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    RMA turnaround time

    It's been a long time since I last had to RMA a video card. Those that have had to do it in the last few years, what's the turnaround time? I'm on week 5 of an MSI RMA, as in, they have had it since November 27th. I understand the holidays can delay things, but I'm starting to feel like it...
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    Gigabyte Windforce 3 7950 - starts at $278

    Comes with Crossfire bridge and PCIe power adapter cable. Relisted as a Buy it Now listing. -SOLD
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    7x 4TB WD-Enterprise with EXP3000 and ServeRAID 5025?

    Boss wants at least 16TB for new backup space. Backup server is an IBM x3650 with 6x full 3.5 inch drive bays. (2x 73GB 15k SAS and 4x WD RE4 2TB 7.2k SATA). RAID card is a ServeRAID 8k. Installed EXP3000 with 7x 4TB WD Enterprise SATA drives. However, ServeRAID Manager reports the 4TB...
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    What would it take to run vMotion?

    Would really appreciate you guys weighing in on this. I've run vSphere4 Essentials Plus + ESXi 4.1 U3 on IBM x3650s DAS for a couple years and would like to migrate to shared storage where vMotion is possible. Budget is $10k to experiment with and plan for a larger virtualization/shared...
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    Civ V ~$12 at GamersGate UK site

    Credit goes to SDGhost at Slickdeals. Searched but didn't see this listed here already. I paid through Paypal. Payment process seemed to hang up for a minute, but then went through. After the currency conversion it came out...
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    Droid Pro speculation

    As seen here, the Droid Pro looks to be closely related to the Droid and Droid2. I'm hoping for a scaled up Droid2 type frame in black. It stands to reason that this might be the case, given the sequential model numbers given for the Droid2 (A955), Droid2 World Edition (A956) and Droid Pro...
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    2x GTX260 | 2x X58 Mobos | 2x Thermalright/Cogage True Spirit

    I wanted to give you guys first crack at this stuff before I hit the FS/FT forums. Prices are shipped USPS with insurance and delivery confirmation included. 2x EVGA GTX 260 216sp - $140 shipped each 1x EVGA X58 similar, if not identical to...
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    Not getting bonus

    Client was initially configured without a passkey. Since adding the passkey I've processed a Bigadv and one SMP unit without recieveing any bonus points. I'd doublechecked my passkey in the client setup and it is correct. Maybe because I was not folding for a while I need to run 10 units...
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    Native linux Bigadv is a pain in the ass

    Ok guys, I've been trying to get a Bigadv client running on my Ubuntu box but my lack of linux experience is a larger obstacle than I had counted on. Is there anyone out there willing to help me figure out how to set this damn thing up? It's a fresh install of Ubuntu and a probably screwed...
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    FS: GX 280 | GTX260/216

    GTX 280 is a BFG. $170 shipped for Hard Folders. GTX 260/216 is a XFX. $130 for Hard Folders.
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    Pondering PPD on old multi-CPU boxes

    There are a few 8-CPU P4 3.0GHz w/HT servers in the junk pile at work with 32GB of RAM each. Anyone think they are worth resurrecting given that they are probably horribly inefficient?
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    Mowed down by Musky

    Woke up this morning to find musky gone from my threat list and orsk/elsie1999 back on it. Nice work guys :D
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    Nice ramp Elsie1999!

    You just popped up on my threat list from out of nowhere. :cool:
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    Cheap Operating Systems - Vista Ultimate \ Business

    I was inspired by Kendrak on this one. Two copies of Vista Business 32-bit (System Builder pack, full version, codes unused. I think the code works for 64-bit as well) for $15 each. - SOLD Folders only, of course. Holding off on the two copies of Vista Ultimate.
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    I have another i7 920 system on the way :D I don't think it will be enough to keep you at bay, but damnit I'm going to try. :D
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    Is this normal?

    Bigadv VM is downloading new core at 10240 bytes every minute or two.
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    FS: i7 860 setup with 6GB RAM

    Moved to FS/FT
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    WTB XFX GTX 260 216sp and 88XX/98XX cards

    Am finally returning to folding and need to build up some GPU rigs. LMK what you have. Currently have an E8400 up for trade as well.
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    What to do with an 8CPU 32GB RAM IBM x445

    Have an 8-CPU (3.0GHz probably "Gallatin" Xeon MP) 32GB RAM IBM xSeries 445 running a free copy of ESXi 3.5 U5 + EXP400 DAS array. Old but it worked very well for our needs. ESXi free just didn't seem to have a good way to back up the virtual servers. Needing good VM backups for our DR plan...
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    What to do with iPhone 3G w/o SIM?

    I have an extra iPhone 3G that I'd like to play around with, but I don't think that is possible unless I put a SIM in it. I'd really just like to use it to listen to music and maybe for web over WiFi. What do you guys think?
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    Can you copy ESXi VM files to USB drive?

    I want to keep backup copies of my VMWare machines on an external hard drive, if possible. Any ideas? I have a sneaking suspicion that the service console that ESXi lacks is going to get me on this one.
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    Is my EVGA 750SLI dead?

    So out of the blue, my EVGA 750 SLI FTW just quit working. The CPUs, RAM, power supplies and video cards I used to test the it are known-good and work in other systems. The 750i powers up, the fans turn and the LCD readout on the board always says "FF". There is no beep at POST. The...
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    Anyone using QNAP or other small iSCSI target with ESXi?

    VMWare's HCL is giving me a bit of trouble right now, otherwise I would just check there to see if ESXi is compatible. I'm looking to play around with iSCSI and ESXi. I've played around with Openfiler but I'd prefer a dedicated SAN that doesn't break the bank. Is anyone using something like...
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    4GB/8GB HP Flash Drives $9/$18 @ Staples MB YMMV

    I was in Staples to pick up $15 100 pack of Memorex CDRs on sale this week when I noticed an endcap with HP flash drives on sale. The price on the endcap was less than the flyer, which makes me think it might have been a store special, so YMMV. 4GB - $10 - Printable 10% off coupon listed...
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    Attempting to send results.. for over two hours now

    And it's status in FahMon has gone from green to yellow to red. Is there something I can do to save the WU? It's a Notfred diskless folder without a backup.
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    P-7811FX screen distortion with fix

    Just in case anyone else runs into this issue with their new P-7811FX... Problem symptoms: While playing Fallout 3 I began seeing horizontal lines of what I can only call static. As the problem got worse, it would appear on any row of pixels where black was the dominant color. It then...
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    Intel Atom 330 board coming in September 08 Gig NIC on this one, versus the 10/100 on the previous board. Perfect for my next WHS. :D
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    IOS install PIX 515

    I have a clean PIX515 on which I'd like to load IOS 7.02. I am am configuring via Console cable but also have Ethernet1 connected to the network here at work. I've booted the PIX into Monitor mode, set an Interface, IP, Subnet Mask, Gateway and TFTP Server address and told it to TFTP the IOS...
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    FS: Ultra Microfly Silver, Abit IB9

    I've had to trim down the lineup at home so one of my folding boxes has to go. No, the IB9 wasn't in the Microfly ;) Though I will say my P5E-VM HDMI looks funny in my Rocket-Li. All prices as shipped USPS in the lower 48 states. The Microfly is in perfect shape. No dents, scratches or...
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    So I've got a bunch of idle SMP boxes

    None of which can contact Stanford... Anyone else having trouble recieving new WUs? I have three clients trying to contact both and Both of which are not responding. One client is here at work and two more are at home on my Quad.
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    WTB simple 400MHz FSB capable Core2 Mobo

    I need a home for this E2160 :D Something like an IB9 would be great.
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    Overclocking an E2160 - Pad or Bsel mod

    I'm not having any luck with the Bsel mod on my Dell 530 (Foxconn mobo DG3303). Are any of you guys running folders that used either of those mods?
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    Dell 530 BSEL Mod?

    I have a Dell 530 with an E2160 that is Folding for me temporarily. It does a good job but I'd like to squeeze some extra performance out of it. Normally I wouldn't even bother, this box having a Dell motherboard and all... But in the past few weeks I've seen some examples of FSB-changing...
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    Axdrenalin, Sunin and Kendrak...

    I just wanted to say thank you for visiting my Threats list. What with the power outages and losing some of my borgs in the past few days, it's been nice having you guys around but I'm afraid it's time to go :D Starting tomorrow, my X3060 goes back to 3.2GHz/2200PPD and I am also going to...
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    Diskless folders and power outs

    ...are a shitty mix. Luckily most of my boxes are either laptops or on a battery backup system of some kind... After the brownout 10 minutes ago, they all are... Hopefully someone who reads this will learn from my mistake.
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    Hey SFF case manufacturers!

    I know this isn't the best place to get Ultra, Antec and Shuttle's attention, but this is the best place to get you guys to weigh in on your opinion of my wild-ass, probably already thought of idea. SFF Case Manufactuers: You guys have done a great job of making reasonably priced mATX...
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    Have a spare Q6600 - Need two cheap 775 CPUs

    I have a spare Q6600 G0 and two CPU-less Dell Inspiron 530s that I need to get rid of. But before I can sell the Dells, I need some replacement CPUs. Anyone interested in trading one or two cheap 775s towards a Q6600 G0?
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    Client Configuration Comparison

    After reading Evil's post in the "So you want a low cost High PPD.." thread, I thought it would help some of us to see a broad comparison of configurations and how well they are preforming. A critique of our current configs wouldn't hurt either. So please post what you have and let us know if...
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    Ramping up

    Hiya guys. I'm a long time folder and lurker. After years of running the graphical client I have now moved all my systems over to the console/SMP version. (I had no idea how much faster the Core2 chips folded until now, so I'm laying my hands on every idle one I can find!) I'm limited on...
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    How to move 360 save games between my old 20GB to an Elite 120GB?

    Without a HDD transfer cable or Xbox memory unit? Can I copy save games to a USB storage device (HDD or Flash drive)?