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    Was what I bought worth it

    I think I will consider water cooling on my next major build. I usually get a new case every 4-5 years. Your right, the last cases i had (p180 and antec 1200) were both very impressive cases, very much still high end. But I just had that itch for something new yer know. And I always went...
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    Was what I bought worth it

    Your right, I had a gaming notebook for two years and it just didn't feel as fun as having a desktop for multiple reasons. I spent a good deal of money when I was 17 (9 years ago) with an antec p180 when it first arrived. And the case is still brilliant and cooling very good. Its true, it...
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    Q6600 running hot with Arctic Silver 5 and open case

    It does sound like the heatsink is not mounted properly. More heat should be dissipating then that. Saying that, people have expressed how hot the quad i5's can get.
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    Was what I bought worth it

    So I bought a new PC 4670k, geforce 770 etc, Gigabyte sniper m5 etc. I previously had an antec 1200 case. But got fed up with its sheer size so downsized to a Corsair 350D. Now when I bought this case it came with a trivial 2 fans, which was saddening to say the least. So I ended up...
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    WoW; 5th expansion Warlords of Draenor

    After all this time I thought I finally got over this game and now they release this trailer and the game looks interesting again. What am I to do >_<
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    Carmack on the future of PC/Console developement*8/8/08*

    Well yes you are right about PC's being able to mature just like a console, but creating patches and drivers cost money and time unlike with a console you make it and then you sell it, and most of the time (aside from a few companies) no patches will be needed to have a good experiance...
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    WoW: Why does nobody want to run Mana Tombs/Crypts

    My reasons are is that instance got entirely rinsed for all its uses, too much trash and I want WOTLK to hurry up and come out.
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    Carmack on the future of PC/Console developement*8/8/08*

    Saw this coming, unfortunately pc games are too easy to pirate, generally are buggy and the average consumer does not like that, and to end it off, the newest windows OS is garbage imo. DX10 is a microsoft technology, and programming for consoles is different for PC's, the graphics on them...
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    The Nintendo Revolution, and Why Wii Were Wrong

    My friend has a Wii, Mario Kart is really good fun with mates and smash is great single and multiplayer, but all the good Wii titles are first party and I can see the console repeating itself over again just like the nintendo 64 and GC. Yes they make great first party titles like Zelda and...
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    I think I'm getting too old for video games.

    I am 20 And I have already felt the interest drop in games, i bought a ps3 earlier this year, but generally I just can't put my attention to it I find my dad plays it more than I do. The game I have the most fun with now is WoW, I in the past was a huge fan of RPG games, western and japanese...
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    PS3 Revisions?

    They are also releasing a white ps3 into the states as well, the satin silver will be released into japan in march, and there are strong rumors to suggest the next line of consoles will have the 45nm cell processors, meaning a ps3 running on 80 watts !!!!!! and also linux pre installed, but I...
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    got a PS3. keep it or sell it?

    Good thing you decided to keep the console, this year and onward you will start to see the console blossom. But dont even think about final fantasy, fallout 3 I would say is something to look more foward seeing as it is actually in sight. Also no one has really talked about this, but have you...
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    So is Far Cry 2 the next 'big thing'?

    Well I think its the next big thing in graphical respects, no game really comes close to the physics and graphics as a whole, for the story and A.I, if its anything like crysis, it will be just another boring game with pretty graphics.
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    [Macbook Owners: welcome] - should I buy now?

    just bought a macbook 3 weeks ago, and I am loving it. It runs smooth is very portable and nice battery life, the price hurt me though :( but it will always hurt me as a student. I would say now is a good time to get a macbook, that is of course if they dont plan to integrate the multi touch...
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    if ps3 is better than 8800GT sli ,why not go for it?

    Lol mate you cant compare a console two a sli setup like that, the 8800 gt sli is cooler to a hardware enthusiast, but the longevity of the ps3 is longer, it has always been like that with pc's and consoles.
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    Need an RPG

    Well Hellgate london makes a fun hack and slash, and I do also find the story intriging, despite how vague they make the story. It ran like crap on my system though :(
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    Wii Fitness

    Yea it will be released, they are making slight changes to it though for the US, I think its because the average japanese guy or girl is smaller than an average person from the US so they need to make changes :p
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    Custom 3D WoW Character Statues

    yeah same just retired from playing with my undead priest, I assume they cant portray he was shadow could they :(
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    Is it too late to get into World of Warcraft?

    Fun game but very addictive and time consuming, I would recommend if you have nothing better to do, but if you want to do something with your life and stuff I wouldnt recommend, this is coming from a veteran wow player.
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    CoD 4 single player game - too linear

    May be linear, but I can honestly say its the best layed out game I have played, like a movie, a good movie.
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    My Son the Critic!

    Hehe thats pretty impressive he even knows how to get into the game, my younger brothers would never understand those games :mad: Looks like yer got a genius in the making :P
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    Mac Books and wow

    I realised the mac isnt for games, but if it can just run the one I play the most its fine, and as someone studying computer science I cant be one to judge an operating system just because it dont play games, from what I have seen the operating system is alot more intuative, and is alot more...
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    Mac Books and wow

    I dont intend to play any games on it whatsoever, got my desktop for that, its just wow to be honest that I would play on it.
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    Mac Books and wow

    Hi guys and girls got a question, I am planning to get a macbook as out of all the laptops I have seen, it has the fastest bootup time, which is perfect for quickly opening up and using in lectures. But I have a question, will a macbook run world of warcraft? The specs are going to be 1GB...
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    Guitar Hero 3 coming to pc!!!!

    If I could get some custom F-zero songs then I will be sold ;)
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    What impact does music have on you when playing games?

    same for fps games I like the envoroment sounds and music, for mmo's like wow I need music during the grinding to kinda help me go in robotic mode lol. For alot of japanese rpg's I like the games music as it usually sounds good, ecspecially ff series. But music is paramount to the atmosphere...
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    Bioshock - overrated ?

    Very good game, but tbh out of the survival type horror catagory I will have to say I enjoyed and thought resident evil 4 was better (in its time) very good theme, its a welcome change from all the other fps games around. But I just completed it loved it, the ending was refreshing and...
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    Neverwinter Nights 2 Vista?

    yea runs perfectly no problems whatsoever with my when I had a x1800 and even now max settings with 1900x1200 res.
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    EVE Online, Amazingly Deep

    I had this game, cant remember if my name was shinryu or merceles, but I really liked it soooooo deep, and virtually never ending though you still get rewarded for your efforts. But after awhile I couldnt seem to find things to do lol, despite there being a million things to do I ended up...
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    I happen to like Bioshock quite a bit...

    Very good game, there so many different variations to how someone can play it, my mate uses traps alot and ambushes the enemies, im a guns blazing freeze one foe set fire to the other kinda guy :cool:
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    Bit-tech tests Bioshock

    The 2900xt is a good card, and the frames it was giving in the review are correct as I tryed mine on both xp and vista. But I really do think it will catch up. The architecture derives from teh r580 core which did well, unfortunately they made this core be able to do alot more mathematical...
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    Mass Effect

    first your sarcastic comment was just stupid, wasnt funny at all just stupid, secondly I know people on this forum can agree 95% of games seriously lack at the moment, someone may reply to this and go "what about metroid, halo, etc etc" against the 100 other games that came otu and suck, cant a...
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    Mass Effect

    my comment wasnt pointed towards Mass effect, and my main point was lack of interactivity, it continued from my point of mass effect being my most anticipated game in a long time, yes bioshock and halo 3 are good games, but they do still lack interactivity and really push you through a single...
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    Metroid Prime 3 - Don't even think about it, just buy it!

    please dont knock bioshock because you like MP3, yes mp3 is very good, but so is bioshock, dont compare the two.
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    Mass Effect

    Alot of games are trying to push graphics, but they seem to be going backwards with interaction and story and playability
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    does having 4 gigs of ram worth is now???

    there is only 1 game that uses all my memory, and thats stalker, nothing else.
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    ATI or Nvidia

    8800 GTS 640 most def
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    Metroid Prime 3 - Don't even think about it, just buy it!

    Yeah tbh its just me :p my freind loves his 360 and so does the other 3 that have em lol Well this seems like everyone that has it nearly alround like it, just gotta wait in the uk as they region coded the games like idiots
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    Mass Effect

    I really want to get the pc version as I dont really want a 360, but I can see them taking over a year to release it for the pc. :(
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    Do you play games for the story and not the challenge?

    what I liked in games is rare now, I like games with engaging stories, dialogue with characters and some immersion, most games now just offer pretty graphics linear game play and triggers everywhere. Bioshock is the only game in a long time that offers that, but it dont offer a proper world...