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  1. tlkimball

    Banner Saga 1 and 2 Free for Twitch Prime Members

    If you have Twitch Prime (free with Amazon Prime), Twitch will give you Banner Saga free from now until February 28th. Banner Saga 2 will be free from March 2nd through March 6th. If you don't have Amazon Prime (and why the hell not?) you can get these with the 30-day free trial of Twitch...
  2. tlkimball

    The Darkness II at Microsoft Store - $2.99 + FS

    Microsoft is selling The Darkness II for $2.99 with free shipping. There is tax but it isn't much on $2.99 Link (while it lasts)
  3. tlkimball

    Space Combat Sim - Eterium Kickstarter - Needs Help

    I haven't posted about Kickstarters in the past but I think this is a good cause. Eterium is being developed by a small group and it looks really good. It is a space combat sim with an X-Wing/Wing Commander vibe...
  4. tlkimball

    HT Omega - eClaro, Claro II, and Impressions

    I'm looking at upgrading my sound. I'm very much attracted the the HT Omega. I'm looking at either the eClaro or the new Claro II. I'm currently using on-board sound with crappy speakers. I have Shure SRH440's for my audio work. My needs: 1. I game but anything is probably an upgrade...
  5. tlkimball

    Warm: EVGA GTX 580 SC with Batman: Arkham City - $481 ($471 AR)

    Amazon has the Superclocked GTX 580 with Batman: Arkham City for $480.99. There is a $10 rebate if purchased by 12/31/2011. That will bring the price down to $471. :) Sold by Amazon, Prime eligible. I ordered mine last night, installed it tonight, and registered Batman on Steam. EVGA...
  6. tlkimball

    Witcher 2 - $23.99 - From GOG - Starts 12/08 - Includes Witcher EE

    Grabbed from Joystiq: Classic game distributor (and CD Projekt portal) GOG isn't one to be left out of the holiday discount phenomenon. The site revealed its sales plans for the rest of the month, including a free copy of The Witcher with Witcher 2 downloads, and a 50 percent discount on...