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    Uber, Honda Hit With Safety Lawsuit By Woman Paralyzed In Dallas Crash

    I definitely would. Sorry but I would rather be dead then be a burden.
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    Battlefield 1 - Low FPS with newer CPU

    Probably an issue with the VRM on your motherboard. Although it is a 6+2 phase it seems like that people who are overclocking there FX series say to only use 8+2. Safe to say your best bet is a new motherboard...
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    Chart That Tells You When Your Job Will Be Done By A Robot

    I'm a Electrician's Apprentice, I agree. No robot could ever replace us. (well, maybe me) ;)
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    Google Exploring Fiber for Chicago and Los Angeles
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    Counterfeit LG Monitor or price mistake?

    what's the point exactly?
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    Counterfeit LG Monitor or price mistake?
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    Politicians To Silicon Valley: The Government Is Not Your Adversary

    "Evil Monsters" WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN. Go fuck yourself, Feinstein.
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    Jim Keller To Join Samsung As Chief Architect Claims Source

    I was going to say, Samsung Group is one of the biggest conglomerates in the world. Of course they're in construction, which makes up a LOT of the worlds economy.
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    USITC: Samsung Did Not Infringe Nvidia Graphics Chip Patents

    So basically they said, don't patent things that aren't 100% original otherwise someone with big bucks will go and say it's invalid in court. Too bad they couldn't of just DENIED the patent, looking at you USPTO.
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    Why Sweden Is Shifting To A 6-Hour Workday

    I work a 12 hr shift, 4 days a week. I get fri sat and sunday off.
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    Theater Employees Wearing Night-Vision Goggles To Combat Piracy

    I have worked as a Usher @ Regal in my former years, let me explain to you now that WE DO NOT GIVE A SHIT. Management doesn't care, Staff doesn't care. We recieved NO training on how to deal with people video-taping movies, nor were we asked to be tasked with "finding" these kinds of people...
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    Google Fiber Planned For Irvine, Louisville, and San Diego

    I live in North County San Diego.. Where in San Diego is this specificed?
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    New Credit Cards May Make Tipping More Awkward

    I tip 15% accordingly. I think tipping should be a completely optional thing, and not the forced "you better tip or you're going to get shit service next time" instead, a way to award employee's whom actually work hard for EVERY paying customer. I believe the stigma around tipping has been...
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    Company To Deliver Weed Via Drone

    One of the only deliveries using drones I see viable. Light, Expensive, and high in demand (no pun intended)
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    So, I'm a idiot and need a recommendation on fixing my display.

    I have a 27" VG278HE that I got that had a scratch on it, while trying to buff out the scratch, I managed to fuck up the polarizer causing a 1/2" mark of white pixels on the lower-middle part of my screen. Anybody have experience replacing/repairing LCD polarizers?
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    White House Unveils ConnectHome For Low-Income Households

    Then we will be seeing said bought computers, in every pawn shop near you :)
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    Prime Day is Coming 7/15/2015

    I'm pretty sure they're under today's deals w/ lighting deals. these deals are ass
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    Get Your Ass To Mars With NASA's Mars Trek

    You sure you know where you're at?
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    Sell me on a PC Gaming Chair over a Recliner.

    It's called Space Professional Matrex, It's very comfortable and probably the best chair I've ever used in my life. It retails for 350$ I luckily got it for free, THQ during the bankruptcy just basically gave 50 chairs away to my boss.
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    Star Wars Battlefront - Closed Alpha

    Definitely be surprised, out of all my friends, I'm the only one to receive one. I don't know how it's chosen, but I'm happy that I got mine. Kinda upset all my friends didnt.
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    Star Wars Battlefront - Closed Alpha

    Pretty sure I got in because I've put many hours into Hardline Alpha, BF4 Alpha, And a couple of others that I'm sure I forgot. I don't typically give feedback, I think they're looking for a really wide range of PC specs so they can see the user experience on tons of different configurations.
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    Star Wars Battlefront - Closed Alpha

    Holy heck I got in. At least I'm pretty sure, I got a order confirmation in my email along with a pre-load date.
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    Skynet Happens To Be Real Confirms NSA

    Maybe you would be better off having a alternate [H] account when you post in NSA-related subjects :D
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    Fury X - Price confirmed 649$

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    Good deal for a 500gb SSD?

    On craigslist and can do 100$ for a 500GB 850 Evo, worth the performance to justify the cash?
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    I can pick one up for 70$, worth it?
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    Home Built Jet Cart

    To be fairly honest, I was expecting it to be faster. I dunno. 60MPH isn't that fast at all, considering a motorized stand-up scooter (GSR-60) can go up to 80MPH
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    How Women In Tech Are Erased From History

    another man reporting in is it safe to go outside?
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    Suddenly no signal from my video card

    I've had a card do exactly as described as I had to RMA it, unless in the REALLY small chance its his PCI-E on his motherboard it really can't be anything else. I really doubt the PSU wouldn't cause it to boot, since it works on integrated.
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    Suddenly no signal from my video card

    In my personal opinion replace your video card and call it a day.
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    Is the Phablet the Future of Smartphones?

    I use a Note 2 (pretty old, but does the trick), not sure if I could go back to a iPhone sized phone.
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    Time Warner Cable Not Seeking Rebound Romance With Cox

    You're right, COX has doubled all internet speeds for every package.. But unless you've contacted COX customer support to get your new DOCSIS 3.0 modem, they're going to keep you on the same package. I filled out that form and...
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    Interactive Exhibit Features Two Decades Of Female Game Developers

    Now let me answer your question with another question, how many woman/girls do you know personally who's a major enthusiast in building computers, staying up to the latest GPU/CPU etc etc etc. It's exactly why there aren't woman in the NFL, it's not in there interest.
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    Batman: Arkham Knight Ultra System Requirements

    GTA5 Pre-load was 65GB, than I think another couple GB patch.
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    Why Are Videogame Bodies So Extreme?

    Hahahahahahahahahahahaha. learn to shut my mouth? YOU VOLUNTARILY DECIDED YOU WERE GOING TO LEAVE. I said toodles, did you want me to beg for your forgiveness and have you come back? No, you aren't special and nobody thinks you are. Neilson family ratings aren't the basis for Google Ad's...
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    Why Are Videogame Bodies So Extreme?

    I think you're thinking a little too much of yourself. This website isn't going to go downhill because some of us express a opinion different than yours.
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    The Army Is Testing Handheld Ray Guns

    Not a rail gun, more so a EMP-type device that lets you shoot it in specific directions/targets
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    Why Are Videogame Bodies So Extreme?

    Toodles, no one really cares if you think we're a bunch of elitist.
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    Apple Products At The Bottom Of A Bathtub

    Pretty sure the minerals in the water will cause a short?
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    Why Are Videogame Bodies So Extreme?

    ...Take a look at some of his other videos.