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    I just lost all 32 bit browsers

    I'm not sure what happened but the only internet browser I can get to work is the x64 IE. Not even firefox will run. Anyone run into this before? I did just download and install the new synaptics pointer drivers before this happened. BTW where the hell is add remove programs? Sorry Vista 64
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    Vista 64 seems to lack a bit of speed

    Good day all, Just stepped up and bought Vista 64 Ultimate (yeah I had to buy an operating system from MS this time, couldn't talk them into giving me one). I was installing on my laptop and the HD was less then snappy so I bought a 7200 rpm seagate to go along with Vista. Lappy has 1gb mem...
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    Exchange 2003 Sp1 problem

    Hey guy's, I've had a problem that just annoys me to no end. Right now I do not have the problem but sure as the sun will go down tonight the problem will arise when I install exchange sp1. After the install, pop3 service will error out and the exchange pop3 virtual server will fail to start...
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    2K3 server and QoS

    Can someone point me to docs on how to set this up? I've installed qos and tcmon but can't seem to figure out how to configure it. I've looked for days and can't find any real documentation for it. Basically I need to throttle a couple of systems on my network. My Ole lady is a gamer and is...
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    Firefox question

    OK guys, I'm giving Firefox and XPlite a go. Clean install of XP SP2. Installed XPlite(dual boot) and stripped everything out but the Nic drivers. Installed firefox, flashplayer plugin and MS Java(I don't care for Suns version). Is it possible to make MSJava the plugin for firefox? BTW...
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    Is it me, or is some threads just ridiculous

    I'm seeing threads about how fast a server boots and shuts down. Who cares for gawd's sake! It's a server, it's not meant to be shut down. Let it be a server.
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    Microsoft gives me free software

    I've been coming here for a few months and almost daily I see threads locked or even deleted because of theft. Don't you all know that brother Bill will give you free software for a day of your time? In last 9 months I've been give XP, Office 2k3, Visio(garbage), server 2k3 standard, 2 copies...