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    P67A-GD65 POST screen not showing

    Hi guys, just completed a build last night with the MSI P67A-GD65 board and for some reason when it boots I don't see the bios post screen, just a black screen with 99 at the bottom, then the marvell chip boot screen and windows starting up. I cant get into the bios due to this. Anyone else...
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    Comment on my Sandybridge build

    Hi guys, Just ordered these parts last night from newegg, what do you think. 1. Motherboard: MSI P67A-GD65 (B3) 2. RAM: 2Gx2 GSKILL F3-12800CL7D-4GBRM 3. Cooler: Cooler Master RR-B10-212P-G1 RT 4. Video Card: EVGA 015-P3-1582-AR GTX580 5. Drive: SSD 128G|CRUCIAL CTFDDAC128MAG-1G1 6...
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    Please help with Norco 4020 server build

    Guys, I would like to build a WHS based server for my desktop PC and HTPC systems based on the Norco 4020. Could someone please suggest what motherboard, power supply and SATA controller cards I should buy? Also, is the Norco 4020 good enough or have they released something better...
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    Cloning a

    Hi guys, My 1.5TB drive is making clicking noises and is really really slow to work with. I bought a new 500GB drive, is there any free software that will allow me to copy all the files off the 1.5TB drive (actual data on this drive is less than 200GBs) onto the 500GB drive so I can then boot...
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    buy vista get windows 7 free?

    Hi Guys, I was planning on buying Vista Ultimate from Newegg, the OEM version for $189 and they claim that I get a free upgrade to Windows 7 when it's released. Is this true? If so, isn't this a cheaper way of getting Windows 7 ultimate? Are there any gotchas? Just want to make sure before I...
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    Please recommend a board for C2D E8500

    Hi folks, I am currently running a E8500 on an Asus P5W DH Deluxe board. Looking to upgrade to a different board with a newer chipset. Looking at all the different offerings on Newegg I am confused by all the diff chipsets etc. What is a recommended C2D board for running a E8500 proc with an...
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    Asus p5w DH Deluxe and E8500 settings

    Folks, Just installed a E8500 C2D proc in my system (ASUS P5W DH Deluxe), running the latest BIOS and G.Skill PC6400 DDR RAM. The BIOS reports the proc bus freq as 333MHZ and the memory runs at PC5300. If I try and manually set the RAM to 800Mhz it doesn't show me that option, only 6xxMhz and...
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    Intel i7 vs C2D6600

    Hi guys, My current system is a core2duo 600 + Asus P5W DH Deluxe combo. Was wondering what the performance increase would be if I jumped to an i7 based system, i.e. Gigabyte EX58-UD5 + i7 920. Would it be a noticeable increase? I haven't been keeping up to date on chipsets and...
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    Help: Vista SP1 RC1 screwed due to BIOS date change

    Hi Guys, I have Vista Ultimate 32bit and recently installed SP1 RC1. A few days ago I installed a hard drive and had to reset my BIOS to get things to run. On reboot I set the date to Jan 6 2007 instead of 8 and booted to the windows desktop. I realized the error when Kaspersky warned me of...
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    Please suggest external 4 drive enclosure

    Guys, I need an enclosure with cooling fan that can hold up to 4 drives. I plan on installing 4x 750GB drives in this enclosure and then connect it to my HTPC via Firewire/USB or eSATA depending on what the enclosure offers. I do not plan on using RAID and if the drives show up as 4...
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    are eSata external drives hot swappable

    Guys, I notice some enclosures are now available with eSata ports allowing SATA like speeds rather than slowpoke USB or Firewire. Are these drives hot swappable like the USB versions? I.e. can I have two such enclosures and disconnect one drive and connect the other without having to shutdown...
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    Abit IP35 Pro Unknown device

    Guys, Just did an install of the Abit IP35 Pro board with WinXP. Installed the audio, intel chipset, lan drivers, sata drivers but I am still getting a yellow question mark for Unknown device in device manager for something on the PCI bus. I only have a 3850 Radeon on the PCI-E bus and...
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    Help: Asus P5W DH reboots after waking from sleep

    Guys, I just built an Asus P5W DH deluxe with 2 gigs ram C2D 6600, Nvidia 8800GTX. The system is rock solid while I use it, however, when I wake it from sleep the computer ends up rebooting itself. I usually see my monitors wake, get to see the desktop for a few seconds and then boom it...
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    anyone running X-Fi on a 975 chipset board

    Anyone running the Creative X-Fi card on an Intel 975 chipset board? I have the Asus P5W DH and the sound drops out with only static buzz left. Wondering if it works for anyone. Are there any other cards that can do EAX 2 and have better drivers?
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    BIOS settings for Asus P5W DH please

    Hi Guys, Just setup my P5W DH rig and want to get the settings right. I have G.skill memory at 4-4-4-12 and a C2D 6600. On boot the post messages say the memory is PC2-5400, shouldnt it be 6400? what are the optimal settings for the CPU and memory? Could someone with a similar setup please...
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    New P5W DH build, please comment

    Guys, Tomorrow afternoon I will be building my new rig. I bought the Asus P5W DH deluxe board, C2D 6600 and 2gigs of G.Skill 6400RAM. I have three drives in my system, 2 HD's and 1 Optical, all of them are SATA. Few questions 1. Anyone have any trouble booting from a SATA optical drive...
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    8800 gts or gtx for 1920x1200 help me decide

    Hi guys, Building a new rig with C2D-6600 and 2gig RAM. I have a Dell 2405FPW widescreen 1920x1200 monitor and want to play the latest FPS games like Battlefield and FEAR. What card should I get, should I get the 8800GTS or for $150 more the GTX version? I plan on keeping the rig for at least...
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    Do I need a separate audio card?

    Guys, Trying to build a gaming rig to play BF2142, FEAR etc, thinking of the C2D 6600 with 2 gig ram, 8800GTS video card on an Asus p5W dh board. Do I need to pickup a Creative sound blaster X-fi sound card as well or do the onboard audio components do a pretty good job these days?
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    Onboard sound CPU usage

    Hi guys, Im planning on building a new gaming rig using a Core2Duo 600 and an Asus motherboard. I was wondering if I should get a PCI soundcard such as the creative or if the onboard solutions are ok? I am worried that onboard solutions will useup too much of the CPU if EAX is enabled etc...
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    Does the BadAxe2 OC well?

    Im in the planning stages of setting up a new computer for myself. Been an AMD man for the last 6 years but the Intel Core Duo sure looks like a nice chip. So heres my question, after reading a bunch of reviews on the various platforms for CD it looks like the NVIDIA chipset based models are out...
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    remote download and start torrent

    Hi everyone, There are times when I am away from home and come across a torrent I would like to download, I use utorrent and so far it doesnt have the ability to remotely activate torrent downloads...not sure about azureus. I was thinking of writing some software that would reside on your home...
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    cool Flickr wallpaper program

    Don't know how many people here use Flickr or not but I found this cool program that uses pictures on Flickr (based on tags) and sets them as the wallpaper background at given intervals, its pretty cool and by using ones choice of tags you can always guarantee that the background will be...
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    Building new comp, please advise parts

    Currently I have a MSI K8N Neo which is a Nvidia nforce3 chipset MB. The CPU is an Athlon 64 3000+ I have been out of the loop for a year or so, havnt been keeping up with whats going on in the AMD cpu and MB department. Could you guys suggest the parts ? I am not going to be overclocking...
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    need a logo for a program im writing

    I am writing a piece of software and I need a logo for its splashscreen. If anyones interested please PM me, I am willing to pay for it. Thanks
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    Need a logo anyone want to help

    So I am writing my second piece of software and I need a logo for the splashscreen. The program indexes newsgroup binaries and allows you to search the index and setup watch lists to see when a binary you are interested in pops up. Well I need a logo for it and I havnt even thought of a good...
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    anyone try a LCD monitor with VGA output at high resolution

    Has anyone here tried running a LCD monitor at >1600x1200 resolution via VGA output instead of DVI? How does it look, I have a feeling it will be softer when compared to being driven by DVI.
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    Recommend a dual DVI output AGP card

    Please recommend a dual DVI agp card which is at least as fast as a 9800Pro. thanks ymee
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    Why the heck arnt there any dual dvi AGP x800 based cards

    The only ones I can find in agp have a DVI and VGA connector which sucks cause I have two LCD monitors. My only option is a Geforce 6800 Ultra from XFX which has dual dvi. Why isnt ATI and partners making an AGP version with dual dvi. I dont want to have to upgrade my entire motherboard to a...
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    Recommend a videoCard for 2405FPW+2005FPW

    I have a Dell 2405FPW and a Dell 2005FPW, could someone recommend a decent video card with dual dvi that will drive these guys at max resolution simultaneously? I currently have a Radeon 9800Pro with DVI and VGA connectors and want to shift to DVI only outputs. Im not much of a gamer so I dont...
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    good agp card for dual dvi

    Hi all, I have bought a Dell 2405FPW (1920x1200) and a Dell 2005FPW (1600x1050), I am therefore looking for a video card with dual dvi output that I can use for gaming as well. I currently have a radeon9800 pro with one dvi and one vga output. Can you suggest a card for <$250.00 that is as...