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    b350 amd

    i just read that msi releasing bios for b350 and x370 to support ryzen 5000 but all i can find is this tomahawk as proof. does anyone know if this is legit at all? anyone tried it out with an msi b350 pc mate? thanks!
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    rx 5700

    sup guys, do you think an r5 1600 will bottleneck an rx5700 (nonxt) at 1440p in games like csgo and quakechampions with everything set to max? I want to know if it will be able to hit atleast 144fps or higher. thanks!
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    question on a setup

    hello guys, I want your opinions on what setup to have in order to host a weekly movie night by the beach in a wonderful resort. Considering the Wind Factor, Sand Factor etc. It would be highly appreciated to get some thoughts and insight on this. It doesn't have to be something difficult. It...
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    New build

    Hello guys, Here's a quick build for a friend of mine. This computer will be used for Revit, Autocad, 3dstudiomax and Photoshop. Intel Core i7-5820K ASUS X99-A LGA 2011-v3 Intel X99 G.SKILL Ripjaws 4 series 32GB (4 x 8GB) EVGA GeForce GTX 980 4GB EVGA 220-G2-0850-XR 80 PLUS GOLD 850 W Crucial...
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    Question on long range wireless

    Good day folks, The island i am living on is a mess when it comes to communication. There are only 2 cellphone communication providers. The are only offering their 4g plans which are very expensive + limited data. So if you are anywhere waiting on your turn and you go on youtube to chill a...
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    RFID Wristband

    Good day folks, I don't know where to place this thread so I thought General Software was a good one since it has to do with software too. Well I want to know if the following exists and is being offered by a company? You know like when you go to parties and you can not buy with money at the...
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    google chromecast

    how do you get to buy google chromecast at lower than $35 .. i need 1000 pieces ..anyone?
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    GTX 770?
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    any CS GO players out there right now?

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    Question on XEON processor

    if you dont mind overclocking and you don't need build in graphics on CPU, does it make sense to get this its the i7 3770 counterpart without the build in gpu and its much cheaper than the i7 3770 and an i7 2600 plus they work...
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    for upcoming counter strike global offensive.. once it goes on sale and people start setting up dedicated servers...what would be a better option for a dedicated server do you guys think? I know that it wont be a demanding game..but oh well, just wondering! a c2d e8400 or a c2q q6600 ...
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    Counter Strike Global Offensive

    Hello folks, Just sharing...i received a cs go key 2 days ago I played quiet some CS GO today , I have to agree with others whom have said that this game feels like CS, you feel that you are playing Counter Strike, however you have to get used to the recoil/shooting technique. The game...
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    gaming pc opinion

    i dont want to turn this into an intel vs amd so please lets stick to the point... what are your opinions on the following fx 4170 asus 970 mobo evga gtx 560 8 gigs of memory crucial m4 ssd its all with pc gaming in mind ... thanks
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    llano a6-3650

    hello, which fm1 mobo would you pick for an a6-3650? it will be used for a simple internet/youtube/e-mailing/home/office type with an extra kick for low end gaming. the motherboard doesn't need lot's of will have 1 sata hdd, 1 dvd rw, monitor hooked to the back, keyboard,mouse...
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    Help with a $600 build.

    Hello guys, it is tough for me to decide what to pick and what not. i dont know which route to go. however, i'd like to stick with Intel. i3,i5, or i7. its the case only, no monitor included in the $600. thanks! 1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? etc...
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    Question on Video proggy

    Hey guys, I'm there a program that I can use for the following? say you appear in a recorded video, and you want to zoom in on your wrist to see if you had your watch on. which program can do this and without a blurry outcome? ofcourse it wont be clear but, atleast you can...
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    Total noob at servers

    Hi guys, I want to know what I need to run a domain from a computer here at home. All i want on this www is a shoutbox .. you go to the www , you get a "sign up" screen, you sign up, you get verification, and then you log in and you are at the shoutbox, chat away... could anybody...
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    Simple Build

    Hello folks, Im seeking some help in building a relatively simple system. It will do web browsing, download music, use itunes, stream series, watch youtube, burn a dvd once in a while, do some school work..well you get the drift..the normal none [H].. I know there are rules when...
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    questions from an E8400 user

    whats up folks. while traveling in the FS sub-forum, i got myself a brilliant idea. current setup: e8400 4gigs ddr2 hyperx memory asus rampage formula mobo evga gforce 9600gt would it be a wise idea to upgrade to a q9550 ? i dont play much games..only games i play are Counter...
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    question for an upgrade

    sup guys.. my 1st question is as follows...the only game i basically play is counter strike source on a 19inch monitor i have a c2d e8400 @ 3.6Ghz (i didnt feel the need to go higher), 4 gigs of memory, 9600gt on an asus rampage formula mobo... what will make a bigger impact at...
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    Question on Biostar mobo

    delete post pls
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    Q6600 Nowadays

    Dear all, would you get a Q6600 for $100 to replace an e8400? will there be a performance difference as of today between these 2 or is it not really worth it to "waste" that $100 ? thanks. just looking for a "yes, worth it" or "no, not worth it" ... not really looking into going for...
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    a question on amd

    whats up everybody.. I'm just wondering what you think about amd's path towards next year..will we see a better AMD or will Intel continue on the rise? I don't want you to start talking crap towards me,nor bs..just your true thoughts..and lets make this a nice thread. Thank you.
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    nvidia 9600gt

    sup guys.. is it worth it to upgrade from an nvidia 9600gt to a gts 450 ? ? thank you.
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    help needed w/ spyware

    my system is just F****D right much spyware, i let me father on the pc to check out and god knows what else he watched :eek: ... think is filled with malware and i run avg free but seems it aint helping...what other FREE program would you recommend to do this? or...
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    has been a long time since i now c2d really sucks and i5 and i7 are the sh*t ? so basically my non overclocked e8400 with 4 gigs of old and sucks?
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    domain name

    can you please advice me on a good place to register a domain name? thanks
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    LG 32" 32LF11

    Hello, Am wondering,is this a good tv to use as a pc monitor? I play some games,don't consider myself a hardcore gamer though...and id like to be able to sit back and watch some good blueray material... what do you think?
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    Q9550 vs i5 i7 etc etc

    if one has a Q9550 on a Rampage Formula x48 with 4 Gigs of DDR2 it really worth it going with an i5 or an i7 ...? don't let fanatism answer for you...please advice if there is a real difference a noticable difference. thanks !
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    Gigabyte AM3

    I was wondering if this would suffice to make a htpc ? Hooked to a 42" or a 52" .. with a blue ray drive etc etc mobo : cpu: mem...
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    New monitor wanted

    hi guys.. am looking for a new monitor... Could you please advice on the below mentioned? Thank you. Kind Regards, ps: if not, pelase advice on a different one in that same price range..thanks!!
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    good hsf for e8400 overclocked

    the thermalright 120 is deactivated on newegg, how can that be?! what about the xigmatek, would it do just fine?
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    good day... so basically the e8400 doesn't count anymore? i see people bashing it while it is still a WONDERFULL chip.. all of a sudden, its the i5 and i7 that counts,otherwise your pc sucks... thats weirde, especially for gamers, the e8400 paired with a good videocard is mooooore than...
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    Wow, check out newegg how many people reviewed this cpu.. is intel still making the q6600? is it worth it to buy this cpu as of now?
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    Wow, check out newegg how many people reviewed this cpu.. is intel still making the q6600? is it worth it to buy this cpu as of now?
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    from c2d e8400 to pii x4 940

    is this upgrade worth it? from e8400, asus rampage x48, 4 gigs of ram i want to grab a pii x4 940 (3.0ghz), ASUS M4A79T Deluxe AM3 DDR3 and 4 gigs of ddr3 memory or so? is it worth it? or shall i just upgrade the e8400 to an intel q9550 and be done with it?
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    amd cpu

    hi all... my last upgrade was around oktober last year (am running an e8400,4 gigs on an asus rampage x48) I have'nt been on here question is, hows AMD going? I bean reading about "unlocking the extra 2 cores" ... ain't their locked for a reason? thanks
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    will there be such thing? X38 - P35 X48 - P45 X58 - P55 ? if so,when? thanks !!
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    ok.. why would I get winrar? I guess the correct and true answer is : I need winrar and I don't have it. so I go ahead..I download it..what do I get? a RAR file.. so wtf .. I downloaded Winrar because I need Winrar because I DON'T have it and what you give me is a RAR file to UNRAR in...