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    Diamondtron CRT's

    Not sure if anyone out there was still holding out for aperture grill CRT's but there are now new 19 and 22 inch Diamondtron's available for sale online.
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    BenQ FP241VW

    Did anybody see this yet? All i can say is hideous. And whats with making a stand with absolutely no functionality. you think they would have learned a lesson from Sony. One quick question though what is AMA-Z tech.?? I understand...
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    Doesn't Look Good for SED!

    According to yesterdays digitimes Toshiba has scratched plans to show their 55 inch SED at CES the second week of January. ALthough I am a regular nay sayer of SED and truly believe it wont exist anytime soon I was looking forward to finally seeing one these in person. If by chance they do...
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    Multi Input or Std. VGA & DVI only

    What arrangement of inputs would be ideal on your 22 or 24 inch wide monitor??
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    Widescreen or 4:3 for multi input monitor

    Which do you prefere when it comes to gaming, movies or anything multi input really. And is there a case where you would prefer 4:3 over Wide?
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    NEC LCD2690

    How do you add photos to a post on here?? I have some pics of the 2690 but am having trouble posting. thanks
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    1907FPc vs 1907FPt

    Anyone know the difference?? From what I can gather one uses a AUO panel and the othere a Samsung. Does anyone know which model corresponds to which part number? I believe both of these ship under the 1907FP part number either way. Just another example of Dell doing the panel swap i...
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    19 inch wide - 1440 x 900 - Too small for gaming??

    If a manufacturer were to ask you if a 19 inch wide monitor would be good for your gaming purposes what would you say?? We are currently researching whether or not this would be a good monitor to create for gamers. The main concerns at the moment are: Is it too small? Do most games...
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    Sony Done with Desktop Monitor Biz

    Not sure if anyone uses Sony desktop LCD's anymore but they announced last week they are pulling out of the business completely. Should probably be some close out deals on their stuff on the web soon. From what I understand they will still be making the larger TV's but are done with desktop...
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    LG 1970HR Scaling

    Does anyone have one of these?? I was in our lab doing some testing on it and the scaling on it was pretty bad. Apparently the scaling chip they use is rather sub-par. It seemed like gaming would be pretty jumpy with this issue too even though the response is 2ms.