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    Why isn't there a great gaming monitor for us?

    I am getting very frustrated.. I used to have a Dell U3014 but I had to return it because of its severe IPS glow. But my god I do miss it. I was fantastic to have such a huge screen and the color on it.. WOW! Now I am sitting here with a Eizo 27" LED FlexScan EV2736W-BK and I am not happy...
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    Need a new gaming monitor 2560x1600

    Hello. I need a new gaming monitor. My old monitor was a Dell U3014 but I just returned it today since it had a lot of ISP glow which I couldn't live with when playing dark video games / watching videos. I would like to stay at 2560x1600 resolution and on a 30inch but a 27 will also do. Can it...
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    Dell U3014 - Is my monitor faulty?

    I'm getting very desperate here! Please check my two videos below. They show the issues I'm having while playing games.As you can see there is a certain delay on the colors. They should be instant 100% ALL the time. See when I look up / down in the games. Is my monitor faulty? Skyrim...