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    AMD Catalyst 15.9.1 Beta Driver for Windows

    Its a ulps feature. Thats why the bus says a low rate instead of 512
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    AMD Catalyst 15.9.1 Beta Driver for Windows

    You cant compare a dual GPU setup to a single one. If your having all these problems turn off one of your cards.
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    GTX980Ti SLI, I need more power, tri way SLI.

    The more you spend the harder you fall. Just think when pascal comes out the 350 gpu is going to be beating those TIs effectively making those worth and 300 maybe less if pascal has full dx12 suport.
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    get a 900 series now or wait for 1000 series next year?

    Buy a cheap used card and wait for the next generation of cards. They are completely different architecture(hbm) so you can expect nvidia to drop optimization of anything gddr5 like a bad habit. Generally if you are planning to keep card for a few generations go AMD they tend to have better...
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    I got the 290X ..

    All cards what were great for mining, gee I wonder why AMD failure rates were so high for the generation. Seriously dude stop being such a huge fanboy.
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    What Is NVIDIA GameWorks?

    No gameworks game has had a smooth launch so far. Some times you have to realize how much of a fanboy you really are.... just praising NVIDIA and thinking they do no wrong is nor helping NVIDIA if we just ignore the fact that gameworks makes games run like crap then NVIDIA will just ignore it also.
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    Nvidia GTX GPU sales up 51% since last year.

    Go check the Nvidia subforum on reddit, I'd rather not take my chances.
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    GeForce Windows 10 Driver

    I'd recommend you check out the NVIDIA, they have a sticky about it.
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    Nvidia GTX GPU sales up 51% since last year.

    If I got a new video card right now I would choose a weaker fury x over the 980 ti. For drivers alone, nvidias drivers are a travesty. Especially on win 10.
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    NVIDIA 8800 GTS vs NVIDIA Quadro FX 1800

    yeah, I owned the original 8800 GTS 640 before the 320 even came out. Card was a monster
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    AMD Revises Pump-block Design for Radeon R9 Fury X

    I see you like wasting money. G sync/freesync are worthless if you have a 144hz monitor and a decent graphics card on most games. Turn off G sync and play what ever you normally play. If you look up all the reviews you will notice they set up the ROG swift to 60hz.
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    Burnt GPU/Motherboard Chipset...Help!

    You didn't put to much trust in one brand, When electronics die they tend to take their friends with them, would of happens to any brand.
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    Fury X vs 980 TI - Reality

    they don't hinder the performance, they just stop supporting it, don't optimize for older cards so you see old generation cards running worst then they should be.
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    Nvidia drivers are better? NOPE.

    Which amazing games work on SLI that dont work on crossfire? Because last time I checked witcher 3 still has flickering and scaling problems and nvidia had a huge headstart. You know what issues had I had on crossfire 3 days after the game came out....the light flickering on the menus and...
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    Nvidia drivers are better? NOPE.

    batman arkham knight.....Ark survival evolved
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    Nvidia drivers are better? NOPE.

    Let me tell you I went dual 290x's this gen because crossfire performance reviews and the fact it doesn't require a bridge which is a huge plus in my world, and I've found many things people think Nvidia has over AMD are either a misconception, or people are just plain ignorant to the facts...
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    Nvidia drivers are better? NOPE.

    Nvidia rushed out drivers to support Witcher 3, still runs like crap and crashed on latest drivers...>.> Dude about me check out CDproject red's witcher 3 PC tech support
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    Why would AMD release a 4K video card without HDMI 2.0 and with 4 GB of VRAM

    Dear God, I can't believe people play on TV's. Barbaric
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    Fury X Benchmarked @ 4K (via AMD)

    Do not get a TV for gaming. TV's have tons of input lag.
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    AMD’s Hawaii GPU to return with Radeon 300 series

    850 doesn't seem to bad, I would say 750-700 would be the sweet spot. I would love a card that powerful.
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    AMD reveals its CPU & GPU roadmap for next five years

    300w apu, are you an idiot. That could be a savior, I know I would buy a apu if it performed like a midrange card.
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    Will Titan X be the fastest Nvidia card released this year?

    no, no it will not Once the 390x comes out nvidia will release something to match it
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    Nvidia Explains Why Their G-Sync Display Tech Is Superior To AMD's FreeSync

    have you ever played on a 144hz monitor before G-Sync, ...already buttery smooth. Im sure it helps but try the monitor with G-Sync turned off if you can I think you might be thanking the wrong product.
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    Weird issue, maybe GPU related?

    What monitor do you have, asus had that problem.
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    Best Performance In A Video Card - $350.00 Or Under

    Shit didn't realize brand new 290xs were so cheap. If you don't mind your pc running hot that card will be fine, but if you live in a warm climate I would recommend the 970 for a quiet/cool build also. If I were you personally i would wait until the new 390x comes out in June, then buy a 980...
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    Upgrade from PhenomII X6 1045 to ?

    buy a 8350 or get a 9590 cheap if you can find one, or wait until the new cpu's come out in 2016
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    AMD Catalyst 15.3 Beta Driver for Windows OS

    The real question is....why would anyone be playing watch dogs?
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    Most aesthetically appealing Video Cards of All Time?

    Dear god, burn those with fire, they are so ugly
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    So, The Titan X has an official Australian MSRP...

    No, everything else just has gone down
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    You've got $350 & no GPU, do you get the GTX 970?

    No, no I don't. Doing so would pretty much day ok nvidia do what ever you want with no consequences. I'd rather wait for amd to release their solution and either get a 980 when it drops in price, or get the AMD equivalent.
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    AMD Catalyst 15.3 Beta Driver for Windows OS

    Guess ima wait till next month to buy a new monitor
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    When is the first freesync monitor hitting the market?

    We can all wait a few more days, if this gets good reviews ima buy one right away, have wanted to buy a Rog swift because I want a 1440p monitor and 144hz but didn't want to pay extra for G Sync module since I don't have nvidia nor do I plan to upgrade and my Asus vg248qe has given me problems...
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    Need advice on a good video card for WoW & blizzard type games.

    I would wait for 960 ti in like 2 months. It will make the 960 trash and at 250 dollars you will probably be able to buy a 970
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    AMD R9 390X, Nvidia GTX 980 Ti and Titan X Benchmarks Leaked

    I'd say the opposite, anyone who would buy a $1000 video cards with 12Gb's of ram isn't that smart. To use anywhere near that 12Gb's your going to need two video cards to even push that many pixels, which is $2000. and if you don't buy a second card your stuck with a $1000 dollar card with...
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    AMD R9 390X, Nvidia GTX 980 Ti and Titan X Benchmarks Leaked

    I know crossfire is not all bread and butter but I generally don't have many problems. It would be nice for them to release profiles instead of me having to look online to find a solution or just using AFR which seems to work on most titles. But screen tearing? I haven't seen screen tearing...
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    Video Card Recommendation

    Can you tell us what type of power supply or the max watts
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    How often does AMD release flagship gpus?

    Flagship is the cream of the crop, the Fastest available. Since the 295x2 is to 290x's The Flagship card is a 290x, and Nvidia's is the 980
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    Speculate about NVIDIA's March announcement in this here thread

    They are making a huge mistake with the naming, the tablet and console have same name...just one say least thing of different names come on And 5 years in the making, yeah it might of been a good idea 5 years ago...not so much now Also....The Cloud? So corny ok Microsoft....not...