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    Overclocking 9600xt???

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    Wireless WAN PC Express Card?

    I just got a new laptop. Averatec 2370. Upgraded from Averatec 3125. Old one has regular PC Card. New one has PC Express Card. I have and use a Cingular wireless card which is the original PC Card. I pay $60/month for this shit and cant use it on my new laptop. I looked up the best...
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    Cannot disable TrueVector Internet Monitor??

    Just got a new laptop. Averatec 2370. It had a free version of Zone Alarm installed. I tried to upgrade to a full version and it wouldnt. Now when I've been starting up the computer it's been having problems. It comes to the login screen just fine. Then I try to login and it stays...
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    Spacers on Windows Tool Bar (start menu)

    I'm working on somebody laptop right now. Trying to fix it. And it's just not happening. When you minimize something it disapears just like if you were to close it. The tool bar does not have a space after the quick launch icons. It has the start button, a spacer, then the icons. But...
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    New Apple In-Ear Headphones

    I recently just bought some new Headphones from Apple. The In-Ear kind. I guess the upgraded version of the ones that come with the IPOD. There pair that came with my IPOD are kinda blown out. I've been using the new ones for 2 days now. They sound like crap compared to the other pair...
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    Webserver with Apache on Windows

    I have searched and have looked. I used and for references. I've been trying to set up one of my servers also to be a Webserver. It's running on a Dell SC420 with Windows XP Pro SP2. It's working fine from within the network. I tried with everything...
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    Sun Netra X1 Server. . . What to do?

    Hey Everybody, I just bought a used Sun Netra X1 Server. It's running Solaris 8. I really dont have any plans yet. I'll just be learning. It will be my first Solaris system. I've also read that you can install Linux on it. I know Linux much better than Solaris. What should I do with...
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    Sun Netra X1 Server . . . What to do??

    Hey Everybody, I just bought a used Sun Netra X1 Server. It's running Solaris 8. I really dont have any plans yet. I'll just be learning. It will be my first Solaris system. I've also read that you can install Linux on it. I know Linux much better than Solaris. What should I do...
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    Internet Speed Record Broken - 7.21Gbps

    I just thought this is totally awesome news. I'm sure others feel the same. Credit to [H]ardOCP for the link. 7.21 Gigabits per Second over a distance of more than 20,000 Kilometers (1/2 the World)
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    Verizon FIOS Internet Service

    I heard about the new Verizon fiber DSL called FIOS like 6 months ago and forgot all about it until yesterday. I'm really ready for this to be available in my area. As soon as this is available I'm all over the 15Mbps/2Mbps. ------------------------------------------------------------ Up...
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    Burning DVD files with Nero. . . ".IFO, .BUP, .VOB"

    Hey everybody. Hope everyone had a good New Years Eve. Mine was fun. I'm using Nero 6 SE OEM and NeroVision Express So I'm trying to burn a DVD. I just burnt my first one yesterday. All I could burn was the .VOB files. It worked and it plays on the dvd player that I...
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    DVD Player to Play DVD-R??

    What kind of DVD players does everybody use to play their DVD-R's? I'd like to just get one from Best Buy because I have gift certificates and reward zone certificates. $50 - $130ish??? Thanks everybody!!!
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    Westinghouse 27" LCD

    I just picked up my new tv today. Westinghouse 27" LCD . After waiting a week for it to finally come in I got it today. I just found out that it doesnt have a DVI port. Only a VGA. When I get home I'll hook it up and check it out. I have 30 days to decide if I want it or if I want to...
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    Hard is back up

    Hard is back up. First time I've ever seen it. Nice looking logo we have on the Stanford site. Nice job designers.
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    Power Out

    Ahh I'm so pissed. The power just went out for 2 hours. All my computers down. I was going crazy until the power came back on. 2 hours of not folding. I was getting really mad. Sorry just had to vent for a second. Thanks for listening (reading).
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    More Folding!!!!!

    Hey Folders, I'm really getting into folding. I've got both my main systems. Both my Dell servers. Borged both my Uncles new computers and soon my dad's two work computers. Soon I will have 18GHz!!!!!!! Thanks for getting me into this [H]orde!!
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    Best TV Under $1000??

    I posted in the Display Forum but it could go in this forum also. What would be the best TV under $1000. LCD, CRT, HDTV, DLP. . . ??? Whatever. 27" - 32". All opinions welcome. Thanks in advance.
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    Best TV under $1000

    What would be the best TV under $1000. LCD, CRT, HDTV, DLP. . . ??? Whatever. 27" - 32". All opinions welcome. Thanks in advance.
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    Folding Box not connected to the Internet

    I'm pretty new to Folding and have 3 strong systems folding and ready to fold some others. Some of the systems are not connected to the Internet. How can I make them Fold? Can I transfer the data some how after a WU is done? Thanks in advance.
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    Samsung 30" HDTV Monitor (TX-P3064W)

    Samsung TV @ Circuit City Anybody know anything about this tv? I'm thinking about this tv or one of the 27" LCDs that are going for around $900-1100. This Samsung has a DVI port. Is it a normal DVI that will look just as good as an LCD or better? It looks nice in person but I'm not a...
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    Problem: DL/UL Speeds with Different Computers - Same Network

    I was just running some bandwidth tests on my two main computers. I'm using DSL Reports tests and CNET's tests. My main system with GigE is only getting about 1500/250 and my test machine with 10/100 is getting 2800/250. I really dont understand at all. I'm on Adelphia Cable with 3000/384...
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    Firewall Article

    I just read this article on Firewall appliances. I found it pretty interested and written well. Thought others would feel the same.
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    Codename Gordon

    Anybody else see the new game Codename Gordon on Steam? I just saw it and started playing. It's like a 2d version of Half Life. Pretty cool to play for like 5 minutes. It's free so that's cool.
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    HL2 - Finished

    So I just finished HL2. The whole game was pretty awesome. Graphics were killer. Story was pretty good. It ended and I was like... :( What? I didnt really see the end coming. I thought there was going to be more. Other Opinions?
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    Bfg 6800 Oc - $249.99

    In case some people didnt see the link on Best Buy has the BFG 6800 OC for $249.99 Best Buy
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    2 Routers (Separate Networks) with 1 Cable Modem Connection

    I have Adelphia Cable Service. 1 Modem. I want to have 2 separate networks in my house. I already have 1 network (Router -> Switch -> 3 other Switches (1. 2comps & printer) (2. 3comps) (3. 1comp & printer). I want to do Router -> Switch -> Switch -> 2 comps & Printer and Router ->...
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    WinXP Pro / Win2k3Server / Mandrake 10 / FreeBSD . . All on 1 drive?

    Does anybody know if I can install Windows XP Pro, Windows 2k3 Server, Mandrake 10, and FreeBSD 5.2.1 all on one hard drive (120gig)? I was thinking to format my current test system to have 5 partitions. 1. Windows XP Pro - 8gigs 2. Windows 2k3 Server - 8gigs 3. Mandrake 10.0 - 8gigs 4...
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    wpd_ci.dll . . . File missing for WMP10 install.

    I've tried to install Windows Media Player 10 like 5 times now. Every time i get the same error message. "Error loading C:\\WINNT\System32\wpd_ci.dll" - "The Specified Module Could Not Be Found" Has anybody else had this problem? Can somebody host this file or send it to me or...
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    Arctic Silver 5 vs Cooler Master ShinEtsu??

    I know Arctic Silver is the #1 around here but does anybody really like ShinEtsu or even like it better than Arctic Silver? Please everybody comment. I have an order of Arctic Silver on backorder. Should I go with the Cooler Master ShinEtsu or wait out for the Arctic Silver 5? Or is...
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    Which PS? Antec True430 or Antec SL450

    Like the title says. . . Which power supply? Antec True430 or Antec SL450? Antec True430 - $69 @ Newegg Antec SL450 - $68 @ Newegg What are the real differences? Which one is better? or Is there any better power supply than these for $60 - $70 range? Thanks for all the...
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    Burn In time until best Performance?

    What should the burn in time before you hit peak performance? What should I do to help the burn in process? Thanks for all of your help. [H] is awsome.
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    Installing new 6800 GT from other Vid Card (ATI)

    So I got my new eVGA 6800 GT today. I just cant wait to install it when i get home tonight. But I was wondering how everybody was installing these. I was thinking using driver cleaner and uninstalling all ATI software then pulling the old card and putting the new card in and installing new...
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    FarCry = Done. . . Now What??

    I finished Far Cry. I got up to the 19th level without any cheats. Had to finish the 19th and 20th level with God Mode. Those levels are impossible with no cheats. Well now i'm ready for another game as close to Far Cry. I've played a lot of demos but didnt care for them to much. I've...
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    Getting my Samsung 172x on Monday

    I'm getting my 172x delivered on monday. I cant wait. Sorry I just had to tell somebody. I'll give some feedback and review after I get it. thanks for listening. ;)
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    Far Cry Multiplayer

    I've been playing Far Cry for a couple weeks now and it's awsome. I wanted to try out the multiplayer and play real people. Every time i go to enter the CDKey it says: "CDKey verification Timeout! Please re-enter your CDKey:" I've dones this like 5 times a day for 3 days now and...
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    Arctic Cool VGA Silencer = Awsome

    I just installed the vga silencer rev 3. I bought it for $10 from SVC. I'am so damn happy i did and i bought the OCZ ramsinks and got some Vantec Aluminum heat spreaders for my ram. My whole system runs so much cooler. Before // 37C-40C idle // 47C-50C load // Now // 27C-30C idle //...
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    AMD 64 3000+ Temps??

    What is everybody gettings for temps for these processors?? Just want to compare to see if mine is okay. Thanks.
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    Is anybody out there playing or have NES and SNES emulators?? I did search and nothing really came up. What emulators is everybody using? And where do you get the games? I've never used any kind of emulator but want to start. Thanks
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    Desktop Icons

    I wasnt really sure where to post this. Please move if needed mods. Thanks. Will a lot of icons on the desktop slow down the computer?? Slow enough to notice?? Thanks.
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    Overclocking 9600xt???

    How far has anybody overclocked or seen overclocked a built by ATI 9600xt?? And how do you know how far you can go? Will it just not work when you know you've gone to far? I ran 3dmark01 with 540/310 and got up to 14,200points. I would like much more than that. I overclocked with...