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    Logitech MX Master 3 Driving Me Out of My Mind

    So, I made sure my OS was up to date. Removed and reinstalled the drivers, tried to update the mouse firmware (it was already updated), etc. Finally, I took the unifying adapter and the mouse, plugged it in to another PC. Re-paired it with the unifying adapter on channel 1, and verified that the...
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    Logitech MX Master 3 Driving Me Out of My Mind

    Got the MX Master 3 running on my Windows 10 machine. OS and mouse drivers updated fully. The mouse seemingly "goes to sleep" after 1 second of inactivity. If I keep moving it, scrolling, etc. it works absolutely flawlessly. No input lag, nothing. But, if I stop moving for more than a second at...
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    Frustrated Father Accidentally Takes Down Town's Internet I feel bad for the father who is likely facing some large fines and possible jail time. Apparently he couldn't get his kids to put down the electronics and go to sleep, so he...
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    What Mouse and Keyboard Are You Using Right Now?

    Mouse is a Logitech M500 It has been, by far, the most comfortable and longest lasting mouse that I've owned. I've replaced my home mouse with the MX Master, and it's good, but I don't love it yet as much as I love the M500. Keyboard is: Duck One 2 Skyline with Cherry MX Brown switches I love...
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    Popcorn moments in NFTs: Spotify Edition

    NFTs are my favorite thing happening to the internet right now. I heard them best described as: Imagine that you're married, and you love your wife. The problem is that, your wife doesn't love you, and anybody that wants to fuck your wife goes ahead and fucks your wife whenever, and however...
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    Only working larrabee sold

    Huh, cool. Had no idea something like this existed. Quite the interesting concept too.
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    Adlib Inc. 1991 Gold 1000 Retro Sound Card ISA

    Can somebody explain why something like this is worth so much money?
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    Steam Turns 18 YO Today - Rolled Out: Sept. 12 2003

    My account is just a baby compared to some of yours...
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    Warm? EVGA GeForce RTX 3080 Ti 12GB bundle

    G27Q - $309.99 EVGA X17 - $29.99 $1,829.97 - $339.98 = $1,489.99 Not a good deal IMO
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    Haf 932 Side fan broke

    Hey, I have that case! Good case! If you were local to me I'd just give you the damn thing. It's been sitting on a shelf in my basement unused for a couple of years now.
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    I might actually consider it. Since having my first child, my PC gaming has taken a major hit, and I find myself sitting on the couch play Switch or something like that more and more often versus sitting in my office on my computer. Bringing PC gaming to handheld could be fucking awesome.
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    Apple will remotely install software to scan all US phones for child sex abuse images

    I stole this from the Reddit thread: The argument is that, Apple "does not have access to the raw images, only the image hashes" and that they are using the hashes to compare against a database of known abuse images. MY argument is that, this is bullshit. It literally means that Apple DOES...
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    The official "clean desktop" club.

    Anybody like picasso21 using any customization tools? I liked some of the options available back in the day, but some of them were bloated and resource heavy. I'd like to see what's available, and how people like them.
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    Time to Upgrade

    Based on some other posts as well, I can survive until the Pixel 5 is at least announced. I used to use OtterBox 100% of the time, but it's so big and bulky that it makes the phone very inconvenient to use outside of work. I prefer to slip the phone in a pocket when I'm out versus hanging it...
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    Time to Upgrade

    Hey all, I'm so out of the loop on new phones, and have literally no idea where to start. I'm currently on a Google Pixel 2. Honestly, I LOVE the phone. I haven't had a single "major problem" with the phone to date, and I would love if I could just replace it with a modern version of the dame...
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    ASUS UHD B286HK Lag?

    Well, that fixed it. I guess I jumped the gun on this one. I was concerned because my brother never got the monitor to run properly to the point where he stopped using it...
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    ASUS UHD B286HK Lag?

    I ordered one, should be here Wednesday. I'm HOPING this will solve most of the issue, but I don't have high hopes. My brother was having the same issue while connected via Displayport on his gaming rig. :/
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    ASUS UHD B286HK Lag?

    Hey guys, figured I'd see if you guys had any input for me. I've got an ASUS UHD4K2K (Model B286HK) that my brother hated, so he gave it to me. He hated it because it was "laggy" and borderline unusable. Right now, I couldn't find a Displayport to Displayport cord, so I'm connected via HDMI...
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    Can I Play It? The Division.

    Oh man, I would LOVE to. I priced out a system... Just can't justify spending $1,000.00 to play ONE game right now. :P
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    Can I Play It? The Division.

    So..... yes? >.< Edit: Upon further research... You can have DX11 installed, but the card will only run DX10... So, it seems like no... God damn it... I guess I have to build a new PC if I want to play this fucking game.
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    Can I Play It? The Division.

    And, if RAM ends up being my limiting factor, I'm looking at buying 2 pairs of this: Patriot Signature Line 4GB (2x2GB) DDR2 800 PC2 6400 Memory Module Kit PSD24G800K at
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    Can I Play It? The Division.

    Simply put, I'm wondering if my old hardware is good enough for this game... I have a couple of friends who are playing it on their store-bought laptops, but according to the listed system reqs, I'm not so sure my desktop will handle it (even though I'm fairly certain I'll be ok). The system...
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    Steam on Linux Mint (Cinnamon) 17.2

    So, I've solved it... Kind of... After fucking with permissions, and a million other things, I've finally found the stupid...fucking...answer... I finally changed my download settings to a server outside of the United States, and everything works... Apparently, Steam could not connect to the...
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    Steam on Linux Mint (Cinnamon) 17.2

    Replied before your ninja edit. Anyway, I HAVE tried changing download region, I do NOT have a firewall enabled, and I don't believe it is truly a connection issue, because I can't even restore from a local backup.
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    Steam on Linux Mint (Cinnamon) 17.2

    Doesn't download at all. When you press "Install," the download window pops up, prompts you for where to install, desktop / quick launch shortcut, etc., Next, Next, etc. Then goes to the download window and says: "Creating game cache files" and "preparing **Counter-strike" files for download"...
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    Steam on Linux Mint (Cinnamon) 17.2

    I'm having a problem on my desktop... I just installed Linux Mint 17.2, and Steam (steam-launcher) is available on the Software Manager, and also natively in the repos. Steam installs just fine, updates, runs perfectly.... But I can't install any games. It constantly hangs at "Creating game...
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    Win 7 CD Key is "Flagged" and MS won't help...

    No, that is why I reformatted back to 7. We took 8 off of the laptop to use on his new laptop.
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    Win 7 CD Key is "Flagged" and MS won't help...

    Ok, as an update: Win 7 Pro DID come with that machine. The key that I used was from the COA sticker that is on the machine. He purchased a FULL VERSION of Windows 8 (Not a 7 upgrade) and was running Windows 8 on that machine for over a year. In that time, the original Windows 7 key was never...
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    Win 7 CD Key is "Flagged" and MS won't help...

    The PC did come with a COA, but for a different version (Home Premium I think, possibly Win8). My brother purchased Win 7 Pro (Not sure from where, but I know that he bought it from a legitimate retailer such as NewEgg or Amazon). I bought it from my brother. See above. I even called him to...
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    Win 7 CD Key is "Flagged" and MS won't help...

    So, the other day, my laptop started asking me to activate (which I thought was weird, because it took my CD upon installation without a problem). So, I went through the activation process last night. It went to the "Installation ID" process, which I did via their automated phone system. It told...
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    USB Device Not Recognized

    I suppose I could... The thing is, all USB devices WORK when plugged in... But I keep getting the OS throwing errors. Would Linux throw errors like that with no device plugged in or with working devices?
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    USB Device Not Recognized

    So, I have a PC at my business that keeps popping up "USB Device Not Recognized" errors. I've tried everything I could think of, plus a bunch o Google-fu results. Uninstalled / reinstalled drivers, remove power and reboot, etc. etc. At this point I am thinking that the motherboard has...
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    Bit-HDTV invites

    PM sent. Thanks!
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    Resize plug-in would be really nice

    My $0.02: This would also help in the "Funniest Picture" thread. Some pictures are extremely long, or posted in HQ by accident. They skew the page sizing, and also make it hard to view until a moderator gets involved and fixes it...
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    Alienware laptops? Any good?

    I'm on my m11x right now. I can't say enough good things about it. First of all, I got it dirt cheap. My buddy bought it as a refurb, then he upgraded to a newer, more powerful Dell. He needed work done on his car, so I did that for free, then threw him like, $100 on top of it. The battery life...
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    Join the Alliance -- the Socket 939 Alliance!

    My old s939 is still rocking out as my media PC. Still manages to crank out music on my surround sound system, and does a pretty goddamn good job at 720p video playback. I'm still content with it. ^.^
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    FAH CPU Percentage Not Changing on SMP

    Well shit.... Then what about my dual core workstations? I'd like to be running them at 50%... I guess I'd have to set them as uniprocessor and use 100% of one core?
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    FAH CPU Percentage Not Changing on SMP

    On all of my uniprocessor rigs, when I change the CPU usage percentage, the core reacts accordingly. On my SMP machines, if I change the CPU percentage, the client does not change. I NEED to change it on these machines. My server CAN run at 100% all the time, but I really don't feel like...
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    The Great [H]orde Fold-A-Thon Registration

    Ok, time to wake up some of the old folding machines.
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    Hit a Folding (Stanford) milestone? Post it here:

    Wow, I finally hit a million! Had no idea I was coming up on it because I haven't checked my stats in a few months.... but I finally did it!