttoned up.. but there is nowhere for many of them to go. The worst are the 2 80mm fans in the front of the case which require adapters. There, better looking...
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    Antec Kuhler 920 Install

    Got it up to 3.6GHz, just had to raise VTT and Northbridge voltage a bit. Backed off to 3.5 and backed voltages off just a tad... we'll see how she holds up! Temps are up maybe 4C from the first screenshots and the fans still aren't even trying on the water cooler. They come up just over 1000rpm...
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    Antec Kuhler 920 Install

    I have the fans pulling from inside and exhausting, the instructions actually only describe that airflow direction.. but that is what I planned anyway. My case has enough airflow and space where it wouldn't work very well to suck air in from that point. I might've heard a tiny bit of sloshing...
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    Antec Kuhler 920 Install

    Yeh, didn't feel like finding a hole saw .. haha : ) Thanks! I'm running CoreTemp in the bottom right of that screenshot. I was pushing well over 70 to almost 75C with my dirty stock cooler, you can see it isn't going over 50C there. The water temps stay a bit lower. For sh1ts and giggles...
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    Antec Kuhler 920 Install

    I somehow happened across an awesome Antec Kuhler 920 thanks to [H]ardOCP and Antec... and it arrived today! (THANK YOU THANK YOU!!) I don't like to keep hardware waiting. In fact, I'd say I have some sort of problem. I tend to not eat, drink, or sleep until whatever I got in the mail is fully...
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    Aight, it'll just be like Christmas when it does happen... thanks :)

    Aight, it'll just be like Christmas when it does happen... thanks :)
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    Is Honeycomb Android's Vista?

    I have a nearly identical user experience with Windows 7 32-bit at work that I do with Vista64 at home.. Had windows 7 come out when Vista did, everyone would've faced the EXACT same "incompatibilities" with older hardware, etc because the driver model changed. Vista was just the whipping boy...
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    This Video Is Playing On Seized Websites

    Here's an idea: Buy the movies from the studios that need/deserve the money, steal from the ones that don't. Robin Hood with movies, bitches.
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    Hey, you haven't by chance gotten your Kuhler yet have you? I was hoping to do mine this week...

    Hey, you haven't by chance gotten your Kuhler yet have you? I was hoping to do mine this week.. but I guess beggers can't be choosers!
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    Hulu Plus Coming to Xbox 360 Friday?

    Yeah.. it's always nice to just have an app with direct access though I guess. I think I will be getting PlayOn.. :)
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    KÜHLER as it Gets! - Antec Big [H] Giveaway!

    Can't wait to hack a hole in the top of my case to install mine :) No 120mm fan locations? No problem!!
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    GLOBALFOUNDRIES Fab 8 Construction Tour @ [H]

    New York?? I figured for sure this would be somewhere on the other side of the world. That makes this all that much cooler.
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    KÜHLER as it Gets! - Antec Big [H] Giveaway!

    I like it because it's how water cooling is supposed to be! Compact and awesome and hopefully free! :)
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    YouTube in Talks to Broadcast NBA Games

    Here's a downside I can think of.... bandwidth. I can't even stream 360p videos half the time, 480p occasionally.. and 720p and 1080p forget it. Especially if it's between 8-11pm. Youtube needs to fix their content deliver network before going after more ways to use bandwidth. I have an...
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    Netflix Removing "Add to DVD Queue" from Streaming Devices

    Or I don't use netflix and don't really know what the hell the option is about... but ok :P
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    Netflix Removing "Add to DVD Queue" from Streaming Devices

    .... huh? The only nails in coffins are going into blockbuster. I assume you'd be talking about the DVD queue somehow and not netflix? heh. Why, is that useful or something? Looks like they are just trying to free up bandwidth.
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    Netflix Is a 'Chimp', Not a 'Gorilla'

    Hahaha... these idiots underestimating or trying to downplay their competition is never less than hilarious. They just *DON'T GET IT*. You know why I don't use my cable company's on demand? Because I hate navigating a slow, clunky menu with an unfamiliar interface with a frickin IR remote that I...
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    Game Consoles Edge Closer to Serving as Entertainment Hubs

    PC's and consoles will merge into one device, then all household devices will merge into 1 central computing device that handles all of the needs.. gaming, business, movies, home management.... A future not too far away.