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    Accidentally took off bottom of a corsair h115i cooler

    Hello just bought a corsair h115i cooler for a 3900X. Never using a water cooler before i had to switch the intel bracket with the AMD and though Oh i just take off the bottom screws. Those screws were behind the copper heatsink where water was behind. So i lost some water. So question it was...
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    Razer blade laptops up to $900 bucks off at microsoft store 17" onsale for $700 off. Although sold out online if you have a microsoft store near you. most have pickup only. I was able to get the 2080 version at my store.
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    mouse pads make a difference?

    I game on a mouse pad i got free at a convention. I see mouse pads up to $40 do they make a difference or give an edge? I play various FPS's at a competitively, such as Battlefield 3, and CS Source. Just trying to get every edge i can get. Thanks
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    razer surround and the Best surround sound technology?

    I just saw razer released razer surround. I am curious between Dolby Headphone, SBX Pro Studio , razer surround. What one is the best. I will be trying out them all out when i get home
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    can a 765M run games at 1600x900 on max detail

    Just curious thinking of getting this labtop can it run most games at 1600x900 on max detail? I play FPS's so games like farcry 3 and metro last light . Yea i know there's better graphics cards out there and better computers, but i...
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    Soundblaster ZxR Issues

    Hey guys just wondering if any of you had issues with your ZxR. Yesterday i booted up my computer and it instantly blue screen, didn't do anything besides played stardrive and listen to music. After a few attempts of trying to fix the issue, using windows repair gave up hope and reinstalled...
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    Dolby Headphone / virtual 7.1 suck?

    Hey I'm an audio noob so forgive my noobness. I recently got a Xonar STX with some audio-technica ATH-A900X headphones and they sound amazing. I've been playing with the STX control panel and turning on Dolby headphones and also tried the 7.1, but it makes everything sound far away and echoes...
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    The Best gamming headphones

    I got a new job and with my first paycheck I want to get some nice gaming headphones, preferably with the best positional audio for games like Planetside 2, CS, battlefield, team fortress 2 and other first person shooters. From what I've researched the AKG K702 have an outstanding sound stage...
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    Video ram question

    After Reading the Max Payne 3 IQ & Performance Preview it says. So can I buy a 4 GB 670 GTX and SLI it with my 2 GB 670 GTX? For the purpose of having 4 GB of VRAM to work with.