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    How can I install a graphics card into my system, and which to choose?

    Here's one:
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    Gears (of War) Tactics - PC only TBS

    If you've never played any Gears of War before, would you be lost trying to follow the story of this game?
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    Taking Immersion in Gaming One Step Further: Full PC Immersion with the CoolBitts ICEbox

    From the article: The coolant used is called EC-120, from Electrocool. Buying the full kit will give you 5 gallons of the stuff (which at retail is around $500). This is a lot more expensive than mineral oil, but still beats the $300/liter cost of the two-phase liquids used in servers.
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    Ford Mustang Mach E Leak: Mustang goes Electric

    My local news reporter pronounced it as "match - E" instead of Mach E which I found funny.
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    "Star Trek: Discovery" Renewed for Season 3

    Loved everything about the last half of season 1. When Lorca reveals that surprise: he's actually from the evil universe and starts walking around with a golden space sword, that was epic.
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    Texas expected to ban red light cameras

    I have a question for all the people reading this thread: How many of you live in an area where they have countdown timers by the pedestrian light? I love these, I can see from a whole block away if I have time to make the light or not. If I don't have time, then I can gradually slow to a stop...
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    Tesla Model X Receives Industry First Perfect Crash-Test Rating for a SUV

    Thank you for the additional context. I thought it goes without saying that a person would check the car out prior to breaking glass. If a person is in the car with the dog, clearly there isn't an issue. Breaking the glass as a first step without making noise or rocking the vehicle is plain nuts.
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    Tesla Model X Receives Industry First Perfect Crash-Test Rating for a SUV

    Sorry, but dogs die all the time from being left in hot vehicles. If a passerby notices that it's scorching hot outside and your dog looks like it's unresponsive in the back seat, your the fucktard for leaving it there, and getting a broken window when someone with a brain saves it.
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    Best single player first/3rd person shooter campaign by year?

    Metro 2033 (2010). Epic single player game.
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    Most Customers Would Stop Watching Netflix if it had Commercials

    I have cable and skip pretty much all the ads except the funny ones. All you have to do is record your shows, or just pause live TV for 5 minutes and then skip ahead when a commercial airs. You can't do that on internet based services which is one of the reasons I don't cut the cord.
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    Google Says It Is Discontinuing the Chromecast Audio

    I have an awesome Sony boombox with a 3.5mm stereo input. With the Chromecast Audio I can turn it into a wifi boombox which makes it even better.
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    The Denver Broncos Will Use a Robotic Arm to Serve Beer at Mile High Stadium

    Do the magnet caps get recycled some how, or do they just throw away thousands of magnets every game?
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    Jersey City Cops Use Fake Amazon Boxes and Doorbell Cameras to Catch Thieves

    A similar story ran on my local news. They suggested things like "knowing when your package is coming so that you can be present during delivery". Why are they missing the obvious solution: Have it sent to the post office or depot near you so that you can pick it up yourself. It's what I do...
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    Dutch Police Can Remotely Recover Autonomous Vehicles with the Thief Inside

    What if the vehicle pumped knock out gas into the interior to induce about 20 minutes of unconsciousness? Or, the car could suck half of the oxygen content out of the vehicle so that the thief gets very tired and can't trash the car.
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    Credit Card Chips Fail to Halt Fraud, Survey Says

    Crazy idea: The government makes a law requiring credit card companies to phase out the mag stripe and switch to chip and pin. The government provides a 12 month grace period for credit card companies and merchants to sort themselves out. 12 months later everyone is on the same playing field and...
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    Is the Cost of a Cable Box Really Too Darn High?

    It's strange to hear that this is such a widespread issue. I bought my cable box refurbished from a local electronics store ($100.00), called my provider (Shaw, Alberta Canada) and they activated it. No fees, no hassle, no rentals.
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    Battlefield 5 Gets a Singleplayer Campaign Trailer

    I remember being able to play as the Germans in Battlefield 1942 single player campaign. It was futile though because even if you won all the battles it made no difference on the overall war and you were still fighting in a destroyed Berlin by the end of the game.
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    Chris Pine and Chris Hemsworth “Star Trek 4” Future in Doubt as Talks Fall Through

    I was thoroughly entertained with Star Trek Discovery. I think a bunch of people didn't make it past the first two episodes and they thought that was the show. There were plenty of great moments. For example, the mission where they sneak onto the Klingon ship to defeat it's stealth and then blow...
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    Ukraine Ukraine Ukraine!

    I just watched an interesting show on history channel. The topic was the German u-boats. Apparently the type 21, which was finished just barely before the end of WWII, was used as the prototype for the first American nuclear submarine. Who knew.
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    Metallica Shapes Live Performances Around Most Popular Tracks on Spotify

    This song would have been great live, assuming you're already drunk.
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    Alaska’s Last Two Blockbuster Stores Closing, Leaving Just One in the US

    I'm sad that they're gone. Getting out of the house and walking through the aisles was fun.
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    Deceived by Design

    I just tried buying a ticket from ticketmaster and came across this: First, they try to get you to click the blue button by making you think that it sends you the receipt or ticket. You get the ticket automatically, clicking the blue button just signs you up for their e-mail list. Then, if...
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    Hands on with the ASUS ROG Smartphone

    I watched the video and I'm impressed. The docking station and controller attachments bring it to a whole new level.
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    Woman Looking at Apple Watch Found Guilty of Distracted Driving

    Story details: Victoria Ambrose was stopped at a red light on South Ring Road in Guelph in April when a University of Guelph police officer, beside her in his cruiser, noticed the glow of an electronic device. The officer testified he saw her looking up and down about four times, court heard...
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    What is the current state of RGB lighting?

    I just came across this product and remembered this thread: The Antec cooler comes with a connector to plug directly into Asus motherboards for Aura Sync.
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    “The Expanse” Picked Up by Amazon for Season 4 after Syfy Cancellation

    It makes no sense to me why SyFy cancelled the show. These cool original shows are why I watch SyFy. If they don't have those types of shows and just play reruns, I'm not tuning in.
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    DISH Pays Up for Telemarketing

    I remember the days when the phone would ring and you wouldn't be afraid. People had their numbers openly advertised in the phone book to make it easy for others to reach them. Now it's the opposite, thanks spammers.
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    Amazon Warehouse Employees Pee Into Bottles to Save Time

    The idea of having every second of your day tracked for productivity and being let go if you fall too far behind makes me thankful I don't work in an environment like that.
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    Newegg Will Begin Collecting Connecticut State Sales Tax in July

    Sending bills in the mail to collect the tax later seems so weird. Just collect the tax at the time of purchase.
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    Bride Ordered to Pay Photographer $89k for Posting Nasty Reviews

    This ad illustrates your point. While it may be specific to diamonds, it's all the same idea:
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    Microsoft Donates PC to Ghanaian Teacher after Photo Goes Viral

    1 Computer and 1 projector so everyone can see would be a huge improvement.
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    Expect the Spectre....and Meltdown Soon

    Is it possible to design those buttons in such a way that all of the options are "the wrong button"? Just curious.
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    Micro Center Will Sell You a GPU at MSRP If It’s for Gaming, Not Mining

    Make it a policy for products sold in bundles that if you want to return any of them, you have to return all of them? It would be like buying a sofa with matching coffee table, they came as a set.
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    Doomsday Torpedo Detailed in Pentagon Document

    The saddest part about nuclear weapons is how permanent the damage is to the planet in comparison to how minor humanities day-to-day dispute are. For example, WWI started after Archduke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated. Does anyone give a shit about that today? No. Would the planet still be...
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    Buy Anything with Cryptocurrency

    There was a documentary on TV a couple months back: Dude is into some weird shit.
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    Texting Ban May Soon Be Enforced on Florida’s Deadly Roads

    A $30 fine is embarrassing Florida. Get with the program. Any jurisdiction that requires the police to prove that someone was texting is doing it wrong. Like others have said, if the device is in your hand while you're driving, the charge is proven. There are hands free devices out there if...