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    Free 50" 1080p TV with gaming laptop MSI GS70 Pretty sure "buy this good gaming laptop and get this gigantic TV for free" is a hot deal.
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    Crysis 2 "shakes" in Surround

    System in sig. Using the 280 beta drivers. Warhead runs fine, Crysis 2 runs fine on a single screen. Everything else is fine in Surround. But in Surround mode, in Crysis 2 the screen shakes and becomes unfocused with slight clipping. It's all around messed up. Anyone else see this?
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    PNY Rebate Fraud

    Why am I not surprised? :rolleyes: Rebate: Variable Reward Check Rebate Information For: 486850920 Promotion: Up to $90 Mail in Rebate with Purchase Up to THREE PNY GeForce GTX 580 1536MB PCIe Graphics Card at or Submission Type: MAIL-IN Date Received...
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    How to play Bad Company 2 in Surround without CTD

    Set everything to medium, HBAO off. That's it. For the rest of you who get kicked every 20 seconds - 20 minutes in the base game, this is the cure. God damn DICE/EA.
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    Addressing the "you need 3GB vRAM" mantra for Surround

    Below you'll find a few benchmarks using Tri-SLI 580 at 3 x 1080p. I think it bears out my general conclusion: if you're OK with 2-4x MSAA and high-very high settings, there's no need to get 3 GB cards and 1.5 GB will suffice. Even in the scenarios where you hit max vRAM limit, it's not...
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    Can 3DVS work with different 3D monitors? (please assist with order)

    I've got two Acer GD235s and one Acer HN27. The 27" has a built-in emitter, but the Nvidia software won't let me sync up the two smaller Acers using that method. It asks for the USB version of the emitter. Even if I had that, I assume that in turn wouldn't work on the 27". If this is par for...
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    3DVision is the real deal (sharing my experience)

    A few weeks ago, I bought an XPS 17. Since adding a 3D screen was a nominal cost given all the coupons floating around, I decided to add it, not really expecting much. I played it over the weekend and was pleasantly surprised with how great it was, even with just a mid-range mobile part. So...
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    3DVision performance experiences?

    I've sampled this tech after buying a 3D-capable Dell multimedia laptop and I'm quite impressed. Only question now for me is what GPU configuration would be best within a "reasonable" budget for desktop use. I can't find any official benchmarks so I'm looking for user experience here - hence...
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    Privateer 2 - DOS Executable?

    Does anyone have the DOS executable for this game they could upload for me? I've got the "deluxe edition" - Windows 95 - and that's useless for DOS box. Obviously, no one can play the game just by having the DOS exe so it's not a piracy issue.
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    Anyone get KOTOR Running on W7 and AMD?

    Was working fine on my Nvidia setup, after a little fiddling, but I can't even get it to launch now on AMD graphics. Anyone found a decent solution? Using the D2D version.
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    Crysis 2 Crossfire

    What are you guys doing to make this shit work? Are newer drivers/CAP compatible? I'm running the fear.exe on 11.2 and CAP 3.
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    MLAA+Eyefinity = crap in Dead Space 1+2?

    Anyone tried this? Horrible performance. Talking 5-10 FPS. Simply by enabling MLAA. What is the point of this mode if it performs like ass? Nice to see that AMD doesn't even have regular MSAA support for Dead Space 2, either. Don't know whether it's a Dead Space specific problem. Bad Company 2...
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    Negative scaling in Wings of Prey?

    System in sig. Anyone else experience this? I get no or less than no scaling with this game, at least in Eyefinity. The weird thing is that Afterburner shows both GPUs being used heavily at correct clocks, so it's an implementation problem somewhere. In one of the early levels, Dover, at...
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    Quick question - max res of mini Display Port?

    1600p or 1200p? The 69xx cards only have miniDP, and mine came with DP adapters. Don't know if that matters.
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    Confirmed: mismatched Eyefinity looks better for FPS

    A couple months back, I got rid of a 25.5" x 3 Surround setup. Was not a fan of the fisheye effect and didn't see why the side monitors should be the same size as the center - and effectively larger, given the way you angle them - when the center is supposed to be the focus. Also didn't like...
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    Bad Company 2 CTD with Eyefinity/Surround

    Ran a Surround setup in this game with no problems for a few months before going to a single 30" for gaming. Recently added an Eyefinity setup to this only to discover that DICE apparently introduced a bug recently that causes frequent CTDs in either Eyefinity or Surround, according to users in...
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    Anyone actually using supersampling in BC2? (and get it working?)

    In latest (Jan. 26 release) leaked drivers, I try to apply "override application setting" and supersampling while playing Bad Company 2, but I am skeptical that this is really working. For one thing, the framerate is very similar between 4x and 16x, which makes no sense. For another thing, if...
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    Can I add a different video card to Crossfire system to drive more monitors?

    Pretty straightforward question. With Nvidia, you can't even run 3 monitors and SLI at the same time, so I bought an EVGA GT 240 and used that to drive monitors 2 and 3. In my new setup, I understand that I can connect 4 monitors with 69XX CF. A 30" and 3x22" for Eyefinity. What I...
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    Eyefinity - different monitors and sizes but same resolution?

    Will this work? And with or without bezel correction? 22" Dell + 22" HP + thinking of 24" center, as having identically sized monitors always makes the center look too small the way Eyefinity/Surround work. All 1080p. If I lose bezel correction, what is the cause? Different monitor size...
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    Please advise - desk for 3x22" + 30" display?

    I want to try to run three 22" displays in Eyefinity arrayed below or above a single 30". My current desk is about 65" and I have 70" of space to place a desk. While my current desk width is plenty of space to make this happen, it's also a combined hutch with drawers, so the hutch gets in the...
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    3x22" + 1x30": Can this be done?

    Trying to get this sorted out: I run 6950 CF. I've got a 30" with DP and two 22" with DP. I'm thinking of getting a third 22" to run 3x22" in landscape for Eyefinity and the 30" for games that don't work in Eyefinity. Can this be done? How would I do it? And if the answer somehow involves...
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    No aspect ratio control?

    Is this missing from the 10.12a hotfix? I see no option to enable 1:1 scaling in CCC. The internet informs me that it used to be on the desktop properties page with the monitors, but all I don't have it for any of my monitors.
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    Afterburner now enables 69XX Overvolting (anyone get this working in CF?) Seems to work fine for single cards, but I can't get it working in CF. The usual problem of immediate BSOD after unlocking the overclock limit is resolved by disabling ULPS everywhere in the registry. But the following problems persist (on a...
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    What does Sandy Bridge do for high-end gaming?

    This is the only question that I ask when I look at high-end computer parts and I have seen no answers. I read something about an on-die single PCI-E 16x lane but it doesn't look like there are any improvements in the spec (PCI-E 2.0) or the total number of lanes. The lane can be split for 8x/8x...
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    Antialiasing options with AMD/ATI - How good are they?

    What level of control do you have with AMD's antialiasing compared with Nvidia? I'm intrigued by the notion of switching to 6950 CF mostly to access that sweet 2GB of vRAM...but only if it will let me use supersampling and particularly sparse grid supersampling for transparency AA. For...
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    Nvidia Inspector SLI Bit Does Not Stick in 260.99 Driver

    Anyone else seeing this? No changes I make to SLI compatibility bit will take.
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    WTF - No way to run 3 monitors with SLI enabled (even with third card)?

    I just installed a GT 240 along with my GTX 470 SLI. It's ridiculous that you can't run 3 monitors with two cards in SLI (unless you're doing Surround), so I got the GT 240 figuring that this would let me run the third monitor. My config: 30" HP connected to GTX 470 1 22" HP connected to...
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    Just got an HP Zr30W's blank?

    Not sure what's going on here. I have this thing hooked up via the included dual-link DVI, and nothing happens. The LED goes from orange to blue and the black screen gets bright, but it won't display anything. The computer is acting like it is displaying, though. Hitting source doesn't change...
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    Logitech Gaming Headphones or Xonar + HD280?

    I was looking at the Logitech G930 USB headset(based on the G35) and thinking of getting it because it has 7.1 simulated surround and wireless. I don't care about the headset part, but I want surround and I'd find the wireless pretty convenient because I hate wires. However, I'm not sure the...
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    3DVision experiences? Impressions?

    I've been rocking a Surround config for a few months now and I'm toying with the notion of going 3D. Probably one monitor at first, then perhaps 3D+Surround. What are people's experience with this setup? It looks like there's a fairly major problem with 3D+Surround at the moment, judging by the...
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    Nvidia Surround + BR/HD-DVD = System crash

    This shit is still happening? 258.96 Arcsoft Media 3 HD-DVD or Blu-Ray, system crashes two seconds after playback starts if I'm in Surround mode.
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    Anyone tried applying 480 BIOS to GTX 470?

    I am aware of the 'Xtreme HD Tuner' program that allows you to flash BIOS. Has anyone here flashed a 470 BIOS to a 480 one? If you have your cards in SLI, will it flash both, or do you need to plug each one into the top slot separately - or can you plug each one in separately in whatever slot...
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    Quake 4 and Windows 7 - Window Won't Focus

    Anyone get this up and running? Tried running in or out of Surround, but I have the same issue: the initial video seems to start up fine, but then it retreats into windowed mode and runs like crap. I can't get the mouse to work within the game window or go fullscreen without reverting back to...
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    A 'WTF' Problem - Update BIOS, RAM Disappears?

    My MSI GD80 motherboard is paired with DDR 1600 Corsair XMS RAM. On the 1.4 BIOS, all 4 GB is detected without issue. I tried to update to the 1.6 BIOS because it fixes vDroop. However, BIOS now only shows 2 GB of RAM at POST, even though inside BIOS it says DIMM 1 and 3 slots are full...
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    Does ATI Not Have App-Detecting 3D Settings?

    I bought a laptop with a mobility 5870 part. I was baffled to find that it seems like you can't create settings specific to games, but must instead create various profiles and then associate them with games. In other words, you can't launch a game and expect the video card to apply some settings...
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    Is there a way to reduce the fisheye effect in 3-monitor gaming

    I'm actually running a Surround setup but I figured it made more sense to post here since ATI users have more than one day's experience running triple monitor setups. :o Is there any way to control the..."fisheye-ness" of the "fisheye" effect? I know I'm supposed to stare at the center...
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    Surround vs. Eyefinity

    I don't think this is a particularly thorough review, but initial indications are that Surround handily outmatches Crossfire Eyefinity: They are revealing GTX 470 performance...
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    Nvidia Surround to be Windows 7 Only?

    Is this truly the case? The folks at Widescreen Gaming Forum certainly seem to think so: And the official page does only list Windows 7 as supported...
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    Swiftech MCP-655 Pump Speed Control Not Really Working?

    Something about this pump's speed control just screams "shitty build quality" as though I'm dealing with a $20 cheap Chinese desk fan. Contrary to the picture (, my pump has a sticker with some numbers on it, not embossed numbers. Anyway...
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    Strange RAM behavior - overclock CPU, 1/2 RAM disappears

    (I think this began happening after updating BIOS on MSI GD80 motherboard, after initial flash attempt went bad. This is on Vista 64 with Corsair DDR 1600mhz memory.) Here's the problem: task manager only recognizes 2GB of RAM, even though BIOS and system properties shows 4GB of RAM. This...