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    Apple Press Conference for the Antenna If you are interested. So far these is what you get from it. 1 - If you don't want your iPhone, return it 2 - iPhone 4 is the best smartphone in the world 3 - All Phones do exactly the same...
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    Android Apps that support SD in Froyo 2.2

    Hey Guys, Since Froyo 2.2 supports installing or at least "moving" apps to SD cards but it involves an update to the application I wanted to start a list of officially supported apps so people know easily which ones they can move and not. (This covers just Apps that are supported right out...
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    Sony MOVE commercial

    Say whatever you want about the consoles or your favoritism or whatever. You can't deny, these Kevin Butler ads are pretty damn funny :P Sony overall has definitely put out some awesome TV ads:)
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    Motorola DROID tops iPhone sales in first 74 days Now I know that the original iPhone wasn't nearly as big a success as the iPhone 3G/3GS was....but that being said. I would call the DROID the first major Android handset and for it to have sold about the same as than the original iPhone in the same...
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    2 Routers 2 SSIDs

    This may sound like a dumb question, but any help is greatly appreciated. When it comes to Networks I am pretty dumb...setup a wireless network here and there not a whole lot else. Anyways, I have 2 wireless routers that I would like to use to cover my household. Currently I have them...
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    Nexus One confirmed on AT&T because of new Data requirement???

    Here is the story :) I have been using AT&T for a long time now and because of my beautiful grandfather rate been more than happy. I have 4 lines that all have unlimited data using $10 family unlimited data option. Been this way for about 6 months now. Just today I get a text that AT&T has...
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    Nexus One official update (For Pinch Zoom) pushed tonight

    Just figured I would let people know that on my unlocked root Nexus One I just got the official update pushed. This update amongst other things added native support for "Pinch-Zoom" into the Browser, Gallery and Maps applications. Something a lot of people seemed to care a whole lot about...
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    Program to input data?

    I know this may sound confusing, but I will try to explain my issue as best I can. I know Excel very well and have used it for a very long time. Recently I created a spreadsheet with several tabs/sections in order to input sales information for a company like dates, names and a list of items...
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    Completely Full SSD - Does it degrade performance?

    Hey Guys, Pretty simple question. Back in the old days of regular hard drives it was a common practice to leave at least 15% of your drive empty for performance issues. Do SSD drives need this same consideration? I have a 32GB drive in my netbook and would like to fill it up with movies...
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    BenQ V2400W review by CopyCat Pt.1

    Introduction: Let me first say that I was actually very surprised and pleased to be one of the forum users picked to run a review on this monitor. I have to say that these things rarely occur to me J So beyond that, I quick introduction of myself and my daily computer use to give you a...
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    Activision Blocks Harmonix patch for GHIII guitar use in Rock Band? Those bastards!! Why in the hell would they do this other than to piss off everyone using the 2 games on a PS3? WHAT THE FUCK! :mad::mad::mad::mad: So now the consumer is just FORCED to spend more money. I know it sure as hell won't be going to...
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    Epson Stylus Photo R1800 NEW $375 AR

    Amazon has the amazing Epson Stylus Photo R1800 printer for $474.37 with a $100 dollar rebate bringing it to $374.37 Amazing price for one of the best printers. I am not sure if I have ever seen it that low brand new.
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    $189 Blu-Ray drive coming' Thats exciting:) Its not a burner, but would go amazingly well in my HTPC
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    Help! OC E6300+HyperX DDR2-800 on P5W DH Deluxe

    I am having serious issues hitting any kind of marks without serious problems with this combo and was hoping someone here could help me. I am trying to run an Intel E6300 using Kingston HyperX DDR2 800 ram on an ASUS P5W DH Deluxe board and have run into nothing but headaches. I am cooling the...
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    Sony Confirms 40GB PS3 and 60GB Price Cut

    *updated...oops only UK stuff Looks like Sony confirmed rumors of the 40GB model but as of right now it is only going to the UK with the price $299GBP. (This model only has 2 USB ports, no Memory stick reader and is not backwards compatible with PS2 or PS1 titles.) I am not sure how not being...
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    Is a new iPhone really that close?

    You know people will always start talking about the next version or a product 2 seconds after it is released but I want to really know what you guys think. I really want to get an iPhone despite contract issues, but if another one comes out Q1 of next year that would kind of be a...
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    SIXAXIS Rumble Confirmed. Thats cool for whoever wanted Rumble for their PS3. I guess it sucks for whoever already has 4+ controllers though. I gotta say, I wasn't all that hurt by no rumble in the first place...but I guess the option is nice.
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    "Haze PC and 360 drop off the map"

    Interesting development. I must have mis-read somewhere but I could swear it was at least sort of confirmed otherwise. Was kind of hoping for a PC version :( I guess the statement is sort of open you never know
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    Using multiple displays at the same time.

    Hello All, I had a question. I have 2 monitors a 2405 and a 3007WFP from Dell and I wanted to use them both at the same time while gaming. Like have the game on the 3007WFP and surf the web on the other screen while the game stays up on the main screen. Right now I can have them both open...
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    PS3 kills XBOX 360!! *not flame...please read on* I thought this article was pretty funny and worth a read for everyone:) haha
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    Where to find PS3 20GB??

    Anyone? I am just curious what major retailers are still selling the 20GB model for retail price.
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    Xbox Elite only HDMI 1.2?

    Now, this likely won't make a change in image quality but Audio has become a huge part of the HD experience and not being able to get that out of the 360 really urks me. I mean you can't even take full advantage of the HD DVD add-on if you use it with a 360? Anyone else think this is a...
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    Vista Startup programs

    After getting my usual suspects installed on Vista I want an easy way to disable all of them from automatically starting with vista. I tried StartupCPL but Vista seems to not allow me to remove them that way. I am talking about things like Acrobat Assistant or iTunes or programs that love to...
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    Black Friday Camping Thread?

    I am not sure if this is allowed, but please let me know if it is not. Seeing has there will be a TON of camping on Black Friday, I wanted to know which [H] readers are going to be where? Seeing as all my friends don't live in San Francisco I wouldn't mind meeting some fellow [H] readers...
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    Sync Multiple Computers

    Hey guys see if you can help me with this. What is the easiest way to sync say 3 computers on the same network in the same house to play the same music at the same time. Reason being is I am having an art show and want the same music playing throughout the house. But my speakers in the living...
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    XFX 7900GT @ $190 worth it?

    I am looking for a decent upgrade from an 6800 and I know this card will give me a huge performance boost but is it worth it for the price? I don't really want to pay more than $200 and this seemed like a pretty good deal. Is there something in the sub-$250 range that is MUCH better that I...
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    No post, PSU Fan spins *help*

    Hey All, I have a system I recently built that seemed to work fine until a move. Here are the symptoms and for the life of me I can't figure this out. I have the system with only Memory, CPU and PSU; nothing else plugged in. The light on the motherboard is lit green and I have tested the PSU...
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    Opera 90.2 released!!

    Just a funny Typo I wanted to share:) Sorry if its a re-post
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    Annoying Homepage Bug in IE7?

    I am a fan of Firefox...been using it for a long time now. But I enjoy trying new software so I started using IE7 a couple of days ago and realized something really annoying. I found it Impossible to delete as my homepage. It wouldn't delete it or change it. Not in the internet...
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    XBOX HD-DVD Games??

    Sorry if this has been posted. Seeing as the XBOX will have the HD-DVD drive as an additional accessory that you need to buy will they ever make games on a large scale for it? Seeing as in order for someone to play that game they would be forced to buy the new drive? Will there be a lag...
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    WOrth it to upgrade to a X2 4800+ now?

    I have the opportunity to upgrade to a 4800+ for $375 from my 3800+ (would sell the 3800+) and was wondering if it was worth it considering whatever may be around the corner for AMD. I am a bit behindon the news these days. THnx
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    EVGA 7900GT $238 After Rebate @ CC has eVGA GeForce 7900 GT 256MB PCi Express video card for $319.99 - 10% coupon - 2 x $25 rebates = $237.99 plus applicable taxes with free shipping. Cheapest on PriceGrabber is $315. Thanks pparanoid and D Seeker Make sure your cart is empty...
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    Seagate 500GB Barracuda 7200 $200 AR has the Seagate Barracuda 7200.9 SATA 500GB for $200 after $40 dollar rebate. Link - Rebate Link - **Avg. Froogle Price =...
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    Stackable Dell Coupons on Select Canon -------- Expires 6/7/05 Dell Home has stackable percent off & dollar off coupons for Electronics & Accessories. Free shipping. Percent off coupons Expires 6/7 5:59am CDT * 25% off Canon Camcorders: L7PG0N2Q856JWT * 20% off Canon Digital...
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    iBook G4 without Wireless?

    I have a friends iBook G4 sitting here and I am sort of at a loss. I don't do MACs really, I am the PC guru but as most people usually do they think that means I am everything electronic guru...anywayshe wants wireless. From what I have read this thing should have wireless already built...
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    115D NEW Noritake VFD Display GU128X32-311 NR

    A few of this Noritakes are on ebay again. Not sure how much they were before but they haven't be online for awhile. Just got mine finally plugged in and workin...its a nice little display. Just FYI I guess SBR partners sells most of them..maybe they have been on for awhile. Anywho...
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    Laptop DVDRW Into my HTPC

    I have been putting together an HTPC of rather small size. I decided on a notebook drive for it, but the only converters are the 50pin ones. In anycase, I found a drive I want to use. The Toshiba SD-6012 But I am getting confused. It appears from most sites that this drive is the...
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    Swiftech Pump Relay Switch Kit - $10

    -I was gonna post this in hot deals but I think its more fitting here, and its not a super hot deal. I thought it was a good price, and buying direct from swiftech. Usually these things sell for like 20 bucks the newer one is like 30. So why not save a little:) $10 dollars at...
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    Shipping Large CRT Monitors

    Hello All. Need some help with Shipping. I have a few larger than 20" CRT monitors that are big and heavy. I do not have their original boxes nor any of the foam padding which is usually present with a new monitor. I need some recommendations from you fine folks on the best way to...
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    XP2800+ vs. XP3000+ (Bartons)

    I haven't had a lot of money recently and have been squating on my 2500+ for some time now. I am going to bump it up just a little and swap the 2500+ over to my HTPC but the question is whether or not I can OC the 2800+ to speeds faster than the 3000+ can get. Cause they are in almost the...