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    I Broke a $900 Motherboard

    I guess I got sloppy swapping in my new motherboard. I mean, I've been a [H] member for years. I am infallible and can do no wrong. I started up my new EVGA Dark Z690 board and it wouldn't post. The board would only boot with the top DIMM slot populated, nothing with the second one filled...
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    DEAD: EVGA 1600w PSU Sale (T2 $259, P2 $239)

    EVGA Elite members can snag some 1600w PSUs for a major discount. Just got a T2 to replace my 7 year old 1200w P2 :) Use my EVGA Associates code for an extra discount if you are so inclined :D...
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    Any Reason Not to Get a Kingston KC3000?

    Upgrading from a 960 Pro and was naturally going to choose the 980 Pro. Noticed recent reviews claiming the KC3000 is faster and since this is going into a desktop, don't have to worry about power consumption or heat. Since the price is only about $15 more for the Kingston drive over the...
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    3090 Founders Edition Overclocking Headroom

    Snagged the first 3090 that became available which was the Founders Edition. Ill be putting it in a custom WC loop, but I just noticed that this version only comes with one 12pin power connector. How much will this limit me in terms of Overclocking headroom if the card is under water?
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    Should I Keep Current PSU for New Build?

    My trusty EVGA Supernova P2 1200w has served me well in my main rig for 7 years and through several chip generations. Never put it under too much stress, but it has always been stable, even at decent overclocks. Now that I'm considering a new 12900k/3090 RTX update, I was curious if it was...
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    Upgrading in 2022

    I have not kept up with the current CPU market as my X299 system has been chugging along now for 4 years. Since I just picked up a 3090 RTX, was considering giving my PC a total refresh. My main usage of the desktop is gaming at 1440p, no workstation activity. Even still, I've always liked...
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    Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut Extreme

    Kryonaut.... but extreme :eek:
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    Alienware AW3418DW $699-749

    Frys currently has this screen on clearance for $699, but a very limited number of stores have it in stock and it isn't available to be shipped. Newegg on eBay has it for $749 as well...
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    Should I Wait to Buy a 27in Gaming Monitor?

    Since the 2080 ti no longer supports DVI, I figured it was a good time to upgrade my Overlord Tempest. Tried the Alienware aw3418dw, but it's just too wide for me :/ Is there anything on the horizon I should wait for, or is there a 27in monitor out now I should consider? Budget is around...
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    2080 ti with pre-installed waterblock

    Any availability of these cards yet like the gigabyte Waterforce evga hydrocopper or msi seahawk ek?
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    So I DO Need Antennas

    Just built a new Intel H370 based work pc and popped in an Intel 9560 m.2 wifi card. Foolishly I didn't realize I would need antennas to make it work Can anyone recommend compatible antennas for this card? Also is there a pci slot bracket with the antennas built in so i can easily have them...
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    Intel i7 7820x $379

    Saw this on Slickdeals. Use the code CPU5 to drop price. They also had a smoking deal on a i3 8350k...
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    2.1 Wireless Speakers

    My Klipsch Promedia 2.1s have served me well for over 12 years, but they're on their last legs. Since I don't need anything substantial,, I was just going to upgrade them with new wireless Promedia 2.1s to improve on my wire clutter, but I was curious if you guys and gals had any other...
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    Intel i7 7820x Brand New from Newegg $469

    This is even less than Microcenter sells them in store
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    Help a First Timer Solve a Couple WCing Problems

    Hey guys, I finally decided to delve into the world of custom loops, and put together my first setup in my X99 rig. Currently running two EKWB 360mm rads, an EK Supremacy CPU block, and an Alphacool Eisbecher D5 250mm Plexi rad top and a Alphacool VPP755 pump. Things seem to be working ok...
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    Galax 1080 Ti Founders Edition $660

    Thought this was interesting. $660 for a brand new card, and they don't charge tax in most, if not all states :)
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    Does Unused Soft Tubing Shrink?

    Hey guys, I am delving into watercooling for the first time and busted out some primochill tubing I had never used. It was still in a sealed box and just sitting in a closet for about a year and a half. Got some compression fittings (3/8 1/2) which supposedly fit the tubing. The Bitspower one...
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    Lian Li PC-09WRX Upgrades

    Hey guys, Was looking to update my PC, and noticed Lian Li released an updated version of my current care, the PC-O8WX. I was curious what updates they made to the new PC-O9WRX version apart from the red accents on the exterior. Thanks for the help :)
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    Galax 1080 and 1070 Cards in Stock :)

    Since stock seems limited on these cards still, wanted to give me fellow [H] Members a heads up. 10 Series
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    Unlocked Blackberry Priv $449 Shipped

    Lowest this phone has been since release. New Unlocked BlackBerry PRIV (AT&T Branded) GSM Slider Android Smartphone
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    Thoughts on the 2016 Razer Blade?

    The product looks really compelling in my opinion. $2000 is pricey but for the specs you get, it actually looks reasonable. The New Razer Blade - World's Most Advanced Gaming Notebook Quad core i7 as opposed to the dual core i7's found in most notebooks, PCIe storage as opposed to a normal...
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    Anyone know what happened to Overlord Computers?

    Looks like the company was abruptly shut down due to the sudden illness of the owner. Anyone have any recent info on the company's status? I have an overlord tempest myself and would really be bummed to see them go :(
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    Reference Zotac 980 ti $550 has a reference 980 ti for $599. Add the 10% off (max $50 off) and it comes out to $549. Unlike the 20% off coupon, I believe existing and new customers can take advantage. You can waive free returns for some extra savings too...
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    Anyone know of deals for the LG 55EF9500 OLED 4K TV?

    Was hoping to snag this TV on black Friday to replace my aging pioneer plasma. Unfortunately I only see it for around $3k which is around the normal price over the last couple months. Anyone know of any special deals for this TV?
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    Can someone tell me what type of tubes I need?

    So I bought this cooler to utilize my 360mm rad spot in my new case. Unfortunately the tubes don't reach the cpu by an inch :( The tubes are user replaceable however so I figured I can just get some longer tubes. Being that I have...
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    Any reason to get a fury x over a 980 ti for 1440p?

    Just about wrapped up migrating my system to a new case and want to get a new video card. I've been using an old holdover card since I'm not gaming atm, but just case 3 is around the corner and I'm stoked :D Running an x99 system with a 1440p 120hz monitor and want to know if a 980 ti is...
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    Nexus 6 32GB $350 64GB $400 From Amazon Great price :)
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    Anyone Here Use Google Fi?

    Received my invite couple days ago, but wanted to see how people's experience has been with the service before I make the switch. I currently have T-Mobile and pretty much love it. Would imagine though that Google Fi could save me some money as I am paying around $100 a month currently. Having...
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    Frustrating issues with wifi connection :(

    So about a month ago I began noticing my laptop was experiencing major wifi connectivity issues. I wasn't just losing connection from my network, but rather a completely loss of wifi signal as the entire list of available networks would dissappear and reappear. Sometimes it would reconnect...
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    Unlocked New Nexus 6 32GB $440

    Saw this and thought it was pretty hot. I use this phone and love it to death and for $440 is a great deal :)...
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    Wireless network issues on carbon x1

    I noticed an issue last night while using my lenovo carbon x1 to surf the Web. I was constantly receiving network changed and no Internet error messages on chrome. I noticed the my wireless adapter would keep resetting itself and refreshing the available wireless networks list. I've tried...
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    5th Gen Intel 15in Laptops

    So I got a XPS 13 as my new work laptop, but sadly the screen size is too small. Does not look like the XPS 15 has been updated with the new chips, and the other 15in laptops out now seem low end variants and even those are fairly rare. Anything on the horizon or will I be waiting til after summer?
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    Broken SATA connector :/

    So I have an old SSD which I recently took out of my rig during a case swap and the cable came out with the plastic around the SATA connector still inside. Also not sure if this is normal two pins seem a bit shoved in. What would be my best option to repair it since the internals are still good...
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    White Corsair Air 540 and 3 Cougar Fans $79 after MIR

    Thought it wasn't a bad deal. $129 is about what you'll spend on the case alone, and you get three cougar fans and a $50 combined MIR. Also for all you Californians like myself, no tax :)
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    My Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 system finally crapped out

    After almost 9 years of use the audio system is on its last legs. I'm looking for a decent 2.1 system to replace it. Anything better in the $150-$200 range, or should I just buy a new set of Promedia 2.1s?
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    X99 Classified Issue

    So I just received my second RMA from EVGA. My first RMA arrived with what seemed like messed up SATA ports or controller. The second replacement came in, and after putting it in the case and plugging everything, it wouldnt power on properly. First time I attempted to power it on it turned on...
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    Warm? Sony Dualshock 4 $39

    Saw this on newegg. Seems like a pretty decent price
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    Samsung XP941 still the current go to M.2 SSD?

    Going to replace my boot drive and wanted to go M.2 format since I am on the X99 platform. Seems like the xp941 is the most consistently recommended of these types of drives. Would that be my best bet? Any other brands to consider? I am running an X99 Classified btw.
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    Is there anywhere to actually buy the Swiftech 240X

    So I finally switched cases and can now move up to larger AIO water cooling units. After research it seems my top choices are the new Corsair H110i GT and the Swiftech 240X. While I know I wont be able to pick up the Corsair until April, the Swiftech cant be found anywhere even though its been...
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    Weird issue, maybe GPU related?

    So my PC is usually left on all the time for the most part, and occasionally Ill wake up or come home to find that it is powered on like normal, but not sending a signal to my screen. I am forced to hard shut down my PC and turn it back on. Is this an issue people have encountered? I am assuming...