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    Longer length rails or an APC VX rack

    Guys, I am finally moving my home servers from an old short length rack to 2 very nice APC VX racks that I gt at a very good price awhile ago. The supermicro 3U server with supermicro rails works just fine in the new rack, but my NORCO 4U servers that I think have rl-20 rails on them are too...
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    dell H810

    Does the configuration software run on a non-dell system? I think I read somewhere the standard megaraid software won't control the dell versions of their parts, and you have to use a dell utility... Thanks!
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    dell H810

    I have a friend that is willing to sell me an extra dell H810 raid controller. Has anyone used one of these with non dell disks and SAS expanders?
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    Do the Intel or ASMedia SATA2/3 ports on Z77 (ICH10R?) support port multiplication?

    The ICH10R does not. The original datasheet had it in the spec, but the actual implementation doesn't have the proper registers to support it. This was confirmed by an engineer at Intel when Ted T'so tried to implement linux driver support for it. I don't know about Z77 boards, but the...
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    Windows 8 Preview / I am playing with Storage Spaces

    I have done that too. It works when the filesystem is not under heavy load, but it's really dumb to have to push data to the drive just to light an LED. And command line typing sometimes gets fat fingered and causes problems. As I said, I am a unix hack, and am very comfortable with the...
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    Windows 8 Preview / I am playing with Storage Spaces

    This is why windows 8 uses the drives serial number a lot in dealing with disks, and can tell an enclosure how to light leds etc.... You don't need to know the disks decide name to administrate the disks in windows 8....
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    Windows 8 Preview / I am playing with Storage Spaces

    There is a big difference in manageability. MSFT has worked with enclosure manufacturers to enable blinking of drive LED's from a GUI console, and a lot of other things that make it easier to manage that ZFS on Solaris. Can you say drive labels that don't change when you move a disk to a...
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    Are HD Prices starting to fall?

    It's goin g to be a couple quarters before production is back to near pre-flood volumes. Until then, I would expect prices to only slowly decline...
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    Windows 8 Storage Spaces

    The 2 big things that ZFS is missing compared to (I think) what Windows 8 server will have: 1) Easy expansion of storage - I can't take an 8 disk raidz2 array and just add one more disk to add space . I have to add disks in chunks of new arrays, and when they are created, I can't change the...
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    Interesting cheap JBODs available

    Here's a pic of the tray: It came with mounting screws for the disks. Basically side mount on the 3.5 disk only, which is fine. A few of the 2.5 to 3.5 adapters should fit here fine as well. Power supply can be seen in one of the other photos. Not hard to get to, but mounting looks...
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    Interesting cheap JBODs available

    I tried it on my 5085 and the single 500 GB drive caused my Adaptec management software to hang. Now, to be fair, it's running an older rev of firmware, and adaptec does include the SE3016 as an approved enclosure, but I just haven't had time to play with it. My goal is integration with the...
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    Interesting cheap JBODs available

    Sorry, I had taken a picture of one unit but the other had a different labeling scheme used which was I discussed. I think labels are fairly arbitrary, and the trays can all be moved around anywhere.
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    Interesting cheap JBODs available

    Fixed. thanks!
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    Interesting cheap JBODs available

    They are also sold by the unixsurplus folks with a LSI 8888ELP controller, so at least that config is known to work. The fact it works with LSI controllers made me confident enough to buy them at try with the M1015. My adaptec seemed to have hiccups when I plugged in a drive, but then it had...
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    Interesting cheap JBODs available

    They map to drive numbers in a SAS to SATA group. 4 columns, and 4 rows each.
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    Interesting cheap JBODs available

    So I saw the following ebay ad here: It appears to be sold on ebay under various names, like here...
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    OpenSolaris derived ZFS NAS/ SAN (OmniOS, OpenIndiana, Solaris and napp-it)

    Gea, I notice in the napp-it instructions on the all in one setup, you say not to use esxi 5.0 because of the 8 GB ram limitation, but I thought vmware changed to 32 GB as the limit. 32 GB seems to be adequate for lots of builds, though I agree 4.1 was better in this aspect.
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    OpenSolaris derived ZFS NAS/ SAN (OmniOS, OpenIndiana, Solaris and napp-it)

    This is an amazing poor failure rate! Did you run them in a sauna or or really hot case?
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    OpenSolaris derived ZFS NAS/ SAN (OmniOS, OpenIndiana, Solaris and napp-it)

    Now that the cheap 512byte sector 5K3000's are out, there is really no reason to use drives with 4K sectors emulating 512 byte ones. There are ways as you point out to make the 4K emulation work, but why bother with the F4's or the EARS drives if you can get a cheap cool 2 TB drive like the...
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    XFS vs ZFS

    This is a bit of apples and oranges. You need to think of ZFS on Solaris vs XFS on top of lvm2 on top of md on top of linux. ZFS combines the functions of filesystem, logical volume manager and software raid, which are handled by independent subsystems under linux.
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    LSI Owner's Thread (SAS/SATA HBA and RAID cards)

    I just got a couple of the M1015 HBA's, but they came with LP mounting brackets. Does anyone know a cheap source for a standard height mounting bracket that fits on this card? Thx mike
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    FreeNAS FTP speeds blow?!?

    Between what end points? OS/ CPU, etc...
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    OpenSolaris derived ZFS NAS/ SAN (OmniOS, OpenIndiana, Solaris and napp-it)

    +1 Gea, thanks much for the tutorials. I am going to try and make the jump soon to a new ZFS based server in an all-in-1 config with 18GB memory on my X8ST3-F and solaris express 11. I just ordered 8 of the new 5K3000's from amazon today so I can transition my windows RAID storage pretty easily.
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    11TB + ZFS, WHS, IP Camera, HomeSeer Server

    Homeseer is great. I have a telephone/modem pci interface which I don't think works in passthrough mode, but otherwise it's a nice fit for virtualization... Yeah, the radioshack sale was great... Z-wave is pretty cool...
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    Help picking a 2TB HD PLEASE!

    The F4's have had serious firmware issues, and along with the WD drives have issues because of the 4K sector emulation. The hitatchi 5K3000's are new and I would avoid them for awhile, but they stuck with the 512 byte sectors at least. For me, I would stay with the 7K2000's. Reliable...
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    Implementing ZFS/NFS/CIFS security

    I agree with Gea, use Opensolaris or a derivative and the kernel based SMB server. SAMBA has a lot of issues, and I think you'll be much happier with the SMB server. It's faster and easier to configure, and much better if you run an AD.
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    Moving from WHSv1 to ZFS - New Build 40TB

    Outstanding. The X8ST3-F has a pretty good vt-d implementation (It's got an X58 onboard). The only issue is that the onboard ICH10R sata controller can't be exported as a whole, so I can't really use it for the disks and SSD's attached to Solaris. Passing through a disk as a block device...
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    Moving from WHSv1 to ZFS - New Build 40TB

    Odditory, I was thinking about using ESXi in a new NAS build as well, with the onboard LSI 1068E on my X8ST3-F in passthrough mode to Solaris 11. The motherboard has full hardware virtualization support, but I have heard there are issues with performance of the disk controller in this...
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    Building your own ZFS fileserver

    I haven't played around much with the latest SAMBA versions, but I have seen lots of people complain about performance and inadequate AD integration. If the goal behind a ZFS server is high performance windows fileserving (not necessarily required for everyone, but a pretty widespread...
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    Building your own ZFS fileserver

    I tend to agree with odditory - forking a production code base and expecting the open source efforts to effectively take over and add features is a tall undertaking. Not impossible, but hard. However, Oracle has it's advanced filesystem in development, BTRFS, and is integrating code in linux...
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    Samsung 2TB green drives defective firmware?

    This thread is starting to sound like an ad for hitatchi...
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    HD suggestions for ZFS?

    I would still recommend the Hitachi 7200 RPM 2 TB drives. They are fast, cheap, reliable, and you don't have to worry about the 512 to 4K sector conversion issues that can bite you in the bottom if you aren't careful. Of course, we have Fry's nearby which often discounts them. Sub.mesa has...
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    *Official* Norco data storage products thread

    This isn't very helpful. There are two issues in keeping a given piece of hardware cool. One is ambient temp, and the other is airflow. The amount of airflow (and this tends to be correlated to noise) determines the delta temp between the system temp and ambient temp. That is, infinite...
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    Samsung F4EG/HD204UI 2TB. "(B5) Program Fail Count" S.M.A.R.T Attribute?

    2755 hrs? That can't be right. Either the drive is putting out junk for stats or the tool is not reporting them right...
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    WD AV-GP in RAID

    Just buy 7200 rpm hitatchis and not worry about tler etc...
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    Which ZFS OS + VM for System

    Doing it this way requires passthrough of the individual disks to Nexenta, etc... so that ZFS can run on top of them. Is there an ability yet in using ESX to pass through an entire controller or controllers to a VM so that all disks that connect to that controller natively appear in the guest...
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    HP SAS Expander Owner's Thread

    The hp expander with v1 of the firmware works fine with the adapted 5xxx series for me,
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    New Silverstone FT02

    Just to confirm others' posts, my new ft02b-w from amazon came last week with the ap181 fans too.
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    What is the goto 2 TB Drive for RAID (do I need TLER)?

    All models of drives have some failures - it's impossible to find drives that won't fail at all under all operating circumstances. For the most part, unless you are a large OEM, you cannot get at the overall reliability data from the drive vendors. However, you can look at drive choices from...
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    Are 2TB hard drives reliable?

    I completely agree. Seagate isn't the fastest or the cheapest, and given the reliability issues, there is no reason to use them at all. Cross them off the list...