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    Is APC Back-UPS, worth to buying for a modem computer of today because I have only seen about 182 reviews last dated 2015 on each unit sold online more then 8 years ago because in my city we had power cuts twice this year a few months between each other I just worried I will lose my hardware, I...
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    Poll: Will you be buying a 2080Ti/2080/2070?

    Yes or no:) Cast your vote
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    LG 43UD79-B frimware

    1. I have tried to contact type C to Computer, to type C to Monitor Didn't work. 2. USB type A to Computer to type C monitor Didn't work 3. USB to computer to USB monitor Didn't work It keep tell me to disconnect the connected monitor if I disconnect my DP cable I can't see to click on the...
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    Acer update XB321HK

    Acer XB321HK that only lasted 9 months I took it to the computer store and for them to sent it to Acer for a repair on 19th March 2018, then after one week they sent the store a letter asking me to pay for the damage arm on the monitor as it's not under warranty the store phone them and ask why...
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    I have just bought a WD4005FZBX but the images of the HHD online are different to what you get in the post for an example : This is what is shown online But what you get in the post is this? I am shocked. Is this an OEM?, Or should I send it back?
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    Acer XB321HK panel

    I am posting these Images on here for any of you who want to buy this XB321HK monitor be warned!! it was hard to take theses images because the image on the display only view it for a few seconds every haft hour but it is very ignoring when I play games with G-sync on or off also watch movies...
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    RED and Sharp team up on 8K monitor technology

    4K will come an end Welcome the 8K
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    HDMI 2.0a & HDCP 2.2 Madness

    The crazy world we live in. It was said that with New Pioneer UHD player for the PC if you want to watch 4k UHD movies you Must need HDMI 2.0a (For HDR) & HDCP 2.2 on both UHD player & TV/Monitor to enjoy 4K UHD & HDR playback if you don't have this your playback is in HD, I also read that on...
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    Most cases on the market have fans in the front of the case to suck air in. But how far can a Corsair HD120mm RGB High static pressure fan suck air into a case, if the fan is not at the front/bottom?
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    Why can't we have a new title

    Is it possible to have title "General Discussion" add to the Real Life Stuff/.
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    1080 ti problem

    Can anyone tell me what is wrong with this I have never seen it before? do I need to return the card it's only six months old.
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    What was the first computer you owned ?

    It all started for me with a Amstrad CPC having to load tapes
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    TT 900 update

    I have just finished my new build with TT 900, with air cooling only build it took a few hours because I run into problems with tower, then later on I face more problems with the Corsair HD, RGB with Lighting Node pro had to visit the corsair website to fix the problem I was not the only one who...
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    Did anyone play this? I would not call it a new game, more like copies parts taken from their old world war games paste into WW2 to save time and money because they paid the actors too much money over their budget then polished it of online marketing 1. dogs chase you three times in the game...
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    HDD problem

    Hi I first had C, for windows D, for games ,E for movies but now I buy another SSD I change the E drive to F drive in Computer management but now when I watch any movie all the speech & sounds is out of sink with the movie the movies play ok it's just when they talk or any action sounds take...
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    Thermaltake Tower 900 air-cooling

    What do you think of air cooling in the Tower 900 this was on display I was going to buy one just for air cooling ? what's your opinion Also see this was posted on another forum