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    Regarding the flash ads

    To begin this in the best possible way: I do not block any of the ads in the forum or front page, nor have I ever done so. However. I'm currently on my laptop. For various practical reasons, it runs FreeBSD. There is no FreeBSD flash plugin. With that in mind: 1) I still see a newegg...
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    Edit: Ok, it helped when I remembered to use double square brackets, now I'm down to one odd problem. Grep is usually case sensitive unless you specify -i. So why does this happen? [dnebdal@mix ~]$ ls|egrep -x "[a-z]{1,5}" C Mail mbox NET proj Sent tid tom Trash WEB...
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    Graphviz is kind of neat

    I accidentaly found graphviz a few days ago, and wondered if I could find some interesting use for it. For the lack of anything better, I decided to use it to draw dependency graphs for FreeBSD ports. It ended up rather well, so I sort of want to show it off. :D Python code for getting all...
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    XP and removing hardware, wifi problems

    I'm using XP Home (w/SP2) on the laptop, and due to some troubles with the wifi card, I've removed and reinstalled it a few times. Due to that, it currently shows up as "Wireless connection #4". The problem isn't that the three others show up (they don't); indeed, it's more of a nuisance than a...
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    Benchmarking practialities

    As I said over in the "Benchmarking a myth"-thread, I've been planning to benchmark 2003 against XP for gaming and other frivolous uses. I've now got everything up, and I've got some results. The hardware: Asus PP-DLW Intel P4 Xeon 2.8 (HT enabled) 1Gb PC2700 DDR Ram Radeon 9800 Pro ...
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    Alpha assembler, syscalls

    This might technically be "programming", but I think it fits better here. Anyway. I've been playing with basic assembler syscalls in FreeBSD and linux. It's relatively simple on x86: Linux style: eax contains the syscall number, ebx, ecx, edx the arguments .data ...
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    Ok, I have some problems with kdm. When it starts I get an empty X-session that just sits there for some seconds, before it's killed and I'm back at the console with the error message "X server startup timeout, terminating". Now, the X server definitely starts, xdm works, as does KDE, so...
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    The Gathering | 7.apr - 11.apr | Norway/Hamar

    Well, it's far too late to get tickets, but are anyone going? (There has to be a few scandinavians here, except me :D ) For the rest of you, it's a small, cosy, 5000-man affair in an olympic skating hall. (See this image, or the home page )