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    PLP Resolution

    I currently have two 2007FP's mixed with a U3011. I have one 2007 connected with a mini DP to DVI, the second connected with DVI and the 3011 is connected with a mini DP to DP. I want to run Heaven or Valley at 4960x1600 in windowed mode to stretch them across all three screens. The most I...
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    Aquaero 6 Pro 3 Pin Fan Control

    Should a regular 3 pin fan just take off and run when hooked up to the Aquaero fan headers? Mine work with PWM fans, but if I hook up a 3 pin fan, it will not run. I have tried XPSC fans, a GT,and a Coolermaster and Corsair 140mm 3 pin fan. I am running 6 Corsair fans from 2 splitter blocks...
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    Flow Sensor

    I am looking at this 400l/h sensor for my loop. I am using an XSPC dual D5 bay res. Looking at the specs listed on Frozen CPU, the D5...
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    Corsair 900D $279.99 Free Shipping NCIX US The Corsair Super Tower is on sale for 279.99 at NCIX US with free shipping. Newegg 329.99 Amazon 334.90 + 14.56 shipping, not Prime Eligible...
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    Dell U3011 Sleep Issues

    I have been having an odd issue with my U3011 when it tries to go to sleep at random times. As you can see from the vids below, the power button stays blue, instead of going amber, and the image shifts around. I can see parts of my desktop, in a darkened state in various parts of the screen. I...
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    Computers and Home Owners Insurance

    I recently had a house fire, and my main rig took pretty bad heat and smoke damage. The top of my Haf X has a couple of melted places. After doing a little clean up, It would only fire up on stock settings with no overclock. The Rampage IIIE would not boot when overclocked at all. Also, I have...
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    Shutting Down Core

    What is the proper way to shut down F@H. I use ctrl+C, but when I restart, it says core was improperly shut down. Is there another way I am supposed to quit the program?