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    Free game keys: Bioshock and classic X-COM

    Just going through a Humble Bundle purchase. I have these games already and giving away the extra keys. Bioshock - gone X-COM: Apocalypse - gone X-COM: Enforcer - gone X-COM: Interceptor - gone X-COM: Terror from the Deep - gone X-COM: UFO Defense - gone Ok so I have changed it up...
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    Magic: The Gathering... of math nerds?

    Downloaded this game. looks fun. anybody know how to play it? I have only played the electronic game and think it is fun. Anybody else on here playing this card game? I like the math. Not so good at the strategy.
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    CORSAIR HX Series CMPSU-850HX modular = $128.49 Was: $189.99 $164.99 after $25.00 instant savings. 10% off with promo code EMCKFJE34, ends 4/21 puts it at $148.49 with free shipping. then if you get the $20 rebate, = :eek: $128.49 :eek: Thats hot in my...
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    Mac Flame War

    Ok. I was on facebook and a friend in Canada has a broken computer. I told her before she went to Best Buy, she should get it diagnosed by someone who knows what they are doing, before tossing it and getting a brand new computer. Well of course one of her "friends" tells her to just pay the...