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    Thank you Guys for the warm fuzzy feeling

    Sorry it took so long to post this, but I have a little story to go along with the apology. :eek: A few days ago I came home from work and there was a box leaning against the garage door and it had a FeDex label on it that was addressed to me. Of course me being who I am I thought for a...
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    I Don't Know What to Say

    I looked at EOC Grandpa User Stats today and there was someone in my rearview mirror, I glanced at the name and it was Grandma, I immediately got a warm felling inside and a tear came to my eye's. It made me feel quite proud of the people involved in the DC community and to be a part of it I...
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    My Best Friend and Supporter

    Hi Guys It is with the greatest regret that I wish to say that My Best Friend and Supporter of my life has passed. My wife (Grandma) passed on Monday night November 2, 2015 from Cancer. She was my greatest supporter when it came to my DC work. whenever I said I was going to buy something...
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    Eagle07 some one is in your rear view

    Eagle07 you need to take a look behind you that Gilt umm Coleslaw fellow is cracking the whip he has already passed brilong and I in Recent avg daily credit. =211574&id[]=5353&id[]=2763810&id[]=6355"][]=211574&id[]=5353&id[]=2763810&id[]=6355
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    Is anybody besides myself having trouble getting onto freenode. :(
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    Mtnduey 3,000,000,000 fah points

    Just wanted to say congrats on the 3,000,000,000 mark, that is allot of folding and you are the first to reach that goal. Any way my hat is off to you Mtduey. :cool:
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    Congrats Brilong #1 [H]ard Folder

    Congrats brilong I see you are now #1 thanks for all the folding, keep an eye on your rear view, I will try and not let you out of my site, Although with your production that is going to be a little difficult. keep it up. :)
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    Brilong I see I need to pass the crown

    Congratulations Brilong I see you have passed me in the total points at F@H official stats. Damn you, you slipped right on by without me even noticing must have been while I was crunching WCG during the Christmas Challenge. :cool: And it is not going to be that much longer before you...
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    Is IRC down

    Just curious is anybody else having trouble with the IRC chanell, There was a net split since then when I log in I am the only one there, their is not toppic or anything else. Is it on my end or is there a problem with Frenode.
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    Lets make it 2,000,000,000

    Back in December of 2012 we were the first team to hit 1,000,000,000 points in a month, if we keep it up at our current rate we will hit 2,000,000,000 this month. I say lets bring another first to the [H]ord. keep it up and lets crank it up, as sc0tty8 will surely say giver all shes got. :D
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    Ya worried yet :D
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    Spring is here.and it is time to mow.some dwdawg

    Hmmm looking out the window today and noticed the grass was starting to grow a bit. Looks like it is time to tune up the old mowing machine and sharpen the blades up since it appears there is a dwdawg right in the middle of my lawn and it refuses to move guess I am just going to have to mow...
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    Looks like we might get that 1 billion

    Well after todays 12 AM post we are looking pretty good for that 1,000,000,000 point month. We need to keep every rig that is folding doing just that folding there little hardware hearts out. We need slightly more than 31,000,000 PPD to achieve that milestone of being the first team ever to get...
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    Congrats Mr. sc0tty8 100,000,000

    Congrats sc0tty8 on the first 100,000,000 hopefully there will be many more to follow :D
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    The #1 folding team in the world is

    Congrats peoples
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    I wish to say thanks to a coupple of my Heroes

    Well as I write this [H] is about to take the #1 folding team in the world back. There are a couple of people that I have to say thank you to for there tireless efforts and endless help and who I believe have played a hough role in this endeavour. I am talking about tear and musky. Tear who...
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    Congrats Core32

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    Oooo Kendrak

    Uploaded with
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    Looks like it may be time to switch to v7 of F@H

    I saw this over at the FF today looks like the PG is wanting / needing smp folders to switch over to v7.
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    Im coming after you Patriot

    Patriot you better get to cranking those puppys up this old fart is coming after your record. If the current 6904 holds up I will take the #1 spot on your chart. :D Hopefully I do not have to eat my words. :eek: By grandpa at 2012-06-07[/IMG]
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    Grandpa is going to mow Grandpa Well it looks like I get to mow myself 2 times in the next 2 1/2 weeks. It is strange I was in the top 100 when I quit folding on those instances now neither one of them is even close to the top 100. The first one...
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    FS / 4 X 6174

    Regular price: $1,900 + shipping Long-term [H] DCer price: $1,800 + shipping Will consider reasonable offers. I only ship to US/Canada and require pre-payment (paypal/bank transfer/ wire transfer). 7-day DOA return possible. Serial numbers recorded. (SOLD) [/URL] Uploaded with...
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    Point's for April, 2012, 807,932,668

    That’s right 807,932,668 :eek: for the month of April according to EOC, that is not that far from 1 billion. I am pretty sure that will make the record books. Congrats to the [H] folders that is quite an accomplishment. :cool: Fold on and Fold [H]
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    Super Charged 12 cylender going to mow a 402 Blown Stroker

    Hey 402blownstroker have you looked in your rear view lately, there is a super charged 12 cylinder coming up fast behind you. I have the file out and sharpening up the blade to give you a quick trimming in a few days. :D
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    Anyone notice the WU count lateley

    I am guessing the WU count started dropping on 2/19 because of the new 76xx GPU WU's whatever it is it is hitting both the [H] and EVGA equally as hard both team's weekly WU count has dropped to about 1/2 of what it was prior to that. I am thinking it is a little to early for the summer drop but...
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    What do HardOCP Commissioned Buying Links do

    I am getting tired of listening to the fans on my 4P so I was doing some comparison shopping for some hyper 212's for my 4P and found the best deal at the tigger 4 X 24.99 ea. free shipping if over $75.00 purchase. I was about to purchase them when I remembered seeing your buying links at the...
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    Bigadv heads up

    Just though I would give a heads up on some really big bigadv WU's that have been popping up recently I had 1 of them today a 6903 that was 10,000,000 steps. My 4P ran for a couple of hours on it before I noticed and it did not even do 1%. The log said the completed file was going to be over 7GB...
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    Grandpa's 4P build

    When I got home frome some of my equipment was on the front porch. :D any way no memory yet but I have some...