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  1. robjordan406

    2080 for $462 at staples

    Keep it low on HARDOCP?? Geez, that is worse the slickdeals , I think
  2. robjordan406 $20/year includes VPN

    The way I use to download off USENET was grab the filenames off a site that listed group releases. Load up Grabit and search the filename. It would list all the files available including the .par files. I would highlight the files and download them. Grabit would automatic unpack them,test them...
  3. robjordan406 $20/year includes VPN

    Even if it last 2-3 months, you should get your $20.00 worth, is the way I look at it.
  4. robjordan406 $20/year includes VPN

    I use to use Usenet back in 1998-2000 when was up and listing the releases. At the end , only used for small freeware utilities to help computer maintenance once Steam came out and games were priced fair. But nowdays, every utility program you could download is loaded with Trojans or...
  5. robjordan406

    Need help trying to ID a case from 2004

    That was always the neat think on the Chieftec was the hinged door (removable) with the nice pull latching system.
  6. robjordan406

    MSI Gaming GeForce GTX 1070 Ti 8GB GDRR5 Video Card for $359.99 Shipped

    Amazon has this one on sale today... Not sure if its smoking or even hot. but here is the link for anyone interested...
  7. robjordan406

    Need help trying to ID a case from 2004

    YehI have this one by ChiefTec but its Blue....... It is very heavy duty built like a tank. Weights like 10 lbs
  8. robjordan406

    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2019

    I recently bought the remastered modern warfare version. It was much improved over the original game. But there was not anyone playing multiplayer anymore so I just played the campaign, which was fun once again.
  9. robjordan406

    Windows 10 Activation Help

    You can just get a cheap key off URCDKey for 10.00. Link : Use code TT30 to get it down to 10.42 If your into that kind of thing, If not, yes, you will have to purchase another key
  10. robjordan406

    Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint

    I did until I got to the driving part and quit playing it. Lost my interest driving with a keyboard.
  11. robjordan406

    Games that you have replayed the most

    Only game I am playing is INSURGENCY : SANDSTORM . It is so addictive.
  12. robjordan406

    Logitech G29 + Shifter combo @ Rakuten - $234.97 FS

    Yeh Forza 7 much better option... I just cant get into the Horizon 4 with driving around the country theme stuff...
  13. robjordan406

    This forum is hard on the eyes

    Too late to gripe about it now... since it's been like this since I was a "wee" lad
  14. robjordan406

    Projector screens

    I just bought one sticks to wall for 15.00 off Amazon.. Gonna use it to stick to outside of motorhome and bring the projector outside for a campground viewing party
  15. robjordan406

    YouTube TV prices will raise to $50

    Sling TV has a special for 15.00/month for 3 months then back to 35.00/month. They now include the Discovery Channel. I will be turning off my DirectTV Now when it goes upto 50.00... Robert Jordan
  16. robjordan406

    Help finding new Hardware News Site

    so far, I havent found any near replacement to HARDOCP. I found a few time killers but nothing entertaining or newsworthy.
  17. robjordan406

    Which generation of gamer are you?

    I'm am the original "OG" "original gamer"..... Atari 400 programmer for magazines in machine code in the late 80s, C64 and Amiga hardware expert from the 90s. Ran a multi line BBS on C64, Amiga and PC. You cant get much OG than that. Still build my ultimate PCs now and still game and Race online.
  18. robjordan406

    Re2 remake reliable good price?

    Never had trouble with CDKEYS or SDKEYS... steam takes the code just fine...
  19. robjordan406

    asus RTX2070 for $509 at amazon

    Well, for someone to be a test dummy and buy one and either gets a 2080 or a 2070, it will be too late for the rest of us to get in on it if its real.....
  20. robjordan406

    AT&T Raises Prices Again

    I just do not understand why Cable doesnt listen. We want to pick our own channels and will be willing to pay 5.00/month for each one selected. Its not that hard to incorporate.
  21. robjordan406

    Grid 2 FREE at Humble Bundle

    Got it too.... Think I might already own grid 2 but not the two tracks
  22. robjordan406

    Nude Mods Released for Devil May Cry 5

    Something about bouncing boobs brings out the beast mode in males....
  23. robjordan406

    Fry's Electronics: 20% Off In-Store on Saturdays

    I remember when the Fry's Electronics opened in Garland Texas. They ran full page ads in the Morning news. I would circle the items I wanted and was like a kid let loose in a candy store...... Blank CDs, Floppy DIscs, Hard drives, everything a computer geek could ever want..... Next Friday nite...
  24. robjordan406

    AT&T Raises Prices Again

    I noticed that statement: "It is important to remember if you have DIRECTV NOW you will reportedly get to keep your current package..."
  25. robjordan406

    AT&T Raises Prices Again

    DirectTV now is about the only one that offers Discovery channel. That is why I dropped Sling for Direct TV NOW...
  26. robjordan406

    Ubisoft Store Spring Sale Event

    I was hoping to find DIVISION 2 for 20.00 deal
  27. robjordan406

    The life of my PC

    I like the Pepto Pink too, it looks all slimy and slick. Kinda looks like a modern day Meth Lab setup...
  28. robjordan406

    World War Z: Zombies Are Coming Trailer

    Damn, that was a horde of zombies.. no way to survive it ... Im dead
  29. robjordan406

    DiRT Rally 2.0

    I did notice the game graphics looked blurry and faded out. I then updated the Nvidia driver and the graphics are really nice and fast. Nvidia released drivers almost specifically for this game.
  30. robjordan406

    DiRT Rally 2.0

    While I was at CDKEYS, I also noticed they already had a DLC our for Dirt Rally 2.0.. it adds a Porsche rally car and another older car to the game for $1.97. For that price, I said "why not"...... Robert Jordan Winnsboro Texas
  31. robjordan406

    DiRT Rally 2.0

    For 30.00 at CDKEYS, you are right, its a no brainer..
  32. robjordan406

    Gears of War 4 - CDKEYS - $4.59

    Yes, it runs 60 fps on my GTX1080 with 3 screens on the benchmark test
  33. robjordan406

    Best single player first/3rd person shooter campaign by year?

    My vote for 2019 FPS game of year has to be Insurgency Sandstorm. Its Coop against Bots is very good and the graphics and playability are unmatched from anything I have played yet. Try it and see if you dont agree.
  34. robjordan406

    Gears of War 4 - CDKEYS - $4.59

    Graphics are really good. Seems Microsoft knows something about nice graphics.
  35. robjordan406

    6600K Delidded & Conductonaut results

    Delidding a 6600K I5 quoted price is 39.99 with no binning. Thats almost as cheap as buying the delidder for 25.00 and you dont have to worry about the screwing up the cpu.
  36. robjordan406

    Metro Exodus Is Now Being Review Bombed on Metacritic

    I played the game. Not really impressed by its linearity in playability. You have to only go this direction, perform this specific action , or do what is required. Its like a puzzle game figuring out the correct sequences. The graphics are nice, the detail is nice but the shooting function is...
  37. robjordan406

    4A Games Releases Metro Exodus Special Weapons Class Trailer and Pre-Load Info

    Makes you wonder if the Epic pre-order sales were so low, they didnt feel a need to pre-load the game. Surely, if the pre sales were spectacular, they wouldve allowed pre-load. They are just setting themselves up for failure (IMO) BTW: I am one of the pre-purchasers . Robert Jordan Winnsboro...