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    Hellblade VR 50% off on Steam this weekend!!!

    And, hell yeah, its the full Version in VR, comes free with the pancake version!
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    The Assembly Now Supports Motion Controllers

    Hell yeah! This is a game with a very rich story, but moving with an xbox controller took away some of the immersion. Now they finally added vive controller support!
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    Chess world championship in VR

    Starts in a few hours. Virtual Reality This is the first world championship that will be broadcast in virtual reality. Watch Magnus Carlsen take on Sergey Karjakin in a stereoscopic live video using Google Cardboard or any other VR device.
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    Rooms: The Unsolvable Puzzle

    A rather polished puzzle game that works well on HTC Vive. Pointing laser on the vive controller can be a bit awkward to use, but its a fun change from the more active games. I would recommend using 1.5 SS in HTC Vive config file if possible.
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    Comprehensive Rift vs. Vive comparison

    Here is one of the most comprehensive Rift vs Vive comparisons I´ve seen from a users point of view. Its over an hour long and I think it was very well made. :)
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    GTX 780 and HTPC/HDMI

    I just ordered a MSI GTX 780 Gaming for my HTPC to replace an aging (but still working great) 5870 PCS+. Needed something new and shiny. Getting a bit buyers remorse now even though I don't get the card before tomorrow. I had a GTX 570 Phantom, which was nice and quiet, but really sucked for...
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    TWIMTBP live event streaming now

    Enjoy :) Hope new stuff will be revealed! :D Edit: Boring. Looks like the juicy stuff will come tomorrow.
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    A nice Win 7 -> Win8 why upgrade article

    From extremetech:
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    Samsung SA LED monitors, new firmware

    Just a heads up. I didn't catch it until now, so maybe others haven't either. :) Link I found it on the support page @ Samsung of my screen (S27A950D), so you might find similar on your SA models support page.
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    AMD 11.10 preview driver (Battlefield 3 beta driver)

    Get it while its hot: AMD Catalyst 11.10 Preview driver: Improves performance in Battlefield 3 Open Beta release for both non-Anti-Aliasing, and application enabled Anti-Aliasing cases on the AMD Radeon™ HD 6000 and AMD Radeon™ HD 5000 Series for single GPU configurations Improves...
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    AMD's Morphological Anti-Aliasing

    Saw this on THG and were pretty intrigued by it:,2776-4.html It obviously doesn't work with all titles (like SSAA), but when it first works it looks great it seems. Finally it made sense to enable AA in Starcraft 2...
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    New AMD application profiles (10/13/2010)

    ATI CrossFireX™ Application Profiles Title File Size Version Date Posted Download ATI Catalyst Application Profiles 456.7 KB 10.9a 10/13/2010 This release of ATI Catalyst™ delivers support for the latest ATI CrossFireX™ profiles in a separate executable file ensuring users have access to...
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    AMD launch HD6000 Oct 12, 2010

    According to BSN, it seems that the HD6000 launch is imminent. :D
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    SC2 Hotfix (10.7a beta) is out

    Grab it here:
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    AMD fusion APU running AVP in DX11

    An APU (CPU and GPU in single chip) running Alien vs. Predator in DX11? I'm impressed! I hope they will include switchable graphics with this.
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    multithreaded CPU outperform GPU physx?

    Came over this thread at B3D that was interesting: We all might remember Batman AA, which was a postergame for Nvidia regarding GPU accelerated PhysX and where CPU physx was broken, so regardless if you ran 1280x1024 or 2560x1600, you got the...
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    profile manager - RadeonPro BETA: Automating 3D settings

    Saw this at Guru3d. Nice tool for those that doesn't want to use ATT tools due to eyfinity or similar:
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    Eyefinity experience tool

    Nice! Lets you compare single to multi-screen! :)
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    ToMMTi-systems SSAA-TOOL

    Found this on Rage3d. Anyone here tried this yet?: Note: "currently we have no certificate, to sign the driver files, so you have to //start windows vista/win7 with "F8" //and select "Disable Driver Signature Enforcement" F8... or no go.
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    Catalyst 10.5?

    Seems like there is a leak of Catalyst 10.5 here: Edit: Its a beta or might even be an alpha, so it might not be 100% stable. Forgot to put that in the OP, but the thread its pointing to have it though. :)
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    ATI Eyefinity Hotfix with crossfire

    ATI gave WSGF a little Christmas present. :D Crossfire for Eyefinity in a hotfix beta driver:
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    ATI's CPU/GPU roadmap

    I don't know how correct this is, since Evergreen is not supposed to be out before 2010. The interesting point here is "Lynx/Llano", where a 4 core CPU is combined with a GPU making an APU. :D This is something many have been waiting for, after AMD bought ATI. Hopefully Llano will be early as...
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    Batman AA Nvidia block removed?

    As some might recall, Ian McNaughton managed to enable in-game AA in Batman for ATI users by changing vendor-id over to Nvidia. Turns out it was a vendor block from Nvidia preventing this and Nvidia legally refused Eidos to remove the vendor block at first. Now it seems this have changed and a...
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    Nvidia's CEO, gets informed about ATI's Evergreen series

    Some might find this funny (I did). thanks to Zoddguts at Rage3d: Nvidia's CEO, gets informed about ATI's Evergreen series.
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    Bullet opencl physics coming Now, this is physics that I can fullheartedly support!!! :D It doesn't force me to by any kind of hardware and is just middleware.
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    Brent, new resolutions in reviews?

    Will we see an extra resolution in future GFX card reviews now that triplehead capabilities becomes mainstream? Now we have 2560x1600 as maximum, but it would be interesting to see how they perform in triplehead. 3X 1680x1050 (TH2G with Nvidia cards, but hopefully they'll make some Eyefinity of...
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    ATI Eyefinity in action

    Title says it all:
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    Accelerated physics for ALL Havok games?

    Do I read this correctly?:
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    Catalyst 9.8 weird issue

    I've had a now a wonderful stable time with 4870x2 and catalyst. No crashes and bugs were minor and far between (like water bug on COD5). 9.8, though stable otherwise, have a tendency to crash steam games (all I tested with so far). If I change resolution or similar, it will crash. Only remedy...
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    Catalyst 9.8 new treat?

    From CatalystMaker@twitter: Also: Will there be an extra treat with Catalyst 9.8, since its going to be launched "somewhere special" first? Dare we hope for Havok's opencl physics being released?
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    Havok physics on ATI cards coming

    From Catalystmaker/Terry Makedon:
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    Catalyst 9.2 this week

    From CatalystMaker ( Manager of Catalyst Product Management) @ 9.2 is on target for release later this week ;-)
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    ATI FUD or what to come?

    I'm taking this with a BIG pinch of salt, but it was entertaining read, so I thought I'd share.... :D
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    Interesting article about 4870x2CF and microstuttering
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    AMD/ATI Tempts game developers with DX10.1

    I'm not here to tout AMD/ATI's horn, but I welcome DX10.1. It looks like more DX10.1 games are coming besides Diablo 3 and the rest from Blizzard, Sega and EA. Valve might be thrown into the game. Perhaps we even get DX10.1 support for older titles as well? :cool: An article 1.july from...
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    48xx, color space and dithering no test at [H]

    Ati advertises: and [H] had a nice review, but didn't test this. For me, its more groundbreaking and interesting then how much AA and AF the cards can yeild on chosen resolutions. Did anyone try this? Does it work properly?
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    Wide gamut, sRGB and ATI GFX cards

    I see there is a new offering in ATI's next series. Did anyone try out this on their wide gamut screen yet?: Color management on GFX level?
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    ATI Powerplay

    Anyone knows how to turn this feature off? I checked in the Vista power management and under ATI Powerplay it doesn't reveal any settings. Nowhere in CCC either. I've noticed that it kicks in and out in games and regulates the frequencies of the GPU up and down. Annoying! I want to run full...
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    Why most LCD's have bad color accuracy

    I thought I'd make this post to inform those who are worried about color accuracy and wonder why they should pay price premium for certain types of display. You might have seen these pictures on Behardware and other review sites: behardware Maybe you have even based your...
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    LCD viewing angles of different panels and sizes

    Hi all! Long time lurker in this great forum and I wondered if you could help me out with something. :) I have for long been unhappy with the industry standard of measuring viewing angles on LCD's (worthless standard IMHO). On my surf on the internet, I encountered this thread. In...