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    Enermax T.B. RGB Fan 3-Pack & RevoBron 600W PSU Luck Draw

    Make my new rig look good homie!
  2. J

    Twitch is Watching You Even When You're Not on Twitch

    They didn't even fairly adhere to their own rules before now. Increasing the amount of rules doesn't matter when they pick and choose who to use them on... and who not to punish when they got cash is rolling in.
  3. J

    Moviegoing Is Expected to Hit a 22-Year Low

    In my area Tuesdays you get into the Cinemark movies for $5 each all day. Happens to be my day off so if i see a few movies i'm into, i go. The cinema is good quality, but $8 for a Nachos lunchable? Pfft, I just have my lady bring a big purse and we stick some food from the mall in there. Philly...
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    Amazon Devising Methods to Deliver Packages in Your Home or Car's Trunk

    Damn, it's just way to hard to go outside anymore; let alone get shit off your porch. I tried ordering food and such from amazon once. My detergent was canceled as damaged in delivery [probably dropped and exploded], the dish soap i was out of got lost, and the bag of tortilla chips came as...
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    AMD Confirms Prototype Triple Fan For Vega 56

    I don't get the point of adding more fans when it seems like all graphics cards lately have only half a slot for venting out.... Ridiculous. You only need 3 display ports on top, not 6 out of one fucking card... Long ago me and my friend built opposite systems. My nvidia intel system is still...
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    KFC and Mountain Dew Are Selling a Box O' Chicken-Filled Game Controller

    It seems like a nice controller, so whats the function after you eat your meal?? It should snap together on its own, or am i supposed to just put my dick in the box afterwards...
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    New Nissan Leaf Will Have One Pedal

    The trend of over simplifying everything in the end seems to just make it harder to accomplish my goal [in my experience...]. Macintosh is an example, and windows 8/10 are trying to dumb everything down as well... I already miss having 3 pedals and plan to purchase a stick shift soon.The...
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    World's First Industrial Tattoo Robot

    This is some really cool technology for automation in the future i suppose... Printing tattoos on yourself for those who love them. But tattoos are also about the Art, every Tattoo artist puts a unique style into their work, and each one has a different touch [some more painful then others...]...
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    Corsair Graphite Series 780T Lucky Draw!

    Corsair is a great brand that is continually moving up. I love the color scheme and base design of these cases, but want to see more fans! In general improvement, unless this is patented, i want to see more unique cases with 90 degree turns on the mobo for more efficient natural cooling...
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    Seasonic Snow Silent 1050W Luck Draw!!!!!

    c] Because it's a brand i can trust, and would be a reliable and very well rounded 1050 WATT PSU.:cool:
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    Seasonic Snow Silent 750W PSU LUCKY DRAW!

    I have a white Case and it would match so perfectly!!!!! Power my Mo-Bo Please!
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    Cool Video of the Day

    Didn't think i was going to watch the whole thing, but i sat in aweeeeeee...sumness. Cube, within a cube, within another fuckin' cube. Like a boss.
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    Good post on comcast, matched my thought exactly. Not everyone can little guy can fight them...

    Good post on comcast, matched my thought exactly. Not everyone can little guy can fight them, especially with a company that spends more in the legal department then the tech support of there company...
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    Test for HIV in Just 15 Minutes with This $34 Smartphone Dongle

    Did the guy demonstrating really have HIV? I guess he wanted to make this in spite of being cursed by today's plague and save as many people as he could... I see what you did there... Feels.
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    ASUS Matrix OR Poseidon - CHOOSE YOUR WEAPON!

    I will take the Red Pill, and enter the true world of gaming at ultra settings!! I will fulfill the prophecy and add many new worlds to my HDD's. :)
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    25 Invisible Benefits of Gaming While Male

    I do feel the video had some points, less then ten good ones... I have a few friends that are girls and they have never complained about the assholish-ness that the internet has been. You hit the nail on the head with that one gafferking. ^^ Women act like they get 2nd or something in this...
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    Screen flickering,lines, and unsupported signal output to monitor and Tv

    Still need help please someone. BUMP. And yes its something about my computers signal being messed up, only works with monitor, tv refuses to work now, and I've tried each graphic card in each slot, still same effect. tried uninstalling all drivers and re installing, nothing... Does anyone...
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    Screen flickering,lines, and unsupported signal output to monitor and Tv

    Didn't know what to post this in because it seems like a graphics issue. Always loved the Hard website and this is my first forum post pretty much like anywhere EVER, so please help if you can. Problem: I have lines that just appeared one day, black lines that flicker anywhere they want...
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    Patriot & HardOCP Lucky Draw Giveaway

    It's the last thing i can fit in my rig!! I NEED it :P lz I has a flashdrive and it's great, let me see how speedy they memory really is.